EXCLUSIVE ROBERT ATKINSON CENTRE - Saturday 11th November 2023

Robert Atkinson center.
Team members
Clare, Kate, Michael B
Clare started the evening with the LVI Talk before we all moved into main hall. Clare conducted the white light protection before leaving to do her Lone Live in a separate area of the building.
Kate and Michael B asked the guests to make themselves comfortable in the main hall and we began to call out to the spirits of the building to come and join us. We began without any equipment to allow the guests to get comfortable with their surroundings and acclimatise their senses to the space.
When calling out, we could hear what appeared to be one of the main doors being opened to the main hall. We tried to encourage this spirits to join us and some guests were starting to feel cold breezes on their legs and hands. We asked if this was the spirit changing the temperature of the room and we heard a faint tap for the top right of the main hall. Kate asked spirit if they could copy her knock and not long after, we heard another tap. We asked if there was a female spirit present with us and one of the cupboard doors in the top left of the room made a loud bang or rattle.
This definitely woke us all up! One of the guests asked if we could use some cat balls, so Kate obliged to encourage spirit to communicate through them. Nothing was forthcoming, so Michael B got a touch sensitive bear and placed it at the top of the hall on a chair. We asked spirit who was with us if they were female. We didn’t get a response to this, so we asked if the spirit was male and the bear illuminated. Guests were amazed at this response and we got the feeling that this was the male who would stop other spirits coming through. One of the guests got the name Elizabeth, so Michael B asked if it was the headmistress Elizabeth who was with us. Again, we had no response..
One of the guests decided to use the spirit talker app on her phone and we got what seemed to be a few pertinent responses through this. The name Alice came through and Kate asked if Alice could make a noise to confirm her age if she counted upwards. We received a bang in response to the number 9 but we couldn’t get anymore information from this particular spirit. Kate asked if the lady who had lost a baby was present in the room with us and the spirit talker app immediately responded with “Back off!” Not wanting to cause any offence to spirit, we abandoned this line of questions and Kate identified herself as a witch, asking spirit if anyone present could relate to this. The spirit talker app immediately responded with the word “Pagan.” Again, we couldn’t get anything further along this line of questions.
Other names that came through the spirit box were Abraham and Richard, along with a few others.
We seemed to get activity in waves, and as soon as Clare returned from her live and began calling out, one of the cat balls illuminated and then the touch bear also lit up. We asked spirit if they had followed Clare into the main hall and the k2 illuminated. This had only gone off once while Kate and Michael B were calling out. Clare went to the back of the hall were she was picking up on a male spirit and she asked him to come forward. The touch bear illuminated once, and then all went quiet.
After a break, the team moved into the changing rooms and we took some equipment as chosen by the guests. We placed a rem sensor in the doorway to the shower room, a touch pad in the centre of the room and two k2 machines in other spots. This area was very quiet and Clare went back out into the main hall to encourage spirit to join us in this area. The bear lit up twice after this when asked if the male spirit had entered the space with us and we received minor activity on the k2 device. Despite calling out further, things became very quiet in this area and guests all agreed it was time to move on.
A guest braved it alone in the female toilets, having felt uncomfortable in there when she had been in this area earlier in the evening. The rest of the group decided to form a human pendulum in the main hallway and a female guest was picked to go in the middle. Throughout this experiment, a k2 meter which was placed on a chair, continually activated and was lighting up to orange. We all tried to debunk this by ensuring we weren’t accidentally triggering it with other equipment or phones. We couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for such extreme k2 responses, though it wasn’t activating in response to questions. Through the human pendulum, we identified that we were speaking to the male spirit in the building, however the responses it was giving suggested it was messing with us due to information gained on previous investigations. The guest in the toilets re-emerged and as soon as that area was empty, the entire team heard a series of what appeared to be growls from inside. We tried to debunk this by checking outside, but we couldn’t find a reasonable explanation for the noises we were hearing. Another brave guest went into the toilets alone and the rest of the team left her to do a lone in there whilst we moved over into the cafe across the courtyard.
We’d placed a rem bear on the windowsill in the cafe and we had this light up three times when Clare called out to the male spirit. He appeared happy to make us aware he was there but chose not to respond to direct questions. As we hadn’t utilised the radio scanner during the evening, we decided to give this a try to see if spirit would respond better through this. As soon as the device was turned on in the room, it stopped scanning properly. We could hear a faint female voice, but it appeared that the white noise was drowning it out. Was this another attempt from the male spirit to stop anyone else communicating with us? It’s also interesting to note that the same three team members (Clare, Kate and Michael  had exactly the same thing happen with the scanner at Elmwood on a previous investigation, yet it had worked perfectly on investigations since then). The cafe area became very quiet and we had reached the end of the evening. Almost all of the guests felt they had had experiences throughout the evening and agreed that the Robert Atkinson Centre is a location with more to be uncovered!