KIELDER CASTLE 12 HOUR LOCKDOWN - Saturday 16th September 2023

Kielder Castle
Chris, Kathryn, Michael and Colin

We set up base camp in the Kielder room and welcomed the guests. Chris completed the welcome talk and we moved into the adjoining room to complete the white light of protection before Chris left to complete the live broadcast.

Adjoining room
Kathryn, Michael and Colin
CAT ball

We started calling out to the spirits of the castle. There was an energy of two men picked up. One was between the ages of 16 to 18 and looked like he worked outside and had a weathered completion. He was short and stocky however we did not manage to get a name for.
The second spirit we got was named David. He remained on the staircase, he was frustrated and angry and was dressed like a gentleman. He looked like he belonged in the property. He didn’t have a title However his family were quite well off. He had his head in his hands, he had made bad financial choices and lost the property shortly before the Second World War.
Shortly after speaking with David there was a illuminated mist seen on the staircase which was seen by several members of the group and a CAT ball that had been placed on the stair case was reactive to our questioning.
We were also able to find out that he passed in one of the out house. Due to his decisions in life he had taken his own life by shooting himself.
The energy seemed to dissipate and Chris rejoined the group from his live so we took a break before splitting into our groups for the night.

Chris and Michael
CAT Ball, Touch Bear and string of bells

The group formed an energy circle in the centre of the room and started to call out.
The group could feel a temperature shift and taps around us could be heard. Chris and a couple of guests reported the sensation of touch on their heads, arms and legs. Chris then explained that he started to feel like he had a bad throat followed by an image of someone’s hands around a throat.
As Chris explained this the bear in the corner of the room started to light up. Using the bear we were able to narrow down that there had been an altercation about money which resulted in someone being hurt in this way. We were however unable to find out if this spirit had committed the crime or was the victim of it.
We asked spirit to move from the bear and start to use the CAT ball outside of the circle to answer questions, which it did. We built up more energy and then we asked spirit to join us inside of the circle and use the ball in front of us. Sprit didn’t do this however the bells we had rung could be heard being touched, this was confirmed to be spirit activity after confirmation was given a further 2 times. There was also groans and growls heard.
The energy moved on and we decided to move onto our next location.

Kathryn and Colin
Table, Bear, CAT balls and K2 meter

We got to put the bear in the single chair in the first room. We got responses straight away from the energy of a lady. The responses were constant so believed that spirit was playing.
We formed an energy circle around the table and placed the bear in the centre of us.
We got the energy of a man in the room. He was either called Daniel or Danny. He was in the forces but were unable to narrow down which part of the forces. Using the bear as a yes response we were able to gather that he was a policeman as a member of the group also confirmed an image of an old style policeman.
During this time a lot of the guest reported pains in their backs along with a strong smell of alcohol which came and went. Spirit confirmed a liver condition but we were unable to find out if this is how he died.
Sprit did confirm he liked a pint of ale though.
The energy moved and we spread onto the staircase and coffin room and we had a few responses on the bear but nothing major. We decided to take a break.

Chris and Michael
Derelict stables
Table, sprit box, glass, CAT ball, Ouija board

We placed the table and ouija board in the centre of the main room and the guests split between the rooms, with one guest Rob being blindfolded on the floor below and we started to call out. Guests explained that they all felt a sense of ease in the area. When calling out we could hear taps however the energy felt week.
Chris explained he could see a shadow figure standing in the corner of the room. He felt that the presence was not very nice.
We turned on the spirit box and started to question this spirit.
When asked how it wanted to communicate spirit said that it wanted to communicate with Chris on the board. Sprit was able to confirm how many guests were in each part of the room and confirmed that Rob was below us alone.
We tried to complete to glass/table work however there was little movement on the glass.
Sprit continued to make itself seem in shadow form and his presence could be strongly by the window by Chris. This was confirmed when we stood another guest in Chris’ place. After an hour we decided to take a break and move on.

Osprey Room
Chris and Michael

We gathered the guests around the four large tables and placed 3 candles along the centre.
We started calling out and asking spirit to move the tables in response to our questions.
We were joined by the spirit of a servant girl Emma.
Emma’s energy was strong and not long into our sessions she started to vibrate and then rock the tables. This could be felt by all of the guests.
Emma was not answering any direct questions however was responsive to her name and the more we used it the stronger the movements became. She then localised her energy on one of the four tables and started to pull this away from the rest. In the space of 30 mins Emma had moved the table a noticeable 6 inches away. Continuing to pull and push the table back and forth. We asked if Emma could also move a chair, we used making her a cup of tea as a bargaining tool, which she also accomplished.
We thought we would try a little more and asked Emma to tap out how many sugars she wanted, she tapped out twice and confirmed this a further 3 times.

We thanked Emma for doing all of this for us, made her a cup of tea, put it on her table and left her in peace to enjoy.

Kathryn and Colin’s group
Osprey room
Equipment: Rem bear, touch bear, cat ball, temperature gun,
pencil planchette and paper.

We spread out around the room and began to call out… the locked off live was in the room behind us and immediately heard the REM pod that Chris had left behind straight away.
We propped open the door and called out in the that led out into the corridor between the two room and heard movement, taps and bangs.
We put the touch bear in the corridor and it lit up straight away, at first we thought it might have been the energy of children as there were taps heard on the table in the room but by using the bear we were able to work out we were talking to a women.
She worked in the castle as a servant, but weren’t able to find a date or time for her.
We had a tempreture gun in the bear during this time and it dropped from 11 - 8 during the questions.
We decided to go out into the corridor and down the stairway and spread out.
We put a cat ball at the top and the touch bear at the bottom.
A shadow was seen and the top and half way down the staircase and then ball lit up several times in response.
However the bear at the bottom lit up as well when the guests started talking about going for a break and “ having a cup of tea”.

This is a great venue and didn’t disappoint again.
We had a great group of guest’s, a good giggle and a very interesting night with some unexplainable activity.
Thanks Kielder Castle