MAJESTIC THEATRE Tuesday 31st October afternoon tea & ghost hunt

So we began our 1st afternoon tea ghost hunt on the spooky day that is Halloween. We took part in our white on the stage and continued our call out

Equipment used - Wendy K2 Doll, Cat balls & Table tipping

Everyone sat down in seats they were drawn too and began to ask spirits of the building if they can come forward. One guest picked up on shadows being seen at the side of the stage, which later on a different guest, also saw the same.
Another guest picked up on a gentleman who worked at the theatre and the name Bernie. We had some responses on demand when asking questions about his love of his job and the theatre which seemed to be allocated on the left of the seats and towards the bottom towards the stage. One guest then also saw, what he described as a small shape flickering in front of him then a feeling of being brushed on the tip of his nose. This gentleman Bernie, really enjoyed our conversation and was certainly responding to our questions with ease.

We then decided to build up a bit more energy together with a table tipping session on the stage. With everyone around the table and ready, the energy immediately began to emanate on the table.
We started to encourage Bernie to come forward with clapping and encouraging words from the table and this seemed to work as he used the energy to start rocking the table. We then proceeded to try to raise the energy even more and use music that would have been used during his era, which we thought was the 50's and immediately as soon as the music started to play, the table seemed to rock that little bit more as if he was dancing to the music.
As the energy drained a little, we decided to move up to the projection room.

Equipment used - Wendy K2 Doll, spirit talker app & cat balls

Once all settled in this dark room at the back and top of the theatre, we began to call out. Definite responses of movement when we asked the question if a gentleman was here due to a guest feeling like a man, quite small in stature and in flat cap & braces, was with us. One guest then also heard a breathy groan, right next to her ear. We proceeded to ask the question if this was the projectionist who worked in this area, and immediately and loud TAP responded to our question to confirm it was him.
He confirmed that due to the lack of human interaction because of his job, he was seen as a peaker and people mistook his personality and this is why he came across a bit grumpy at times.
We then had a name of Jeffrey come through the spirit talker app for this gentleman along with the words "Let him talk" which responded to the question of "does he now understand and allow us in his space".
No equipment had responded to any questions and we ended up turning Wendy off quite early in the space due to the electrical interference in this room.

We then proceeded to move down to the dressing rooms as time was getting on.

Equipment used - Mirror scrying & Cat balls

With the time edging towards the time for our guests afternoon teas, we then took sometime to do some scrying in the dressing rooms due to the amount of mirrors we could use.
Everyone got settled and took torch light underneath their face. A guest picked up on a lady who worked behind the scenes due to her appearance. She had a hunchback and due to this had a life of sadness and no one would take her seriously, hence why she worked in the background. Another guest then began to have teary eyes which ended up rolling down her cheek, was this the impression of how the lady felt?? Upon this, she then had an image of a man impressed on her face. Another guest was experiencing bouts of coldness and an image of blackness behind her. She then started to get an impression of an old, frail lady on her face, which was quite prominent and another guest then confirmed that this lady was presenting herself around 65-70 years old. This then was confirmed by the 1 and only time the cat ball had responded all afternoon and wowed us all.
It was now time for Guests to head back up to the bar and have their delicious Afternoon tea's.
Thank you for all our guests participation on our first afternoon tea ghost hunt and their ability to open up despite all the distractions on everyday life inside & outside the building.