Kiplin Hall – 18th December 2021



Wow, what a way to end 2021.
After a scary drive through thick fog to get to Kiplin Hall, Chris gave our introduction/welcome to our guests. We had quite a few new guests so expectations felt high.
After the group photo, Cam took everyone to the large room on the ground floor, with the desk and carried out the white light protection, but first explaining why she was doing this.
Cam asked Alan to lead the call out while she popped back to the base room.
After returning, Cam joined in the calling out and we started hearing thuds from near the desk area. We placed the K2 on the device and it eventually lit up twice as if spirit was letting us know they were there. A guest next to Cam, felt as if someone was standing in front of her and we heard a few taps on the little table. We moved the K2 onto the little table but it didn’t go off. Instead the movement heard was around the desk area so we kept going with this asking if the gentleman was with us, with more thuds as responses.
After a while, we split into 2 groups.
Cam and Stephen took their group to the adjacent room with the Charles 1st chopping block.
In the chopping block room, we all sat on the floor and Stephen started calling out. We asked about the block but the room was very still. That is until Stephen saw a shadow figure.
We continued calling out and placed the rem bear, music box and K2 devices on the long table. The K2 lit up twice again but the other devices didn’t. Cam and a couple of guests next to her could see a slit of light being blocked out at the other end of the room, as if something was infront and moving. Cam also felt like there was a small child with a larger child standing behind protecting the smaller one. We hadn’t realised we had 2 mediums in our group who confirmed there was a small boy who was scared and an older brother comforting him. We called out further but decided out of respect and to not cause the little boy any more distress, we would leave the room and go for a quick break.
After break, Cam and Stephens team headed to the 2nd floor armed with the rempod, rem bear and K2 device. We went into the room directly at the top of the stairs and sat on the floor. We sat the bear on the small sofa and placed the rempod at the other door, with the K2 on the table. The equipment didn’t go off in here but noises from the next room caught our attention so we moved into that room.
The bedroom, we placed the bear on the bed and the rempod was on the glass unit at the foot of the bed. Our guests, was holding the K2. We began by asking spirit confirmation of their presence. The K2 lit right up to red, twice. The rem pods started going off too. We continued calling out and the rempod went off again. A guest reacted to something and said he thought there was something standing next to him. The guest in question is a skeptic he admitted he was beginning to question his own thoughts.
We moved on, into the next room and Stephen stayed in the bedroom with the skeptic guest.
We didn’t get any responses in the next room so moved into the room which had a large fireplace and what a 50s feel to it. The rempod went off once as if to say I’m here. A few thuds and taps but nothing more.
We moved to the servants corridor and spaced ourselves out. We were calling out asking to hear how busy this corridor is, but got nothing. We started talking to Bridget Talbot, asking if a few things qe had picked up on were true, but again, nothing in the corridor. Chris joined us and asked if we had been walking around but we hadn’t, we asked if they had been closing doors below, loudly, but they hadn’t. Chris joined Stephen and a guest in the room they were in.
Cam took the guests up to the 3rd floor. We introduced ourselves to the spirits once again and a few guests stayed in the large room while Cam took 2 of the guests into the room with the boat. We heard a few thuds from in the boat room but nothing overly exciting. We joined the rest of the group in the other little room just off from the large room on the 3rd floor and all sat on the floor. Stephen was back with us by now so stephen placed the rempod next to the door, where the servants would use the back staircase. We called out and got 3 separate responses from the rempod. The responses felt playful and child like, we tried going with this but activity stopped when more people joined us in the room.
With 30mins left of the evening, Cam suggested everyone doing a Human Pendulum. A couple of guests asked what this was so she explained and went off in search for Alan and Kathryn’s team.
Alan and Kathryn were getting their own amazing results from the 1nd floor so we all joined them to increase the energy.
Another amazing night at Kiplin Hall.
Now to look forward to what 2022 brings.