Hawick Museum - Saturday 15th October 2022

Hawick museum
Alan and Kathryn

We started the night by setting up the equipment in the Scots gallery at the back of the museum.
We welcomed the guests and Alan gave the talk to the group and then Kathryn did the white light protection.
The whole group then went out onto the balcony and began calling out.
We had a few K2 meters dotted around the balcony and we got the odd spike but it could be debunked due to being close to electrical equipment.
Guests wanted to go off into the side rooms on the second floor while we continued to call out.
We got some good spikes on the K2 when talking to a male sprit at the opening to the Scots gallery and other guests said that they saw shadows moving around the Jimmy Guthrie room as well as a few taps and bangs.
3 of the guests in the Park gallery picked up on the spirit of a young girl who is about 19 years old, who walks happily around the building.
The team took a short break and then split into two groups, with 3 of the guests choosing it brave it alone in the Waterfall gallery.
In this room, the 3 guests focused on the corner of the room as it had the energy of a male who had authority during his life, this energy was picked up again later in the night by another different group.

Alan’s group school room:
In this room we used the marbles, glowing balls, K2 meter and touch sensitive bear.
Started to call out and got some very low taps, movement and rattling of the abacus.
There was a possible whistle heard by some members of the group, but could have been the other group in the building.

Kathryns group Jimmy Guthrie room.
In this room we used a spirit box app, a REM pod and a K2 meter.
We got very mixed messages on the sprit box app to the questions we were asking.
One of the guests and Kathryn saw a light float along the top on the banister from across the balcony and there was a shadow seen in the room too.
There was no spikes on the K2 meters during this time.

We then all took a short break.

Alan’s group Drun room.
There was a touch sensitive bear in a crib, a REM pod, spirit box portal app and K2 meter.
There was no activity on any of the equipment during this time.

The Hizzy room.
We conducted a EVP session in this room, one of the guests has a link to Steve Hislop so the questions were focused around her and after 4 consecutive questions you could hear a tap on play back in response after each question which was not heard by the group at the time.

Kathryn’s group The waterfall gallery/ park gallery.
Some of the guest chose to use thier own equipment during this time, conducting EVP sessions and using the portal app, as well as Wendy and a K2 meter.
One of the guests for a vidoe of a green orb floating around the room, as well a spikes on the K2 and Wendy but it was random.

School room:
We set up the same equipment around the room as well as lifting up some of the desk tops to see if we could get them to close. but we got nothing on the equipment or the desks.

We took another short break before the last hour of the night.

Alan’s group: The War room.
The group conducted a Ouija board session, got a guy conected to the army and he tried to spell his name but it was very weak, the session was then closed down and no other pieces of equipment were used.

Kathryn’s group: The Drum room.
Equipment used was Wendy and K2 meters.
We put wendy in a chair and another guest sat in the one the other side of the fireplace.
We got spikes on Wendy and the guest in the chair advised that the temperature was getting colder.
We asked if the guest was in thier chair and got a huge spike on Wendy. We also got another two huge spikes when we asked if they wanted the guest to move and then the group leave the room for the night.

In all a very mixed activity night, but we will be back to see you soon.