GRAND ATHENEUM - Saturday 10th February 2024

Grand Anathaneum

Clare, Sharon, Michael B and Abbey

Clare welcomed the guests and went through health and safety.
All the guests and team went into the snooker room where Sharon completed the white light.
After the white light Clare went to do her lone vigil in the attic whilst the rest of the team stayed in the snooker room.
Some of the guests said that they saw white mists around the room. One of the guests explained that she was hearing whispers in her ears saying prostitutes. The rem bear lit up several times and do did the cat ball that were located on the snooker tables. Several guests felt a presence however the spirits were reluctant to engage. Unfortunately there was some noise pollution from outside which made it difficult to hear any quiet noises.
The snooker room was exhausted and we were not get any more responses so we broke off for a break.
As we were not having much activity it was decided that the guests and team stay together to build up the energy.

Trophy room
Candles, k2, cat ball, ouji board

The guests were encouraged to conduct a sayonce, they joined their pinkies together to create energy around the table. Nothing was happening so Rob one of our guests joined the sayonce to see if he could feel anything. After a time he moved down to the other side of the table. He explained he felt more vibrations at the other side of the table where the men were. 2 of the guests attempted to create energy to charge the k2 meter. This was slightly spiking. Due to nothing happening within the sayonce the men conducted a ouji board session whilst the women continued to get spirit to interact with them around the table. It was felt there was too many activities happening at once so the women left the room and went to the attic.


Cat ball, music box, rem bear, candle

At this point we were not completely in the dark, however guests were sending a presence. A little boy was present however he was reluctant to interact with us. When Clare entered the room she addressed the spirit as Mr Taylor and he was not a nice man. It was decided we would go in complete darkness to see what happens. Some of the guests saw red and green lights and smelt alcohol. One of the guests kept saying he could see a tall man with a beard. The spirit kept on going right upto guests faces as they were able to see him. Several names came through such as William, Jack, Edwin, Charlie. The rem bear went of several times.
One of the guests was on a couch laid almost down, she asked the spirit alot of questions, spirit was intrigued with this guest. Just before we were about to leave the attic the guest who was slightly laid down said she could not physically move, the session was ended and Clare helped the lady to regain her movement.
St this point it was decided to take a break before the last activities.

Wargames room
Cat ball, K2

Questions were asked in here and the k2s lit up a few times but not alot. It was decided to try a human pendulum. Clare asked Abbey to take 2 of the guests back into the snooker room

Snooker room
Cat ball, k2 meter

The equipment again was placed on the snooker tables, questions were asked but there were no responses. The guests wanted to try another location so ee went back into the trophy room.

Trophy room
K2, cat ball

The cat ball and k2 meter were placed on the pool table. The gueststs and Abbey asked questions. They were able to identify it was a new female spirit whom we had not spoken to previously. The previous names guests received were Mary and Sue.
The conclusion of this session was that the guests and Abbey w we e talking yo a lady of the night. She was alive in the 1800's and she liked Ben s prostitute. It was now 2am so it was time to thank the spirits for having us. We rejoined the group.

Wargames Room
Equipment used K2, cat balls, lantern and human pendulum.

The guests joined hands in a circle to create energy and we asked spirit to choose a guest to be used as the pendulum.
A female guest was placed in the centre of the circle and it was established that backwards movement was a "yes" reply and forwards was a "no' reply.

We quickly were communicating with a little boy who said his name was William and he was the boy from the attic. No sooner had William started to answer our questions the energy changed very quickly and we knew William had gone.
Through more questions the spirit confirmed he was the headteacher, Mr Taylor. At this point Christina, the guest who had been affected by Mr Taylor in the attic, suddenly felt ill again and had to leave the room. Mr Taylor confirmed it was him who had affected Christina, he also confirmed that he was stuck here for the crimes that he had committed against the young boys, and there were many of them. Mr Taylor confirmed he was not sorry for what he had done and had no remorse. Once said, the energy was much lighter and he was gone.

While this was taking place we tried an experiment... One guest, Denise, was closed off in a cupboard adjoined to the Wargames Room while another, Laura went back into the attic alone. Denise phoned Laura and they left the phone lines open while attempting to communicate with spirit. We don't know the outcome yet as they need to listen back to the recording for any response.

Yes it was a quiet night but Mr Taylor certainly made his presence known.

Bar area ougie board session.
Michael B and 3 male guest were left in this room while all the women went up the attic. We had a rem pod on the snooker table which went of a few times, so we asked the spirit om to the board. The planchet started to move but it was just rocking like as if it sounded like mors code or we dis ask spirit if they couldn't spell and the planchet just keeped on bouncing up and down, rob one of the guests asked if they had any thing to do with the ship yards in Hartlepool and the board went quite, we asked spirit to give us the first letter of the name and we didn't get any response at we decided as a group that Michael B closed the board down and we joined the women in the Attic

Ths Grand Anathaneum was unusual due to not having much activity. The attic was interesting and caused distress for some guests. Next time hopefully there will not be as much sound pollution. Until next time.