Keighley underground

Chris, Sharon, Abbey

Andy the owner spoke to the guests and gave them a welcome talk. Once he was finished the floor was Chris's. It was time for the white light protection which Sharon completed.

Base room
We stayed in the Base room and went lights out and started calling to spirits. We had no responses. However some of the guests felt as though they were been watched. One of the guests captured a fascinating photograph of an image of a face behind another guest who was sat down. Guests felt there was a male presence however spirit was reluctant to communicate.
Sharon suggested we conduct a table tipping session. 2 guests were brave enough to take on this challenge. At first the table was calm. Abbey asked spirt to come forward and started asking questions and encouraged spirit to us our energy to move the table. It began moving forwards and backwards. Abbey then suggested about using the yes and no responses on the table. We began getting movement and Sharon joined us. Sharon explained to spirit about using the yes and no responses as a way to communicate. The table began moving more erratically, the questioning continued and the table moved more and more. Eventually the table tipped. Guests were asked by Sharon if they wanted to continue which they did and the table still had the energy for before and rocked, at times it walked. One of the guests asked a question and the spirit seemed to be interested in him, this then led to the table walking towards him again the table tipped.
As the room was calm we put the lights on for a break.

Chris, Sharon, Abbey
Bells, cat balls, k2, music box, marbles.
All of the team and guests went down the street. Guests were encouraged to spread out along the street. The equipment was placed in door ways and around the area. Abbey put some marbles within one of the rooms to act as a trigger object. Again we went lights out and started calling out to spirits. One of the guests recieved the name Timothy who was a clergy. Timothy channelled the guest to communicate with us, he said about needing to go to confession. One of the guests who was in one of the rooms said they felt as though they were been pushed, also guests said they felt as though they were been touched. There was a sense of a dog spirit roaming the streets. As we moved further along the street the team and guests naturally split up and went into the various rooms.

Cat balls, table, guests ghost app
Abbey and several guests
Abbey began calling out to spirit. We had no responses then miraculously the cat ball went off. A guest put another cat ball under the table as through the night there had been a sense of a little boy called Jack playing hide and seek. We encouraged Jack to interact with us. One of the guests had a sense that 2 soldiers were present but again they would not come forward. We were in the room next to the brothel and asked spirits about this to gain more information however again no responses were uncovered. We continued to ask questions.

Within the brothel, the team set the coins up as trigger objects earlier in the night. Unfortunately on this occasion there was no movement.

Small room to the right of the brothel.
Cat balls, k2
Abbey and Sharon took several guests into the adjacent room to conduct a human pendulum. We did not have enough guests to attempt this so we called out to spirits to see if we could get any responses. Several guests could sense a spirit in the doorway who was reluctant to step pass the threshold. We encouraged spirit to come forward and to use our energy and not to be scared, however our enticements were not enough for spirit to come forward.

Base room
Equipment on the live
Soem of the guests went with Chris and Sharon to the new room whilst Abbey stayed with the remaining guests in the base room.
Abbey and the guests called out, it was noticed that one of the pieces of equipment kept fluctuating and during some occasions it went to orange. Abbey and several guests heard what sounded as though a piano key had been touched, it was very clear. What was strange there were no pianos within the vicinity. Earlier on in the night Abbey and a guest heard on another guests device the word music, what was interesting was the gentleman's app did not have the word music on it but this was clear. After the piano key was heard the rem pod activated. When Abbey was taking about the paino key the rem pod went off again.

The time had come to say good bye to Keighley underground. Even though it was a quiet night, we did have experiences especially during the table tipping session. This is a magnificent location and we'll worth another investigation.