EXCLUSIVE The Grand Athenaeum - Saturday 19th November 2022

So Grand Athenaeum Hartlepool:

Ged Write Up:-

Alan, Ged and trialing Michael,

The night started off by greeting our guests
Alan started the night by taking group photos and giving the welcome speech and run down on LVI.

Ged carried out the white light protection in the main snooker hall and we started as a group there everyone using their own intuition. No noises were heard when asking out started although people had a feeling we weren’t alone this was confirmed by a guest and the photo she took in the dark that showed a shadow figure stood by the main door. She also sensed a lady working behind the bar that was confirmed when a guest place a cat ball at the bar and at times it lit up when questions were asked. When the spirit was first sensed a few guests ran forward and Ged asked them to come back into the main room to give spirit time to engage with us and not rush them . We carried out a session of human pendulum and got good results engaging with a man named John who said he’d been employed there as a teacher.
After approx a hour of asking out in the main snooker room and bar we took a small break splitting into 2 groups.

GED’s group went into the committee room .
Equipment used , K2 meter ,torches for scrying , rem bear , crystal and board,cat balls,
The guests tried table tipping but without success and we held a small seance which at times activated the bear , scrying was carried out but guests wanted to do other things . We agreed on using the crystal and board and everyone took a turn and some good results where had guests finding out at 1 time the venue had been a school and a man called John said he had been the head master .

Main bar area.
Equipment used,
REM bear, cat balls, K2.
The group started by taking photos as the had picked up some orbs on their phone cameras and quickly became engrossed in the evidence they where collecting. Whilst 4 of the group remained taking photos Ged went into the main bar with 3 guests and got amazing results with K2 device and REM bear , guests appeared totally shocked at the level of response.

After Chris and Kathryn arrived Ged’s group went too the attic area where Chris was holding an ouija board session. 

committee room,
Equipment used lit candles,table,K2.
We started by asking out whilst having a small scenace and using the K2 to clarify questions but got no activity , trying the table tipping again without any results it was decided to go back into the main snooker room. 

Overall a great location activity increased throughout the night if spirit was given time to respond in turn if there were not to many questions activity going on at once .