Jedburgh Castle Jail - 12 Hour Lockdown - Saturday 13th May 2023

Katie and Michael
Men’s wing

The group were taken to men’s wing where they started on the ground floor. Katie took the group through the white light of protection and the team started to call out. After around 5 mins there was no active responses in that area however footsteps were heard in the upstairs part of the wing.
The group moved up to this area.
The group positioned themselves across the wing, in and out of cells. The team started to call out and were met with responses in the form of loud taps and footsteps.

Base camp
Chris and Michael

Chris completed the welcome talk with the group and we formed a circle to complete the white light of protection.
We were then joined by the regular guests and moved up to the women’s wing.
Chris moved off to complete his live.

Women’s wing
Michael F, Katie and Michael B
Cat balls, REM Bear

Once up in the wing we formed an energy circle and started to call out. Guest could feel temperature changes and there was noises heard from cells of metal being banged.
We got the names Rosaline, Julian and James but we’re unable to pin point if these were correct. The group felt that they were being observed throughout us calling out.

Two of the group had remained downstairs as they felt there’s was a presence on the stair case. Michael went down to check on them and they had already made contact with Alistair, a chef from the castle, a young child who they were unable to pin point a name and they also felt that there was someone on the staircase who was wondering up and down the stairs, possibly a prison guard.

Michael rejoined the main group upstairs and we started to call out to the prison guard. We asked if the guard was unhappy that the women were out of their cells and received responses through taps and sounds of breaths.
All guest explained that the temperature changes from hot to cold were felt on the lower part of their bodies as if children were walking past.
We placed a cat ball onto the floor and asked the spirit of the guard to light up the ball. Again we received taps and breath noises.

Michael B placed the REM bear on the floor and again offered to lock all of the women away if the guard could light up the bear. The bear lit up within a couple of minutes. We asked for confirmation if that was what spirit wanted and asked to light the cat ball if it was. Spirit again lit the cat ball. At this point all of the women were locked in the cells. We continued to call out to the guard however the energy seemed to die off once spirit got what he wanted. So we decided to break.

Katie and Michael’s group
Men’s wing
K2, cat ball and table

The group started on the ground floor. There was a cat ball placed into the doorway and the team started to call out. The group seen a shadow figure coming in and out of the cell so decided to place the cat ball in the doorway.
The team were able them to question spirit and received contact back using the cat ball. A guest mentioned that they felt there was a child who was 11 years old with them and this was confirmed by the cat ball. The guest explained that he felt the spirit had been put in prison for stealing a loaf of bread.
Katie asked if they were joined by the spirit of Tommy and this was also confirmed by the cat ball.

We asked sprit if he would like to walk amongst the group, again this was confirmed by a response from the ball. The cat ball was received and the team then formed a circle to complete a human pendulum.

During the pendulum the team confirmed that they were speaking to Tommy, he had been imprisoned for stealing a log of bread however it wasn’t him that stole the bread. He had taken the blame to save his sister.
Tommy lived in the neighbouring town of Coldstreet with his Mam and Dad. His Dad has passed whilst Tommy was in prison however as he was not allowed visits a in prison he did not find out about his Dads passing until after he was released 2 years after his incarceration.
Katie collected a table and the group moved upstairs to complete some table tipping.
The table confirmed that the group were speaking to a guard who found it weird there was women in the wing and that the spirits in the area were bad and there was something evil in cell 21.
During the session the guests that were not taking part could feel a presence in front of their face.
The group moved into cell 21 and continued to question. One guest was overwhelmed with anger and left the room. The group found out that the prisoner from cell 21 had been abusive to children and gave gifts of butterflies to children to gain their trust. The team decided to take a break and as they were leaving, dead butterflies where found at the bottom of the stairs that were not their before.

Chris and Michael F
Women’s wing

The group gathered in a circle and joined hands and Chris started to call out to spirit. We had a few notable taps on doors and footsteps could be heard.
We continued to call about and asked spirit to make the taps and knocks louder which spirit kindly did. The guest again felt that they were being observed.
A guest had noticed that a shadow figure could be seen at the entrance to the wing. This was confirmed by other guest and was seen moving from the stair case into a neighbouring cell.
Michael and other guests explained that they had pain in their neck, left side.
Michael called out to gain confirmation of spirit via taps for yes and no. We had been joined by the spirit of a lady who had been imprisoned for killing someone. There was then a stone dropped in front of the group.

