Jacobs Well - Friday 9th September 2022

Robbies write up 

Jacobs well
Lower floor:
Our night started by calling out we received numerous responses from taps near the fire place to foot steps on the floor above .. we attempted to use a k2 but we where getting to much Interference on the device ... the guest got the name (james ) we all believe that we where communicating with a male spirit the guest saw a lot of shadow movement coming from the door to the stairs.
The guests experienced the room go light then dark after communicating with the male spirit ..
Some of the guests seen a shadow figure standing on the staircase .. the guests where doing a pendulum while they where doing the pendulum the guests on the stairs heard what seem to be cry come from upstairs ...
Upper floor:
We started calling out on the Upper floor while all the guests did a séance round table .. one of guests where in the storage room with a emf meter they experience a object fall in the room ..
We placed a rem bear on a table near the stairs ...
Upon calling out we where receiving responses through on the rem bear we belive we where communicating with a female spirit ..

A quieter night here than normal but we always say we can’t guarantee activity. Thank you to our amazing guests who joined us for the evening and look forward to seeing you again soon.