Jedburgh jail report
Alan and Katie Write up
We welcomed guests to the venue with Alan giving the welcome talk and moved up to the female cells to deliver the white light protection on the first floor

As a complete group we began calling out with some guests moving into the cells. A few guests could hear some slight taps. We then moved each guest into a different cell leaving the investigators in the middle corridor. Alan asked spirit in his mind's eye to go into cell number two and touch one of the guests and make their presence known. Shortly after making this request one of the guests in cell number two confirmed that she had been touched and slightly pushed in the cell.

Investigators in the corridor at this point became aware of a dark presence which stood in front of Alan, but as soon as he turned on his K2 (which then spiked red), the flashing lights appeared to make this entity disappear. One guest came out of their cell at this point and agreed that the atmosphere had changed and felt thick.

The guests became aware of the name Mary or May for short and also the name Harriet. One guest complained that her left breast began to ache as if she was breastfeeding so we asked spirit if she had her baby with her whilst incarcerated in the jail. Another guest at this point complained of her stomach feeling swollen as if pregnant and the atmosphere felt melancholy.

A small group of guests in the cell which had a mirror hung up on the wall all looked into this and felt that her face had changed in appearance and commented that it did not look like her and took a photograph, a further photograph from this cell showed up what appeared to look like a face in the mirror reflection when nobody was standing in front of it.

After a quick break the group split into two to with the first group led by Alan moving into the male cells and the other group went to investigate the juvenile cells.

Male cells - Alan and Katie

This group was quite large so we started on the ground floor and spread out to call out in the male cells. The guests agreed that the atmosphere had turned icy cold and they could feel cold breezes around their lower legs. One guest commented that she felt that this could be the spirit of a child he was small in height. The group called out on the basis that we were talking to a small child and the spirit began to affect one guest, slightly pushing her backwards and forwards on the spot. At this point we thought we would try and do a human pendulum as it felt like the most natural communication method to take, however the spirit decided to play games and would not commit to which direction was yes or no (when asked, the guest was pushed backwards for both yes and no). One guest commented that he felt that this spirit was a trickster and that we wouldn't get any form of meaningful communication from them.

Juvenile cells - Alan and Katie's group

Guests went into each of the cells and shut themselves in. The end cell appeared to have the spirit of a young child in there and the guests tried to entice them to play with two marbles.

Another group of guests in a different cell we're getting the name Jack so Alan joined them in their cell with a word generator app which threw up words such as ‘sin’, ‘up’, and when we about to leave ‘keep recording’. Alan stayed with a guest (Kev) on the floor above and tried some more word generation, as Kev had picked up on a spirit in one of the cells that kept setting off one of the museum exhibitions (triggered sound of electricity). We asked spirit for their name and immediately the word ‘Amanda’ came up on the spirit portal. When asked how the spirit was feeling two words appeared consecutively, the first being ‘uncomfortable’ and the second being ‘stressed’. This was really interesting and we told spirit that we were going to leave them but if they could set the exhibition off again - immediately, the exhibition went off. Interesting stuff.

After the break, Katie took a few members of the group to the first floor to look in the cells. There was a cell set up for a Halloween event at the jail with a dummy in a Frankenstein pose and had a sound trigger object of pulsing electricity when you got within a certain distance of the dummy. This trigger object was set off when we went into the cell, and then we all all came out into the corridor and were talking amongst ourselves and without being within range to set it off, it began to sound out. Guests attempted to see if anything else could have triggered the sound object off, however no explanation could be found as to what had set it off.

Alan took a small group to use the talking board (OUIJA). Once safely opened, the group got the planchette moving although this was slow at first. As soon as we asked for spirits name the message that came through was a recognised negative name so the conversation was closed down. We began again and once again with the second group the conversation had negative overtones and no matter what we asked the same message came through. The planchette started moving to no repeatedly so the conversation was closed down again for the second group, as it was for the first.

Alan’s group then conducted a session using a crystal and a crystal board. After a quick demonstration, the first guest who tried the crystal board got immediate responses, with the crystal responding to questions asked. Unfortunately, the same name came through as it did with the talking board so that session was close down quickly. The session was conducted again with another guest and this time we appeared to make connection with a female spirit. Spirit responded ‘no,when asked if she had been a prisoner in the jail and also if she worked in the jail. It was inconclusive as to whether this spirit was a visitor there or whether her husband was a prisoner there and when asked her age it appeared to show 19 years old. Multiple guests tried the crystal with varied results and this was a brilliant talking point amongst the group as the crystal kept changing direction when asked for various responses.

Seance - male cells

Katie accompanied a small group into the ground floor of the male cells how to conduct a seance, and we set up a rempod in the corridor.

The guests all joined around the table with lit candles and we began calling out to ask spirit to join us around the table to communicate with us and tell us their story. One guest felt the name John pop into her mind however she could not gather any more information from him and the presence felt reluctant to come forward. The rempod sounded several times in a row at that point.

After several attempts at trying to coax spirit to communicate with us, we left them in peace and rejoined the bigger group in the juvenile cells.

GEDs Write Up
So Jedburgh castle ,Big Al team leader Katie and Ged investigators:
The night began with us welcoming guests and having event photos taken,
Alan carried out the LVI/NEPI intro and Katie carried out white light protection for those wanting to take part,

Women’s wing :
Equipment : own instincts, K2 ,
We started by asking out and encouraging guests to take part, a few sounds where heard a few guests thinking they heard moans and tapping. After around an hour had past we had a break and split into 2 teams Al taking 1 Ged the other and Katie floating between to 2.
Geds group went into the juveniles wing and Alan’s the mens wing.
Juveniles wing :
Equipment : ITC word generator , REM bear, guests own equipment:
We started on the ground floor of the wing and started asking out Wayne a guest said he was feeling tingly and the only words generated where male names, it was after a guest stated she’d read some info on the walls and the wing had mainly been used for male adult inmates. Wayne on asking questions with his partner was directed by the word generator too go to room 15 which happened to be on the top floor, a small ground of guests had started to use dowsing rods and personal equipment in a down stairs cell and due to noise contamination it was decided the remainder to go to next level. Wayne and his partner where feeling cold draughts and few noises where heard that couldn’t. be de-bunked !the REM bear was activating on questions but only on the left hand side which was unusual. It was decided we’d change locations with Alan’s group and we went into the Male wing .

Male wing :
Equipment: K2 meter, REM bear ,table.
We started of by calling out and had not much success 2 of the group decided to go onto the next level and stated they’d had recorded a lot of orbs.
We started table tipping with 6 guests and only a little activity on the table but backed up with responses with the REM bear activating both arms when asked !!
We decided after an hour or so to regroup and it was decided most guests wanted to do there own thing but Alan carried out a few oui ja board sessions and Katie held a science whilst Ged went around all areas making sure guests where supported and their safety checked on regularly. At around 03.45 most guests had turned in and we all get together again at 06.15, all guests where thanked for their efforts and it appeared all guests had a great event.