During this time sprit could still be seen walking backwards and forwards. The motion sensory was also picking up this movement.
Michael asked spirit if she would like someone to join her on the bench at the bottom of the wing. We gained confirmation of this through taps and also the motion sensor.
Wayne was moved to the bench and Michael asked him to hold out his hands. Spirit was asked to come and hold Wayne’s hands and this was done. Michael then asked spirit to sit next to Wayne, again sprit was responsive and Wayne explained he felt like he was being hugged.
During this time Chris had closed himself off from the group to allow him to open his mind. Chris explained he felt that a kitchen was important and had developed a strong pain in his stomach.
Using this information we were able to question further. We found out that spirit was called Mary, she had been imprisoned for murder and she had been hung for her crime. When found out what had happened to Mary and said this out loud asking for confirmation Mary removed her impression on Michael, Chris and the rest of the group.

Shirley, Gemma and Chantelle started to complete Table tipping experiment. We asked Mary to move the table toward the cell that she had been incarcerated which she did and the team moved into the cell to continue the experiment. Mary explained that she didn’t like men in the wing, she explained about sexual attacks, stabbing an and violence being completed against the women held in this wing. She also explained that a guard had been pushed down the stairs and killed.
Chris suggested to leave the women in the cells and the male members to move to the base camp.

Michael and Chris continued to call out from base camp to the spirit on the stair case but this was unresposive so the team deciders to break. When the ladies rejoined the team they explained that following their table tipping session they turn on their torches and seen on the wall that this cell had actually been inhibited by Mary Boyle in 1858

Katie and Michael
Adolescent wing
Spirit box, ouija board, cat balls

The group started to call out on the bottom floor. Shadows were seen in the doorways and Dave felt they had been joined by the spirit of a governor. This was a friendly spirit who was responsive to questions.
The Governors footsteps could be heard on the floor above and their was continued shaw figures seen.

The team moved up onto the top floor and set up the ouija board. There was no movement on the board other than vibrations on the planchette.

Chris and Michael
Mens wing

The group positioned themselves around the top floor of the wing. Some in cells and some in the corridor.
Chris started to call out and used some of the information gained from his live.
We gained confirmation of a prisoner who was schizophrenic and had been imprisoned for murdering and eating his victims. Gemma explained she could see in her minds eye blood, guts and pigs head. We used this info to question further and gained confirmation that the spirit was a butcher and used the same knifes he used in his profession on his victims.
Shadow figures were seen moving between cell 18 and the cell next door.

Shirley, Gemma and Chantelle moved into cell 18 and started to complete another table tipping experiment. They were joined again by the butcher. He was able to rock the table with a lot of force and was responsive to questions using this.
The butcher got a little amorous and the ladies hand leg rubs, bums pinched and one of the ladies had he bra strap attempted.

Katie and Michael
Mirror, REM bear

The group move into the museum, set up a rem bear. They gain confirmation of a spirit called James. He said he would show his face through a mirror.
Adam was chosen by James as he reminded him of himself.
Adam completed the experiment and his face did visibly change.

Chris and Michael
Adolescent wing
Portal, spirit talker app and dowsing rods

Chris started to call out to spirit and asked to come and join us. Sprit started to give us small taps. We asked sprit what cell was theirs and the number 9 came through on the spirit talker app. At the same time Michael’s rods moved and pointed to the cell just to his left. When we shone a torch on this cell we seen this was cell 9. Chris asked if they wanted someone in that cell and the name Chris came through on the portal.
Chris moved into the cell and Michael started to call out.
Chris explained he felt his face was hot on one side. Spirit confirmed that he had been burned and was putting his impression onto Chris.
Michael continued to question but the portals only response was ‘not Clare Allison’ or ‘Clare Allison’
Chris came out of the cell and was visibly shaken (Chris can you explain your feeling here please)

Great night with tones of activity until around 1am where things quietened down.
Brilliant participation from all of the guests. They brought great energy and were invested in all experiments