Jedburgh Castle Jail - Saturday 30th April 2022


After we had greeted our guests and ran through our LVI introduction, we conducted a white light protection session with our guests in the female prisoners wing. The LVI team consisted of Chris, Katie, Robbie & Alan.

Female wing:

We held a group call out and fairly quickly heard bangs and taps in the walkway outside the cells. All guests then went into the various cells, with team member Katie acting as jailer, and Alan & Robbie calling out.
A dark shadow immediately formed at the end of the wing, with Katie saying she felt sick. The shadow then moved in a sudden motion towards the team members. This was horrifying and Katie screamed - Robbie witnessed this at the same time. There was activity in multiple cells with scratching noises, bangs and taps. Guests also reported seeing light anomalies. All guests then came back into the corridor, and one guest heard a female voice saying ‘get out’ multiple times. We felt she was trying to warn the female guests that it wasn’t safe for women to be there. This presence appeared to be a male former ‘Jailer’, and was sensed to be walking amongst the group, Katie felt he was looking at each guest individually to size them up, and Alan felt he was a ‘watcher’ and dark presence. Other guests picked up on this. Guests and team members then went back into cells, with Chris acting as jailer. Alan felt the name Jim or Jimmy: Chris called these names out and immediately, multiple cells had bangs and a range of activity. Sounds of nails being dropped into a bucket and scratching on pipes were heard. One cell with banging activity at the name of Jim or Jimmy, feeling that he disliked his name of James being shortened. Whilst this happened Alan had an image of the number ‘2’ placed in his mind. We asked Chris what number cell was getting the heavy activity…it was number 2 cell! Jim or Jimmy put an impression on a guest that we should ‘stop saying that’, again confirming he disliked his name being shortened. This was picked up multiple times. One guest in the cells became upset like she could cry and felt very emotional, in the cell opposite another guest felt intense anger wash over her and it pushed her down so she had to sit on the floor. When the feeling passed, this anger impression went onto another guest. We decided at this point to have a break and let the group refocus and take them out of the negative atmosphere. A guest who was standing on the stairs heard frequent knocks.

Male wing:

We stayed as a big group as the energy in the female wing had been so strong. Upstairs, we called out but spirit was quiet. We moved into the corridor on the ground floor and had a group of six guests attempt table tipping. We called out and the vibration could be felt through the table. Through questions, we ascertained this was the spirit of a 15 year old boy who had been hung for the crime of theft of food - he told us that he was innocent of the crimes. He told us that his name was Tom and he was alive during the 1600s. The more emotive the questioning l, the more the table shook, rocking and then being levitated to being on one leg at one stage! One guest could not believe what he was witnessing but totally enjoyed the experience and we captured the activity on video. Tom told the group that he was upset as his grandmother didn’t take him in when he lost his parents. His Mother died in childbirth and we think his Father died and likely this was due to him having the plague.

Juvenile wing

Calling out and used glow in the dark rubber balls - no impression or feeling and all guests were more than comfortable in the atmosphere so we moved back to the female wing

Female wing part 2:

Some guests conducted a Ouija board session. There were flutters of movement but this was slow. They found out that it was a male spirit who had worked at the jail, but the rest of the activity from the board was inconclusive.

Taps were heard on the opposite end of the corridor in the end cell, but wasn’t communicative to questions it just knocked to let us know he was still amongst us.

Male wing - second session

We moved back to the male wing to perform a traditional Victorian seance. Katie led the session and there were six guests taking part. An offering of bread was placed on the table with candles. The power of multiples of three were used during historic seances so we replicated this here with the number of guests taking part (six), three pieces of bread and three candles.
Guests cleared their minds ready to receive messages from spirit and we asked them to move towards the candlelight to begin communication.
Similar to the table tipping session, vibration was felt immediately, we thought Tom may be back as he had said he wanted to stay with us throughout the rest of the night. We couldn’t get Tom, however his mother had come forward bringing with her a sweet floral smell. She wanted to thank us for talking to Tom earlier in the night and that she was very proud of him.
Movement and knocking came from the table and it was a joyful atmosphere. Spirits coming through were in visitation and they were not grounded to the jail. The temperature dropped and guests could feel cold air around their legs.

What an unbelievable night at Jedburgh Jail! We truly believe that this was down to a fantastic group of guests who brought loads of positive energy and were totally open to communication with spirit. Bravo to each and every one!!