Tees Cottage Pumping Station
Chris, Michael, Katie and Colin

Chris took the guests through the welcome talk and the health and safety rules of the station.
We then completed the white light of protection, Chris took our YouTube members to complete a line and the rest of the team moved to the Gas engine room to start our investigation.

Gas Engine Room
Michael, Katie and Colin
Cat Ball, K2

We positioned the group around the main part of the engine room, placing 3 cat balls around on the floor and a K2 on the metal semi circle thing (as Michael called it) which we later found out was called the drive shaft.

We started to call out but we received no response for around 30 mins.
Martin our guide explained some of the dates associated with the building and the explosion.
When the explosion was mentioned we received a hit on the cat ball. This lead the remainder of our questioning.
We were joined by a man who was 29 when he passed. He gave us the number 26 which we believe was the year that the explosion happened. The gentleman did not die during or as a result of the explosion but because of the repeated exposure to the gas in the room. A guest felt the name Stephen or James was associated to this room.

Boiler room
Michael and Katie
Cat ball, spirit box, music box, touch bear

We settled into the space placing equipment around the room. Michel turned on the spirit box and we started calling out.

We were soon joined by Stephen and his name was confirmed on the spirit box. Stephen seemed to be attracted to Michael and would set equipment off only when Michael was beside it.

Stephen had been murdered on the land by a family member and this was because of money.

Stephen gave us a few taps around the room but nothing big, however was answering in response on the spirit box. His energy seemed to shift so we decided to move on.

Michael and Katie
Table/glass work

We set up a table in front of the fire and started to call out. Within a few moments vibrations could be felt on the table and following this the glass started to move.

We were joined by a blacksmith who had previously worked and lived in the building.
He was not happy that we were in the space and wanted us to leave.

His energy shifted and we were met by a female spirit who was much stronger. She also was unhappy we were in the room however once we started to praise her for being the real boss of the Smithy she warmed to us. She was reluctant in giving us direct answers to our questions but her excitement showed in the speed in which she would move the glass in circles. We needed to move on so thanked her for joining us and moved on to the next area

Gas Engine Room
Table tipping

We returned to the engine room and set a table tipping experiment up by where the explosion happened as Martin hoped we may find out some information around why the explosion happened.
Vibrations could be felt on the table but the energy didn’t seem to be strong enough to move the table.

Chantelle a guest explained that she felt dizzy and sick. This was matching previous guests who explained they had experienced similar feelings in this area

Michael and Katie
Ouija board

We sat around the table in the parlour room and 3 members used the board.
We were joined by a male spirit, he was a boss on the site dating to the time of the explosion in 1955.
He was not harmed in the explosion but had guilt feelings of the injuries others had experienced in the accident.
He was a married man with no children. He did not live in the cottage but while at work the cottage was used instead of going home on an evening, he would stay there for his working week.
His wife’s name began with an s and he would not share his name with us.

Pumping station
Michael and Katie
Dowsing rods x2

We placed a selection of guests over the 3 floors.

A guest on each floor was given a set of dowsing rods and we tried a new experiment.
We called out to see if we could get identical responses on the dowsing rods on the two different floors.

This was successful, and each movement would be matched on each set of rods.

We were joined by a male worker who worked in a team of 40+ people. They were not very well treated and there was a lot of resentment felt towards the bosses of the site. The job was not well paid and was not something the worker felt proud he was involved in. He did this work just to make ends meet.

The time had gotten to 2am so we thanked the spirits for joining us and moved back to base camp to end the night.

This was our first time at the Pumping Station so we had no history to work from but what a good start to our on going story building.
Once the spirits trust us a little more we are sure we will uncover what happened during that explosion.
The team at the station and our guests tonight have all been amazing and we have had a lot of fun.
Team LVI Pumping Station - what a great night - thank you x

Tees Cottage Pumping
April 13th 2024

Beam House.
Chris and Colin.
Cat Balls, K2, Spirit Talker.

The team lead the group to the top floor, the guests spread themselves out and Colin started calling out, there was a few taps but that was put down to the building settling, one of our building guides, said she was seeing a gentleman standing by the pump and he was telling her his name was Jack and was in charge of this building, she said he was pleased that people were there to see his machine, one of the guest asked Jack to tap back as she knocked on the railings and Jack asked the guide why was someone banging, the guide explained to Jack what we were doing there. A Japanese coin had been dropped near the pump and this was heard by everyone, where it came from we did not know but James ( building guide ) said that they get donations from tourists when they come to visit the building and there are some foreign currency in the office. Chris started to call out, asking for the spirits to make themselves known to us, the group gathered together, Chris asked the spirits to give a sign, amongst the guests we could hear taps coming from some flaps on the floor , Chris asked the spirits to make them louder if they wanted us to go downstairs and with that there was a louder tap that did seem to answer Chris.
Ground floor
Colin got the guest to do a human pendulum, it took a while for the spirits to pick someone from the circle, they choose a female, within seconds the spirits were coming through very strong, it did seem they were lining up to talk to us, there three spirits that came through, Jack, Harold and Richard Backhouse, these spirits were confirmed by the building guides that these men did work or have some connections with the pump house, Richard Backhouse was the banker for the building, whilst we were doing the human pendulum, there was a whistle coming from upstairs and was heard by everyone we carried on with pendulum but there was shadows been seen by a few guest and there was a knock on the main door, which turned out to come from an iron ring on the door, Chris asked the guests would they like to try the cottage as we had been in the beam house for a while now.

Chris and Colin
Back Archives Room
Ouija Board

There was four guest who was trying the Ouija board, Sharon opened the board, we called for the spirits to come forward but the room seemed very still and the Ouija board was not doing anything, so Sharon Closed it down and we moved on to the next room.

Parlour Room
Cat Balls, Music Box, K2.
All the guest made themselves comfortable and Colin started to call out, not much happened in the parlour, so we had a quick break.

Boiler Room
Chris and Colin
Music Box, K2, Cat Balls, Dowsing Rods, Music Box.

The guest made themselves comfortable and the team started calling out, one of the guest had some dowsing rods and was getting the name Thomas coming through, Colin spoke to one of the building guides and they confirmed that a Thomas Naismith had worked there, we also got the name Arthur come through, there was a few taps that came from all different corners of the building, Coin asked if Thomas was still here could he go to the music box and set it off, which he did and at the same time Chris said he felt like someone had touched him, with time moving on, we decided to move on to the next building.

Chris and Colin
Dowsing Rods

With only a short period of time left, Chris started to call out, the dowsing rods were being used by one of the guest and they seemed to keep pointing at Chris, there was, one of the guest said they were getting an Irish connection but this did not get confirmed, Chris asked if women was allowed in the blacksmiths room, the was a loud bang which sounded like a vice handle being dropped , with time now running out we had to leave it there and thank the spirits for everything they had done.

This is truly an amazing place with still so much to tell, with this place never being investigated before the spirits did seem to prefer to indicate to us they were the old way with knocks, taps, they did not know how to use the equipment, this building as so much more to tell.