Keighley underground streets:

Team members Chris, Ged and Colin

The evening started off with Chris greeting guests along with Ged and Colin and giving the welcome talk, once settled everyone took part in the white light protection as Chris left to do his lone vigil live.

Main meeting/ group area :

Equipment used, K2 devices, dowsing rods,rem / proximity bears, Crystal.
As it was a large area the guests decided to split around the room to try and tune in to spirit and give each other a little space. Guests started asking out but after a few minutes it was decided to concentrate the energy and enthusiasm to one area near the old cooking area. Ged asked the guests to all sit around a circular table turn off access equipment as it was felt there was too many devices being used at once and people couldn’t concentrate.
We started to ask out and after a few minutes started to receive activity .Peter one of the guests and a sensitive/ medium was telling everyone he could see a man dressed in a long black cloak who looked very menacing and it looked like he was holding everyone else back…..Peter stated there were a lot of people with him.
Peter said he was wearing a large hat and wasn’t clear what his intentions where.
Peter also stated down the corridor towards where Chris was they were 2 children aged around 5&6 running around but they were staying away from us.
We started to ask out as to what this man’s intentions were and during the questioning it was recovered the man named George had been an undertaker and it was due to his role people found him scary, he was there to watch over all the spirits and was actually there with his wife and 2 children he was acting as a mediator as they were so many spirits there, some known to some of the guests, the way we could be so accurate is as he was confirming our questions but manipulating the K2 so strongly for so long in a way most of the group have never witnessed before, this left the group amazed. George stated he never went down the street as this was his area and he felt responsible for all the spirit that visited / belonged to that area and they trust him to do the right thing. George confirmed a lot of guests questions to do with the street and area as of it after what seemed a few hrs speaking to George and the children showing up briefly we thanked George and said we’d speak later.
Everyone then took a small break as Chris rejoined us.

Underground street Jim’s shop :
Equipment used : K2 dowsing rods, rem bear. ITC device.
We all entered what we came to call Jim’s room/shop as we asked out and Peter got the name of Jim and said that was his shop he stated he was wearing an apron we thought he maybe a butcher or barber , as during questioning Jim on way he was there we also contact young girl 22/23 who stated she’d been pregnant bud hadn’t died there, maybe close by but we couldn’t clarify that I for. She stated she’d been pinned down as Peter had stated he’d seen it was believed she had been raped by some young men who where of upper class/ gentry and later died she stated her baby had we also believed she may’ve died by Jim providing an illegal abortion but Peter stated everyone in the street knew what had happened but it wasn’t spoken about and the girl had just wanted her story known then moved on . We believe we heard her voice during our time in there but it was during periods the group where talking but was heard clearly.

The Brothel room :
Equipment used , dowsing rods, rem bear , trigger coins,K2.ITC
We all entered the room believed to have once been a brothel, we had
Laced some money on a trigger board at the start of the night and invited the spirits to take them and checking nothing had been moved. We started asking out and trying to get spirit to engage with us. A few taps where heard names given and a voice also. The activity wasn’t as much as we had hoped but as always stated you can’t make spirit engage. We then decided after a short while of trying to have a break before restarting down the main st.

Main Street :
Equipment used ITC , rem bear, laser grid,Tibetan bell.
We all walked down the main st as the guests checked out all of the old shops and homes. We set up the ITC device ( tablet) on the ground and lay it face down to stop light pollution as everybody stated it was extremely dark (technically known as DickieDark) Chris generated the vibrational tone with the Tibetan bowl and we started asking for interaction . Peter picked up on 3 men in their early 20’s wether they had something to do with the girl who had been raped couldn’t be verified. They just stood and watched what we were up to. A few noises where heard as had been earlier quite load at times. And words generated at times fit in with what we were hearing saying but may’ve been coincidental. We thanked spirit for their interactions which had at times been very strong and very accurate with information we could attain. We thanked all the spirit for their interactions and the guests and said goodbye. Keithley underground streets amazing location , amazing interaction we hope to see you again soon.