Jedburgh Castle Jail Museum
Saturday 18th May 2024
Alan, Cam, Sonya and Colin.

Cam signed the guests in and Alan and Sonia welcomed them and Colin took guests photos, once all the guests had arrived and gathered in the base the room, Cam gave the welcome speech and gave a brief of LVI, the team then lead the guests to the main gate and Cam took the group photos, the team then took the guests to the male section of the jail and Alan did the white light. The guests spread themselves along the passage way and then the team started to call out and asking the spirits to make themselves known, after a short period of time a few names were being mentioned ( Bobby, Jimmy, Stanely, Robert, Andrew ) there were a few taps but there was a flag pole outside and some of the taps/knocks could have came from this, a couple of the guests said they could see one of the cell doors moving very slowly, there was no breeze in the cell and the door could not be explained. A guest picked up on a man who was not very nice and Cam started calling out to this man, asking him various questions on his past and what we could make out was that the man liked hurting women and he had a thing for blonde women as two of the guest and Cam had their faces blown on, Alan had now joined us after he did his own white light and begun to ask the man to come out and explain what he did, a few guest were saying they felt very uncomfortable in cell 16 and felt that a young lad of about 24 or 26 had hung himself in there and was making him self known to certain guest, Alan asked the guest to go quiet for a minute so he could ask the spirits to come forward, as we all listened, the sound of a small stone could be heard hitting the floor, Alan thanked the spirit and asked if they could do it again, but had no response so Alan threw another stone asked them to throw it back but again nothing happened. The team asked the guest to go into the cells and close the doors and see if they could pick any thing up, there was a few murmurs and some guest said they could hear sobs from what sounded like a female. We continued on this landed for a few hours and then decided to have a break and decide what to do next.

Male Section bottom Passage.
Cam, Alan, Sonya and Colin.
Ouija Board, Cat Balls, Table Tipping, K2.

The team returned to male wing but this time the team decided to do the downstairs. Colin took fours guest who wanted to go back upstairs, when Colin and the guest arrived on the top passage way a stone was thrown at them has they just came through the door way, the stone seemed to have come from the other end of the passage, so Colin and the guest made their way to were the stone was thrown, Colin called out a few times but was getting no response, the was a few knocks/taps but this was debunked as it was the flag pole outside and there was a few murmurs but this could have been animals outside, the passage way seemed to very flat, so Colin got the guest around a table in one of the cells to try some table tipping, Colin started to call out but everything seemed really flat, Colin lead the guest back to the passage and tried again to communicate with the spirits, the guest threw stones down the passage and asking for the spirits to throw them back but nothing seemed to entice the spirits out and all was quiet, so Colin lead the guest back downstairs to regroup and decide to do next, this time we split into two groups, Cam and Sonya, Alan and Colin. Cam and Sonya went off with there group and Alan and Colin went to the museum section.

Museum Section.
Alan and Colin.

Alan and Colin lead the guest to the museum building, upon entering the museum, it was too bright and too small to do anything in, so Alan and Colin decided to move on to the women’s wing.

Women’s Wing
Alan and Colin.
Cat Balls, Rem Pod, K2.

The guest spread themselves amongst the cells and Alan and Colin started to call out, it did seem very difficult to get the spirits to interact with the guest, there was not much happening and no matter what Alan and Colin did, the spirits did not want to talk and just wanted to remain in the shadows. Alan and Colin decided to split into smaller groups. Colin asked his group where they wanted to go and they all said back to the male wing.

Male Section.
Cat Balls, Rem Pod.

