Keighley Underground Streets - Saturday 8th July 2023

The Keighley Underground Streets 08/07/2023

We set up base camp in tbe area at the bottom of the entrance staircase, and welcomed the guests to the venue.
Andy the owner gave the guests a quick health and safety talk about the building and the Alan delivered the white light protection to the group.
Chris headed off to do his live and the group stayed in the base camp area for a short period of time before heading down the main street as we spread our across the rooms we got a few taps and bangs, sprit lights were seen and the name “James” was picked up on aswell by a guest.
In one part the sound of horses hooves were heard and also the name “Cyril” was picked up on aswell.
On entering one of the room a loud crackling noise was heard with made a few of us jump.
We decided to a split down into two smaller groups, Kathryn took her group to the Brothel and Alan stayed in the main corridor with some of the other guests once Chris was back from his live.

Kathryn’s group: The Brothel
Equipment: K2 x3
We all went into the room and went into the smaller room at the back.
There was a white plastic garden table so the group decided to gather around to do some table tipping.
A figure was seen sitting in one of the chairs in entering the room and the guest told the rest of the group what they had seen.
Everyone touched pinky fingers to get the energy moving through the table.
With some encouragement the table started to twist and jerk underneath everyone’s hands.
We then got the table to top up onto three, two and then one leg before it went fully onto the floor, this was recorded at the time.
We were unable to establish who was doing this but the group felt as though the energy belonged to a child.

Alan’s group: Main Corridor.
Equipment: None used at this time.
A guest picked up on the energy of a sprit called “Billy”.
He was about 5’6, big grey side burns, which is what tied in with what Alan got on the team walk around.
He picked up that he was a drinker, who had worked and lived on the street making and repairing saddles, he also likes to visit the Brothel, but kept telling the guest to “stay away from the ladies of the night.” as they would ruin him.
The guest was pushed and a low growl was heard by the group as well. It was picked up on that the spirit was an angry man and suffered from “little man syndrome”. There were lots of taps and bangs heard during this time aswell.
The rem pod was then heard comming from base camp room which has been left on from earlier when the team were in there, about 3/4 times and the group thought it was “Billy” trying to get the team to leave the corridor area.
As soon as they left to check the rem pod the activity on it stopped.
The rest of the team along with Kathryn and Chris rejoined the group and the rem pod started again.
There was numerous noises heard, taps and bangs and shuffling, along with shadow figures mixing in with the group.

We decided to take a break before heading deeper into the streets.

Kathryn’s group: The Brothel.
Equipment: Coin board and Dowsing rods.
Kathryn decided to take the trigger object coin board and put it in the chair in the Brothel where a figure has been seen earlier in the night.
There were 3 guests who stayed and used the rods, and got in contact with the spirit of a 14 year old girl called Alice.
Her farther ran the Brothel and she had to work in it along with her sisters and mother.
She died in the room which we were in and her life was taken but we couldn’t work out how she died.
There was taps and bangs and shuffling heard around the room as well during this time.
The guest with the rods felt as if he had been scratched and there were nail marks across the top of his shoulders blades.

Alan’s group: The room with the safe.
Equipment: Human pendulum, candle lantern, and cat ball.
So set up the human pendulum experiment in the middle of the room.
A guest was chosen straight away by spirit to go into the middle of the circle.The energy of a male spirit came forward, who had lived in the street.
He has been paid to hide a young boy called Peter.
He had hide the child under the staircase of a smaller room behind some wood panelling.
There has been a fire and the young boy suffercated and died.
The man is now still wandering the area looking for Peter.
One of the guests asked if the child was scared to leave the area and got a “yes” response and they said they would show him the way out if he wanted to leave.

The whole group: Room next to the Brothel.
Equipment: K2 meter.

The whole team piled into the smallish room and spread out.
Chris went into a little alcove area and we began to call out to the sprits.
There were shuffling noises and taps and bangs heard by the old staircase which was in the room,
so we placed some random pieces of wood on them in hopes of using them as trigger objects.
We established we had a male spirit in the room, by asking him to respond to questions by tapping once for “yes” and twice for “no”.
We establish he liked to drink beer/ ale and his name was “Arthur” which was picked up on by a few people in the room.
He enjoyed comming to the Brothel and enjoyed one lady in particular company.
One guest reported being touched a lot and was ok with it as she reminded Arthur of his favourite working girl.
There was more taps and bangs ans movement around the room, and one guest reported having chest pains, which he confirmed was how he died and it had possibly been while he was enjoying himself with a certain lady.
There were shadows and lights seen in the room too and loud scratching and scraping sounds comming from the staircase aswell. The night was comming to an end so we collected up the equipment and headed back to the base camp.
Once the lights were on we could see the bits of wood had moved from thier original positions and when Kathryn collected the coins from the room next door, 6 out of the 9 coins had been moved on the board as well.
We thanked the guests for the night and wished them a safe journey home.
What a great first night at a brand new location!!!