EXCLUSIVE THE STATION - Saturday 27th January 2024

The Station, Richmond.
Team: Chris, Kate, Colin, Abby.

We began the evening in the upstairs meeting room where Chris and the team welcomed the guests before moving into the main hall and restaurant area to conduct the White Light Protection. Before Chris could even begin with this, it sounded as though a laminated sheet was being moved or had fallen behind the bar. The rest of the team sitting near the bar immediately investigated this but there was nothing out of place and nothing seemed to have moved.
With the White Light completed, Chris went off into the main cinema area to do his Lone Live and the rest of the team began the investigation with the main team in the restaurant. Very shortly after starting, one of the guests had the name Ernie come through on their word bank and this immediately made the team pause as for some bizarre reason, they'd been singing Ernie the Fastest Milk Cart in the West! Whilst setting up. None of us can remember why on earth we'd been singing this but we went with it anyway! Kate began to ask for Ernie or any other spirit to give us a sign that they were with us and within a few seconds, a stone was heard dropping at Kate's feet! On investigation, it turned out to be a stone from one of the large plant pots that were dotted around the area! None of us were able to explain how this came to land at Kate's feet but everyone was excited that this seemed to have happened in response to spirit being asked to make themselves known.
One of the guests asked if they could attempt some table tipping and they gathered around one of the circular restaurant tables. All of the ladies on the table said they could feel vibrations through the table top but it seemed to be too heavy for spirit to move. It was decided to try to use one of smaller spirit board tables and we started again. Within a few minutes of calling out, the table began to rock until it reached the point it was "walking" around the space! At the same time, cat balls in the area began to light up and another guest's video camera died completely, despite the battery being fully charged when he started! The table was moving so violently, it tipped over completely, which even made Chris come out to investigate the activity.
When the activity slowed down slightly, we'd reached 12.30 and everyone decided it was time for a break before investigating further.
After a break, some of the guests wanted to go and explore the brewery end of the building on their own and Kate, Colin and Abby took the rest into the cinema area where Chris had conducted his live. Despite spending at least half an hour in here trying to coax spirit to come forward, the area remained silent and everyone agreed that we should move on. Two guests wanted to stay in there alone to see if this would coax any activity and the rest of the group moved off into the boardroom.
Activity was slow to build in this area, so after setting various pieces of equipment around the room, Kate encouraged the guests to form an energy circle around the table with their hands. This seemed to provide the energy spirit needed and we began to get responses on the bear and two emf detectors in the room. We ascertained that Ernie had joined us again and he confirmed that he had worked there as the station master. Ernie had had great pride in his job roll there and absolutely loved his building. The rest of the group slowly began to join us in this area until all of the team and guests were in place again. We began to receive knocks on the wood paneling when we asked spirit to copy us, and on a number of occasions, Chris felt he could hear what sounded like the clicks of either a ticket clipper or counter. Cat balls also began to light up in this area, as though spirit was showing us that they were there and they had enough energy to prove it to us!
After the amazing activity we'd had at the beginning of the evening, the group were keen to return to the main restaurant area to see what else we could discover. Again, some guests were keen to see if we'd get any further responses with table tipping and again, the table began to walk around the floor! As had happened earlier, a stone skittered across the floor again and this time, it landed at Abby's feet!
Once the activity with the table calmed down, guests were keen to try a human pendulum to see if the energy could be built up again. A small group of five guests took part in this and it seemed as though it was the spirit of Ernie coming back through to confirm how much he had loved the building and he was more than happy to have us there to visit him. We also ascertained that there were several other spirits within the building, however it was Ernie who communicated with us throughout.
By this point, we were running short on time and guests were keen to try a ouija board before the end of the evening. We opened this on the main balcony, however the energy of the building appeared to be calming down and nothing was forthcoming through the board.
The Station, Richmond definitely provided some amazing evidence that amazed both guests and the team alike! Everyone was grateful for the spirits and the warm welcome they gave us. This location is definitely a hidden gem!

The Station 27/02/2024
Chris, Colin, Kate, Abbey

After speaking to some of the guests they went down to near the brewery and said that they heard someone trying to open one of the doors however they were all locked. Some guests explained that within the main area we were in, they felt cold chills. Even though the ouji board was quiet, spirit was able to give us the first letter of his name which was 'E', Abbey then asked spirit if it was Ernie and the planchette went to yes. It was tricky to get any responses.
When the question was asked if there was more than one spirit during the human pendulum it was confirmed there was more. The guest who was chosen after a time began to breathe quite heavily and it was decided to finish the human pendulum. It took a couple of minutes for the guest to regain her bearings and when she did, she said she can not remember anything that had happened during the activity. A guest was sat on one of the benches and the rem bear would light up beside her.
What an incredible night, the atmosphere, the feeling of the place was amazing. The station did not disappoint and next time we may communicate with other spirits.