The guest put cat balls along the passage way and the rem pod at the top of the passage way, Colin begun to call and asked if the spirits if they were ready to talk, never seemed to happen and it did seem like this was going to be a non-event investigation, the guest started to call out, we all stood in silence waiting for anything to happen, just has Colin started calling out again there was a sound of finger nails being scraped down one of the cell doors, was this was happening was were there was no guest, it did seem to unnerve some of the guest but we went with thanking the spirit and asked could they do it again, nothing happened for a while but then there was two or three loud taps from one of the cells and then the spirit touched one of the female guest on the shoulder which made her jump and scream, it did seem like at last the spirits were coming out to greet us, we again listened and waited, there was a few groans/murmurs that cannot be explained and this was heard by everyone, the guest began to ask the spirits questions and a few times in a whisper the answer came back yes and this was in a man’s voice and was heard by everyone, Colin asked if the spirits were ok with them being in this passage way and again the sound of finger nails being scraped across a cell door could be heard, this happened a few times, Colin thanked the spirit for everything they were doing and if they need more energy please use ours and with that a stone was thrown which was about 9cm x 5cm, it did seem to everyone that was thrown was some force, this did put us on edge and Colin continued but this vigil with caution, we did continue to talk to the spirit, the guest did feel as if the spirit had left us and moved onto somewhere else but just as Colin was about to end this vigil, a spirit grabbed a female guests arm, so the guest remained here for a while longer, Colin called out again waiting for something to happen, when there was two loudish taps on a metal door, this happened a few times but not to any of the questions we were asking, it seemed like the spirit was messing with us, we continued for a while longer but the passage way was now very still and calm, so we made our back to base camp.

Jedburgh Castle Jail what a location, leads you into a false sense of security and then the spirits come out to play, it did seem it was going to be a very slow investigation with not a lot happening but I was wrong.

Jedburgh Jail Castle & Museum - 17th May 2024
Team - Cam, Alan, Colin & Sonia

We greeted our guests and Cam gave the Welcome Talk. Following this all of the guests went to the grounds outside where we took a group photo in front of the main gated entrance to the castle.
We headed to the Men's Wing where Alan conducted the White Light Protection for all of our guests. When this was complete Cam said that she was interrupted 3 times when trying to go with the white light protection by a male voice which she could hear from one of the cells.
We remained as 1 large group and started our call out.

Men's Wing - Everyone (no equipment)
It was quite quiet at first but after around 10 minutes of calling out we began to hear movement from the end cell at the bottom of the wing on the upper floor.
One of the guests stood in the doorway to this cell and confirmed that the noises we could hear which were in the front of taps in response to questions were coming from that cell. We did debunk a couple of thuds from this area which turned out to be a loose large stone floor slab. When stood on it made a thud so the guest stood with his feet either side to prevent this noise from being caused by this.
We heard a cell door move. This came from the cell opposite to where we were hearing the thuds. The noise from the cell doors are quite distinctive and we were unable to debunk this.
One guests stood in that particular cell and reported that the was slightly being closed at times and then opened again. There was no breeze but these doors are so heavy, a breeze wouldn't be able to cause this anyway.
Cam decided to take on the roll of the 'Jailer' and asked for all prisoners to return to their cells immediately. Again, there was cell door movement and what sounded like shuffling footsteps.
The guest who was stood at the entrance to the bottom cell reported feeling like he was being pushed. This spirit then came forward and started communicating with us. Through a series of questions we established that he had been imprisoned for attacking and murdering a female. As soon as we got this information, we heard a female wimpering which was very strange because we were in the mens wing.
2 other guests who were at the other end of the wing reported seeing an impression of a young man hanging in one of the cells. We tried to communicate further but were unable to get any information.
Something or someone kept blowing icy cold blasts of air in Cam's face. As we continued with our questions to find out who was doing this, another guest who was in one of the cells reported the same thing. Then another guest too. We were all female with blonde hair. We put this to our spirit and asked if he was the one who had attacked a female and if we were his type. This was met witha small stone landing at our feet.
Alan called out to this spirit and on 2 or 3 occasions we heard what sounded like dragging of either a heavy cell door or a chair. Alan moved some small pieces of broken plaster at the end of the wing, near the big iron gate and asked if spirit was able to throw any small pieces towards out feet to let us know that they were with us. This was a success and small stones were indeed throw, along with a couple of whistles.
One of the guests reported seeing a shadow figure from the entrance to the 1st cell. He said they looked like a 'Piper' and asked if they were the spirit who had been seen playing the bagpipes on the castle roof. Immediately another small stone landed at our feet.
Cam and another guest saw a shadow stood by the iron gate which was about 4ft tall. Again we received responses from our questions. The questions asked this time were by one of our guests who was local to the area and familiar with names, phrases and events which we didn't know about.
This went on for a while so we had a quick break as a couple of guests were a little overwhelmed as were we.

