The George Inn
Chris, Kathryn, Michael F (Big Mick), Colin, Sharon and Katie

Michael completed the welcome talk and set expectations of the night. We had most of the venue to investigate and this was our first ever visit to the George.
We moved down to the ballroom to take our group photo and Kathryn took the team and guests through the white light of protection.

We tried a different experiment to start the evening and placed three long tables together and all 26 guests gathered around the table to complete a seance.

We started to call out and invite spirits to talk with us but other than a few faint taps there was little interaction.
As this was a new venue we decided to go around the group and introduce ourselves to the spirits and explain what we all individually were hoping to receive that evening.
The previous taps then became a little louder and there was shadows seen at the bar area and at the top of the stairs case.
One of the three tables started to vibrate and guest explained that they had felt touches on their legs under the table.
As there was three tables placed together the group felt that we may get a stronger interaction if we made three individual circles on each table.
Once we had repositioned ourselves one of the guests explained that there was a story of a bride being pushed down the staircase on her wedding day. We asked if this story was true but didn’t get a response. We then asked if this was a lie and the table then started to shake with a lot more strength.
We called out to Christopher and a guest started to sing ‘My Grandfathers Clock’ the results of this was like nothing any of us had seen. The table started to move in circles around the ballroom so fast that the guests had to run to keep up with it. This continued for around 30 minutes. What an amazing start to the evening and set us with high expectations of what spirits was capable of.

After a short break we split the group down and moved to our individual areas to continue our investigation

Michael’s Group
Room 102
Touch Bear, Cat ball, Dowsing rods

We settled into the room and took a moment to acclimatise to the rooms natural sounds.
We placed the touch bear on the bed and a cat ball in the bathroom and started to call out.
We were met with responses on the best which was lighting up waiting a few mintues and lighting again, the cat ball in the bathroom was also lighting up sporadically. The was a definite presence in the room but we were unable to pin point any information as spirit was not responding directly to our questions.
The energy felt a little weak, this could have been due to this being a new venue and we were in a small group so it was more difficult for spirit to draw energy from us.
Michael suggested that the Dowsing Rods may be a better peice of equipment to use as they needed less energy use. Katy (a guest) volunteered to use these.
We started again to call out and the rods started to move slowly. We could establish this was a male spirit and when we asked sprits to point in the direction of the room he was in the rods responded and pointed to the bathroom. When they did the cat ball then lit up.
We also asked spirit to use the rods to point to individual guests by name which it did also.
Michael invited to the spirit further into the room and asked him to interact with the other pieces of equipment also but there was no responses on these.
The entire team could hear a low toned voice talking from the room next door however when we investigated further there was no other teams in this area.
The energy seemed to move on and we decided to take a break.

Michael, Chris and Colin
Bar area
Table tipping, K2, My Grandfathers clock song

We all placed our hands onto the table, played the grandfather clock song and started calling out.
Vibrations could be felt across the entire table and there could be taps and glasses clinked across the entire bar area. Michael and Katys hand also experienced a change in temperature which other guests did not experience.

Michael’s group
Room 203
Cat ball, spirit talker app

We started calling out and after a few moments had been joined by the spirit of a lady. The lady wanted help and the words ‘skull’ and ‘body’ we given on the app.
We believed that spirit may have been buried on the land. We ask spirit for her name and we were given the name Lily Johnson in succession. This was confirmed with cat ball interaction also.

Michaels group
The Cottage
Cat ball, dowsing rods, k2, Crystal board and spirit talker app.

Michael set each member of the group up with one piece of equipment and started calling out. We were joined by the spirit of a young girl who had been ‘attacked’ called Amy. We asked spirit to interact with the equipment that she felt strong enough to use and spirit chose the K2.
The spikes of the K2 were strong moving all the way to red.
We again got the name Johnson come through and we believed that this was the daughter of Lily that we were communicating with earlier in the evening.
We decided as it was 3.30am that we would close the night at this point and get some sleep.

It was hard to beat the initial interaction at the start of the evening but The George Inn has been amazing. Once the energy and trust for the team builds in this new Exclusive Venue we are sure that this venue will become a clear favourite for anyone that visits.

Thank you for another great night with an-amazing group of guests and team. 

The Cottage
Equipment; Cat balls, Dowsing rods, K2

Sharon and four guests went into the large bedroom area, placing two cats balls in different areas and a K2 meter on the floor. No sooner had we got settled when the cat balls started to flash and the K2 spiking to red.
Only Sharon and another guest had mobile phones, who confirmed that both were on flight mode.

