Robert Atkinson Centre 11.5.24
As the night commenced a male voice was heard calling just as we were getting up to start the night. Everyone commented that it felt strange in the hall. However the energy throughout the night ebbed and flowed. We often saw small dark shadows, interspersed with tall human sized figures wandering around us. The K2 would flicker on requests but only intermittently, at one point both of the K2 illuminated together as though a burst of energy had entered the hall. As we were asking the energy to instead light up the REM pod, it did before we had finished the requests! We frequently saw movement in the main corridor with multiple people seeing either small child sized apparitions and at one time a full bodied male apparition, the REM pod placed in the hall went off twice with no one anywhere near it!
We undertook glass divination however no activity came through, so we swapped to a séance. We asked the spirit how they would like to be addressed and the app said ‘person’. We enquired where they were and it replied ‘over here’. We tried more questions and got some taps and footsteps, with the names Eugene and Mavis were suggested but nothing else came through. We thanked the spirits and closed the séance.
2 guests had gone for a lone vigil in the changing room, they came back excited to tell us that they had experienced non stop activity with the rem bear and rem pod going off in bursts. They gave the information of a lady who was from the land and not the building, she visited the site and was able to wander around. She brought the smell of cooking bread and made the guests feel very comfortable.
We had a short break Claire went with 2 guests to the ladies toilets with the Rem near and Rem pod and spirit talking app. Other than the names Matthew, Beverley and Amanda via the app nothing came through and the RT email bear and rem pod did not activate. We returned to the changing room. We asked the lady to touch the bear if she was with us, the bear lit! We asked if she enjoyed us being there, and if she was happy, the bear lit. After a period of calm, we again asked if she was still with us on the other side of the bear lit, she referred to a male that was scary and she would move around away from him. We asked her to make a noise where she was and the shower area a bang was heard. The names coming from the app were lots of male names with Edgar being said twice, we received the names Sue, Beatrice and Amanda.
For our finale we spent 30 minutes in the cafe, we heard loud snap as though they clicked their fingers, the app kept saying to leave and go home, we asked for something dramatic before we went
The app said ‘tilt’, it might have been my eyes but I was certain the lvi board was moving! However we came to the end of the night, we thanked spirit and closed the evening.

Robert Atkinson Centre
Kate took a team of guests into the male changing rooms and we set various equipment around the space: a REM pod in the shower cubicle, a K2 and a cat ball in the centre of the room and a K2 doll sitting between the guests. We spent quite some time in this area but guests all commented that the atmosphere seemed to have changed and we got no responses at all, despite our best efforts.
We moved into the main hallway and one of the guests sat at the top of the staircase whilst the rest of us called out from the bottom. We asked spirit if they could let us know where they were in the building and two separate spirit apps gave the response, “she’s here,” and “on your right.” The guest sitting at the top of the stairs felt the energy change where she was and she asked if spirit could confirm they were upstairs with her. There was a loud noise upstairs, as though something had dropped or been thrown up there, but it appeared to come from behind one of the locked doors!
The two spirit apps in use continued to spit out strange sentences that weren’t making much sense and also kept repeating words such as “tilt” throughout the evening.
As seemed to be the theme of Robert Atkinson, activity was coming in waves and the main hallway fell quiet again. As it was 12.20, we all decided to finish off in the bait room as a whole group to finish the evening.