Men's Wing - Lower Level
After a quick break we headed back to the mens wing but stayed on the ground floor.
A number of guests went into on of the side rooms which had a large fireplace in it. There was a large table so they tried a bit of table tipping with Sonia. In that room on the fireplace there were a couple of tea light candles and at the floor (away from everyone) a large piece of wood which was leaning against the wall. A couple of guests also headed upstairs to carry out their own little call out in the cells with Colin.
Cam and Alan stayed in the central walkway area of the ground floor and were calling out to spirit. As we were receiving responses to our questions, the group carrying out table tipping were also getting activity.
Cam was stood about 6 feet away from Alan and was facing him. She was keeping watch at the bottom end of the wing whilst Alan what facing Cam but watching the other end near the entrance. Just then Cam said there was someone standing next to Alan and they were doing weird movements. At the same time as Cam saying this, Alan said he was aware of a male spirit who had come forward. Alan described him as being tall, with a reddish face. One of the guests picked up on this spirit being a bit of a joker, a lad type but also quite confrontational, especially under the influence of drink. Was this the reason for the red face?
Suddenly this dark figure staggered from behind Alan towards Cam. It was as if they were drunk but he then started doing weird wavy arm movements and then kicked his leg out to the side. It was all very weird. Just then, everyone who was stood around Alan could smell stale ale. We believe his name was Stan through our questions and what others had picked up on, he also responded to this but we weren't sure of his role within the prison.
The activity soon went so we decided to split into our groups.

Women's Wing - Cam and Sonia (Equipment used: cat balls and rem pod)
We headed to the womens wing where all of the cell doors were open. There was a very light feeling to this wing. Maybe it was because it has recently undergone some maintenance and had fresh paint.
We placed cat balls and a rem pod in a few of the cells and guests sat opposite the cell doorways to watch for any activity. We called out but unfortunately we received no responses. It was very quiet.
2 of our guests were in the far end cell with the door closed and were using the portal app on one of their phones. They were getting a few responses so they stayed a bit longer while the rest of us moved to the Bridewell Wing.

