Richmond station:

Team : Chris, Alan, Sharon, Ged

We started the night of welcoming the guests Chrissy going off to start his live event and Al doing the welcome talk, Ged completed the white light protection and we got down to business.

Main cafe area old platform.
Equipment used. cat ball, REM bear K2 device.
We started calling out and using our our senses as usual, a few noises where heard and Al had the sense of a lady mid 40’s 50’s dressed in Victorian clothing , Andrew a gust picked up on a man called Jack, wearing a station workers uniform carrying a white flag ( this appears to be the same person Al sensed in the cinema during our pre guest walk around and also had the name Jack !,)
After around an hour of asking out it appeared spirit were just watching us not willing to engage so as Chrissy finished his live we had a short break and split into 2 groups .
Chris and GEDs group, cinema 1 .
Equipment used Cat ball, REM pod,REM bear, K2, itc device ( guests) and proximity lamp.
We started asking out again trying to contact the spirit Chris had interaction with during his live. A few words came through the itc we could make sense of, the REM pod didn’t activate or any of the other equipment again guests felt we were being watched . We decided to split the group and carry out an Estes’s experiment, and left 2 guests in the cinema with Chris Ged taking the remainder to the Station masters office.

Station masters office / Estes method experiment.
Equipment used K2 REM bear,Cat balls, Estes’s equipment.
We started of by asking for the station master , the REM bear activated Immediately and appeared to be excited as Ged was unable to finish his questions before the REM bear activated. Ged reminded the station master of their previous meeting and he confirmed they had met before by question and answering using the REM bear, questions where asked for the Estes’s experiment and Chris called back in to see if anything could be corroborated. The name Jack came out and a few answers matched with things we,d asked , the amount of yrs he,d been station manager (18) although we couldn’t prove this was correct the number came across through the headphones when the question was asked ! After a while we lost contact with the station master and we believed he may’ve been going from 1 room to another . We then took a short 10 min break.

Main platform corridor.
Equipment used, K2 , table ( for tipping ) Tibetan bowls x2 ! Cat balls, REM bear,
We started of in the platform corridor 4 guests trying some table tipping, a guest informed us a lady who worked their in the dance school often seen a small child running up and down a stairwell so we asked out, the table started to rock back and forth guests being checked only finger light touching of table , the table started to turn slightly when the guests asked the child to come and join them and dance among themselves. The cat ball activated on a number of occasions whilst we used the Tibetan bowls to set a spiritual tone the energy appeared to feed of this as the table movement increased and other devices activated the K 2 being set on top of the table activated throughout the activity. We thanked then spirits and moved to the conference room.

Conference room,
Equipment used, K2’s , cat ball,
We started by asking for spirit to interact with us, the cat ball activated and so did both K 2 devices, after a while we started to think there maybe some interference with the K2’s as they where activating exactly the same time we asked out , Ged noticed a hearing loop device on the wall and it was active , we realised the device was sending a signal around the room mimicking our voice patterns and must some how activate the electromagnetic field there fore setting of the K2 devices, ( good debunking ) , we came to the end of our evening and thanked guests and spirits for there interaction , overall a quiet night but that’s the way a true paranormal event works … we’ll be back again to try and interact again until then thanks Richmond station .

Richmond Station Saturday the 7th of October 2023

Prior to the guests arriving we did a quick walk around and in cinema 2, Alan picked up on a male who appeared from his dress to be from the 1940s wearing a waist coat and a flat cap, the name Jack came to mind.

The guests were meeted and greeted and in the main cafe area we did white light protection. Following this a guest, Andrew, informed he he had picked up on a male, walking amongst us wearing a waist coat under a jacket and had a flat cap on his head, he was also holding a white flag. While we were all talking and before our investigation had stared a cat ball rolled off the equipment table, due to its position and the equipment placed around it, I can't explain how this happened.

We decided to start our investigation in this area to see if we could pick up on anyone else who wished to join us.

Main Cafe Area
Equipment used; touch bear, cat balls, K2.

We called out to any spirits present, but dispite a good start this area remained quiet. A female spirit was picked up on and it was felt she was watching us from the shadows, but she never communicated with us. Apart from a few creaks we got no response from this area.

Now seemed like a good time to take a break.
Following this we split into two smaller groups.

Alan and Sharon's team

Board Room
Equipment used; rem pod, cat balls, touch bear, crystal board.

This room was extremely quiet and the only response we got was the bear lighting up when Alan was telling the guests about a spirit at Nelsam. Andrew told the rest of the group about the male in the flat cap he had picked up on in the cafe area in the hope he came forward, but it wasn't to be.

Cinema 3
Equipment used; Touch bear, cat balls, crystal board, K2.

We shouted out for any spirits present to come forward, after a few minutes we got a response and the touch bear was activated, unfortunately it was short lived, they explained they were an adult spirit passing through. Sharon picked up on the name Mary but nothing came from it. Alan got the name Doris, as dis another guest. A female guest informed us her sister Doris had passed away just 4 weeks ago. Before leaving we tried the crystal board, we got activity almost immediately. The crystal board informed us we were communicating with a female who was 68 years old and had died in 2019. We tried to establish her name but were given the letters ORL.

Station Masters Office
Equipment used; touch bear, cat balls, rem pod.

Despite the other group getting good results from this room we got nothing so moved on.

Cinema 2
Equipment used; touch bear, cat balls, rem pod, glow balls, K2.

At first we got no response from in here, but our intuition told us we were not alone. We persevered and at one point begged for a response, it was only when Alan mentioned that the spirits were quiet the cat ball went off. Again we had to beg which I think the spirit found amusing but they were kind enough to light the touch bear for us, we also got a slight flicker to yellow on the K2. Unfortunately we couldn't take this any further as we ran out of time. We thanked the spirits for their time and left them in peace.