We asked the spirit if they answer our question by activating the equipment for a "yes" response. Both K2 and cats balls were responsive. We established that we were talking to a young girl (who had lived through 14 summers) and answered to the name of Amy which was her middle name, her first name was Sara.

Two of the other guest, Charlie and Angie were now using dowsing rods which where both giving the same yes no replys which corresponded with the K2 and the cat balls.
Amy has happy to tell us her story.

During this Sharon felt a presence beside her, both sets of dowsing rods the K2 and cat balls confirmed that this was Amy. Amy worked at the coaching house and was forced to do things she didn't like. She was raped by a male using the name John on numerous occasions, but John wasn't his real name. Amy was with child but John needed to get rid of her so she was poisoned which brought on labour, during which both her and her child died.

Sharon then got a very strange numbing sensation in her crotch area which again Amy confirmed was her, putting her impression on Sharon. By now Charlie's rods started to vibrate and spin round in his hands, Charlie got some sort of shock and had to throw the rods from his grip. Charlie was left with a red burn mark across the palm of his hand. The energy had now changed.

John was now with us, again confirmed by all the equipment. John was not a lover of the women in the room and our questions had to be asked via Charlie. John was his alias whilst he was visiting this area and he knew butchary. John had a friend Jack who travelled with him, and was notorious for raping women but he didn't touch Amy as she was for John's pleasure.

Time was now getting on and we still had other areas to visit so we thanked Amy and John (who we believe to be Dick Turpin) and said our goodbyes....till the next time.

Kathryn, Sharon and Katie's Group

The Cottage
Living room area
Cat ball, K2, proximity bear, spirit talker app, Bob in the cupboard

We placed the trigger items at different points around in the room, and popped Bob in the cupboard for his own lone vigil! Sharon took half the guests into the bedroom area to spread out across the cottage.

We got through some key phrases on the spirit talker app which led us to speaking with a young boy called Charles, or Charlie. He was ten years old and had lost his leg, although we couldn't get confirmation if this was due to an accident, if it was done deliberately or if he was born like that. The information was being corroborated by spikes on the K2 as we talked, keeping us on track.

He talked about a poltergeist who was nasty and shouted a lot. We encouraged him to come and play and that he needn't be afraid while we were there. The name Hilda came out and from what we could gather, she was the nasty spirit who would scream and also scare people in the Cottage.

There was mention of the land being cursed, and that his body had been dug up and discovered, although we again couldn't get confirmation if what had happened to him had been deliberate or not.

Kathryn sensed him moving between guests and he kept telling us he could move things, but unfortunately we couldn't get any of the trigger objects to move or be thrown.

Several shadows and light anomalies could be seen throughout the session in the living room, once our hour was up we released Bob from his cupboard and ventured back over to the main part of the hotel.

Room 2
Scrying, cat balls, K2, spirit talker app

We started by setting up one of our guests in front of the miror for scrying - we saw changes beginning and at certain points she looked like a cavelier soldier with a moustache.

While this was happening activity started on the K2 where we talked to a Parlamantarian soldier who had puritan beliefs. He told us he had been executed.

From what we could gather from questioning based on phrases generated from the spirit talker app, he was in love with a woman but he was already married and had married her bigamously.

The sprirt talker app gave out 'agitated', and the K2 confirmed that this was because we were not getting his story right. We managed to get our line of questioning correct and the story began to come out.

Leading up to his death, he was betrayed for money, potentially by the woman he had married bigamously, who we believe to be called Edith.

He had been hiding out at the Coaching Inn, but Edith's family did not like their relationship, however it was unclear if they knew he was already married and this was the reason why they didn't like him, or if it was because they simply didn't think he was good enough for her.

K2 spikes were confirming answers and taps could be heard in the room. This spirit seemed to enjoy the high energy in the room and the laughter after the initial frustration he felt that we were not getting his story right.

The Bar
Ouija board, K2, cat balls, proximity bear

We placed the K2 in front of the grandfather clock, and the bear on the chair in the corridor and began a ouija session. The board was quiet and we couldn't generate the energy to come forward and communicate. However, the bear did go off in the chair and there were several spikes on the K2, just not enough to get any information who we were speaking with.

We tried the ballroom once more to see if Christopher would come back, but it was now past three in the morning and the energy had calmed so we called it a night.

Some interesting information from this brilliant location, more stories will come forward the more we return to the George without a doubt!