Bridewell Wing - Cam and Sonia (Equipment used: K2 device, Ouija board and a guests word generator app)
We went to the upper floor, it was quite bright so we tried to build up the energy by starting a call out. We didn't receive any responses to our questions but Cam heard a female child. This happened a few times and another guest also heard the same.
We decided to split into cells as they were darker. We placed a K2 device on the floor and all got comfortable. Our phones were on flight mode to minimize any interference.
Sonia started the call out and quite quickly we started receiving strong hits on the K2 device. After a series of questions and the use of a guests work generator app, we identified that we were speaking to a young girl called Agnes. She was 13 years old and had been pregnant. Sadly she died during childbirth but was able to tell us that she gave birth to a boy who was then raised by the local priest. We asked about the conditions when she would have been imprisoned and the word 'red' was repeated a few times. We discovered that she was telling us that she was imprisoned for picking redcurrants. These were her favourite. We were unable to identify who had caused her to be pregnant and we didn't want to push as her energy was in and out. One of the guests asked a few questions, again local stuff which she would be more familiar with. She told us that her son had been named 'Donald'.
We thanked Agnes for her information and headed to the lower level in the wing but we didn't get any further interaction from this area.
We went for a very quick break but we were all intrigued by what Agnes had told us that we decided to go back to her cell with a Ouija board.
Cam opened the board and 2 guests built up the energy and started the communication. Agnes came through and confirmed everything we had received from our K2 session earlier. We also discovered that she was from the 1850's. After a lovely pleasant conversation with Agnes we moved to another cell where other guests had been in but were repeatedly told to 'Get Out' and 'Leave'.
As soon as we walked into the room Cam saw a small child cowering in the corner, whimpering. She had longish mousey brown hair, looked dirty and was cuddling into what appeared to be a piece of material. Perhaps a comfort blanket. She looked about 5 or 6 years old and was very scared.
The guests on the board started by asking if the spirits in the cell would communicate with us. The glass went to 'No'. Every question asked got the same response 'No'. After a little perserverance and explaining to spirit how we meant no harm, slow communication started.
We were communicating with the little girl. We didn't get a name but she did tell us she was 5 years old. When asked to move the glass in the direction of where she was, it moved to Cam's direction. The little girl also told us that her mam had been burnt as they thought she was a witch. When we asked if she had passed over through illness she said no and told us 'burning'. One of the guests mentioned an event which used to take place whereby homes were burnt to the ground to clear them. We believe the little girl tragically lost her life from her home being set on fire.
As the questioning continued Cam left the cell to stretch her feet. Standing on stone floors for hours is not the best. As she headed towards the cell door, a really loud childs voice, like whimpering was heard by everyone. It was amazing to hear.
The guests continued with the questions and it had switched to food. The little girl had said she was hungry and 'eid' had been spelled out. At first we didn't think anything of this but then discovered that the wing was where immigrants and beggars were housed. We asked if the girl had travelled and how. We received the response 'boat'. Was the little girl a servant for the lady who had been tried as a witch, who she classed as her mam? It's possible. We've never come across information like this before from a child.
The energy left as soon as it had come so we were going to head back to base for 5 minutes to relieve our feet but Alan's group were getting some great activity. We moved to the mens wing.

Men's Wing - Cam and Sonia's group (Equipment Used: K2 device, Ouija board and Wendy the doll)
We sat around the table which was in the large cell with the fireplace. We didn't call out to spirit immediately. We were chatting amongst ourselves about other experiences they had encountered, their favourite place to investigate so far. After around 5-10 minutes of chatting we started hearing whistles. Just then the K2 device and a guests K2 device started going crazy. We scanned the area for electrical interference, there was none. We also confirmed that all phones were on flight mode. They were. We placed Wendy the doll on the fireplace, quite a distance from the table where the K2's were and she started going crazy too.
We all looked at each other and knew exactly who this was. We started calling out to Stan, the male spirit who was drunk and was standing next to Alan. The devices went off at every question asked. The glass on the board was also moving at the same time as the K2 devices were lighting up. A few guests were reporting movement from in the walkway too.
We soon discovered that he was a 'Jailer' who liked a drink and also liked the women. He would beat up his wife after a drink and like to take advantage of the female prisoners. We asked if her could slam a cell door. This did happen, 3 times. We could also hear him walking back and forth.
He went a little quiet but as soon as we mentioned Alan, he became quite active again............this might explain what happened to Alan's group at this time.

A brilliant night a Jedburgh, lots of activity resulting in us team members having a paranormal hangover.
Looking forward to the next one.

Jedburgh Jail Additional report. The last section was bloody mind blowing! I’ve neglected to include the sensations and physical reactions I was experiencing but it threw poor Shirley a bit 

Alan and 2 guests
Women's wing first floor, end cell on left
No equipment used

As the full group left to take a break, Alan remained with two guests (Dave and Andy) to see if a smaller group would create some activity. We decided to talk amongst ourselves rather than calling out to see if we could get somebody to step forward. After a few minutes, there was motion detected out in the corridor and what sounded like a small stone landed on the floor near the cell. We got the impression of an older lady who was incarcerated for a petty theft. At one stage there appeared to be a brief shadow from the opening of the cell. We received one or two further noises and the last piece of activity was a quiet high-pitched whine.

