EXCLUSIVE Robert Atkinson Centre - Saturday 22nd October 2022

So Robert Atkinson centre Thornaby-on-Tees !

The night started and consisted of Chrissy Pooh Ged and Rebecca,
The guests arrived and where given the introduction too LVI /NEPI by Chris the group appeared to be very enthusiastic and up,for a great night!
After white light protection Chris left to do his live whilst Rebecca and Ged started of with our guests in the male changing / shower room.
Male changing room
Equipment : own initiative and K2 meter.
We placed the K2 meter in the centre of the room balanced on a piece of exercise equipment to see if spirit could move it as it was spherical.
Everybody introduced themselves too spirit and we started asking out the guests where asked to ask out also and it appeared we got better results because of this especially as 1 guest stated she kept hearing the name Lucy in her head so we ran with it . Immediately the K 2 lit up strongly (red ) and kept confirming questions as too who she was and her situation. Lucy ststaed sge was around 11 yrs old but wasn’t looking for her parents or siblings as she was happy and just liked being there.after around an hour and a half we moved to,

The Main Hall :
Equipment: crystal pendulum and board.
The guests chose the board they wanted to use as some guests felt quite strongly they didn’t want to use 1 that looked like a our jam board as Lucy had stated when asked earlier she wouldn’t talk to us if we used it. So her wishes were respected.
Guests took it in turns to use the pendulum with some very good results and they where amazed at how the pendulum would suddenly change direction and all answers made sense. After around an hour or so the guests decided they wanted a break.

After the break and joined by Chris after his live the guests asked to go to room 6 where Chris had done his live .

Room 6
Equipment used : word generator,K2,spirit box , REM bear, cat balls.
The guests used the spirit box and word generator whilst watching K2 cat balls and all other equipment. Not a lot of activity in Room 6 for them so asked to move to ladies changing/ shower room.

Ladies changing shower room.
Equipment : Human pendulum.
Chris started the process and a guest stepped forward to act as the pendulum .
All guests where asking questions and during the process of around an hour the circle went from approx 8 guests down too 3 as people where experiencing various physiological signs and needed to step out , all the guests loved the experience and stated it was the best experience using this technique to date.
A lot of information gathered during the night was confirmed and a new spirit of an older man made his presence known and Lucy stated she was scared of him and she ended her contact with us.we then moved into the main corridor stairway so the guests could gather themselves after such an intense experience.

Main corridor/ Staircase.
Equipment used: K2 , REM devices, movement detectors, cat ball.

Some guests as earlier went to do there own thing whilst the remainder sat in the corridor and on the stairway/ top landing whilst everyone took turns in asking out, a small amount of activity was noted via the K2 and cat ball , guests decided to move to another location.

Female toilets:
Equipment oui ja board :
Ged Rebecca and 4 lady guests and 2 guests watching started to use the board but received no communication after 20 minutes, 1 of the guests remembering Lucy stating she wouldn’t communicate with them if they used the board so it was decided to move location again .

Male changing room / showers.
Equipment used : small table.

As guests had split up to do their own thing some going to the small corridor and reported seeing a tall dark figure 4 guests tried table tipping without any activity after a short while so decided we should all get together and do a final séance for the last 20 minutes.

Main hall:
Equipment: own initiative, candles and table and all guests minus 2 who left early.
We all sat around the table with only candle light, everybody asked out and a few noises where heard cold draughts where felt and 1 guest had her necklace touched which caused her too leap about 2 feet in the air. After we said our goodbyes to spirit and thanked them for all their interaction Chris said his final thanks and goodbyes to all, everyone stated what an interesting event for a small location Robbie Ack ( local slang ) you never cease to produce a great night “we will return “

Thank you to everyone for joining us and having such great energy throughout the night.