Alan and 2 guests (Helen and Mike)
Men’s wing 1st floor
Equipment used: SP7 spirit box app

The two guests had brought along an SP 11 Spiritbox with wired Bluetooth headset, so we decided to try an Estes experiment. When Helen turned on the device, there was so much intermittent static and crackling that it was deemed unusable.Alan suggested they switch to his SP7 Spiritbox app connected to his Bluetooth headset. The headset had been fully charged two hours prior to the event but when he turned it on it was completely flat. So we switched to using just the speaker on his iPhone and commenced the activity. It didn't take long before we started getting responses to the questions we asked. On asking for a name, the name Vera came through multiple times but we could not identify where she was originally from. Responses started coming thick and fast but unfortunately these were in the form of curse words and obscenities and appeared to come from a different spirit. Repeated phrases such as ‘f*ck off’, ‘p*ss off’, ‘ar*ehole’ and ‘get f*cked’ became commonplace. At one stage we all clearly heard the phrase ‘baldy prick’ and it was assumed this was aimed at Alan (seeing as Alan was the only one with no hair). We asked if we had upset spirit and if they wanted us to leave and the word ‘leave’ was said three separate times and also the words ‘get out’. So we decided to leave spirit in peace and move to another location.

Alan and guests
Men’s wing lower floor
Equipment used: table tipping, crystal on chain

Four female guests sat around the table that had been placed in the cell and encouraged spirit to come forward. It was extremely quiet and there was no apparent activity. As the ladies were talking about themselves, each Intune was touched/grabbed on their lower leg. They seem to indicate a child spirit and a soon as we started questioning around this, there was vibration fall through the table. All this did not develop, there was one notable instance where the table appeared to either jerk or bang and then all went quiet. Alan used the crystal to see if spirit would come forward but there was absolutely no movement. With no further activity we finished the exercise and moved on.

Alan and Colin plus 2 guests (Helen and Mike)
Base camp room below female wing
Equipment used: Calling out, K2 meter

Just before 3am, and with the rest of the group spread out across the various wings of the jail, Alan, Colin, and the two guests decided to turn all the lights off in the Basecamp area and see if they could detect anything. This turned out to be one of the most active and yet strange investigations we have ever done. Helen and Mike were sat at one end of the room with Alan directly on the opposite side of the room. Colin was seated against one of the side walls, near the tea/coffee table.

After Alan had turned off the lights and took his seat, the group started discussing what this room may have been used for. Immediately and out of nowhere, a large object was dropped from height and landed behind and to the left of Alan’s seat. The group asked Alan if it was his knees popping and he replied “no, something has been dropped behind me and I am sensing a really really powerful energy”. No sooner had Alan said this, another large object was dropped behind Alan to the right of his seat, hitting the equipment boxes and scattering on the floor! We knew at this stage that we had a spirit with us that had thrown either a large piece of rubble or a large piece of plaster as you could hear pieces breaking off. We tried to acknowledge spirit and ask questions but it would not respond. With the group on edge, another stone was thrown in the room and the chair next to Colin was tapped loudly as if unseen hands had reached out and hit the chair. The next few minutes were crazy. Helen was hit by stones on the feet and legs three times and Alan had a stone first thrown off his right arm, and then another stone that was thrown with force first hitting his left hand, then bouncing into his stomach. We estimated that between 12 and 15 objects were thrown over the course of 5 to 10 minutes. Colin’s chair was then forcibly moved and he likened it to the chair being kicked and this happened three or four times. Also the chair next to him kept getting tapped. With all this happening, Alan told the group that he sensed spirit was going to do something to show that it meant business and by that he didn’t mean being threatened, just something much bigger. What happened next shocked the whole group of four. In the silence, just when we thought the activity had finished, the large hot water urn which was sitting on the table was lifted and then banged down on the table with force. Alan told the group he felt highly uneasy so wanted to recite the Lord’s Prayer as an additional protection, which he did. When he finished, 2 objects were thrown near the urn. At this point, the rest of the group came into the room so we all sat and looked for further activity. Only one or two smaller objects were thrown and then the room seem to get much lighter and we believed spirit had left. When the lights were put on, one of the guests saw a shadow move from the spiral staircase leading up to the women’s wing and walk into the small storage cupboard at the end of the room. Unbelievable!