Kiplin Hall – 26th June 2021


Tim and Ged’s Group
Absolutely excellent last night ,from the walk around with I could feel the interest from spirit.
We split into 3 groups , Chris working the ground floor and myself and Ged working the top floor . First off we started as 1 group observing COVID rules in the large central exercise room , explaining to the guests that we at LVI like to start off the evening using our own senses rather than equipment. We started calling out to get a feel of the place and interest from spirit . We then split into our bubbles with me opting for the room with the boat in and Ged working the bed room . We could feel company from the minute we entered . I asked my group what would make them happy with a reply of … that thing going off (k2). Well call out began and within minutes he shouted it’s changed as the k2 lit up . I double checked that no phones were switched on which they were not . Questions followed and we discovered that spirit was connected to the boat . 1 guest felt uncomfortable and moved away from the K2 joining again soon . I deliberately kept away from asking spirit names whilst we built on the energy . At this point I took my group to GED’s group and swapped them for 4 members of his group so they could experience the activity in the boat room , again good k2 activity responding to questions.Excellent room . Own group returns so We then worked the other rooms on the top floor again noises knocks / bangs and K2 activity. Tea break after a very quick 2 hours . I must add that it was still very light on that floor .
After a break my group opted to continue using our own senses with the addition of the coffin Music box. We moved onto the middle floor working each area . We found this to be much quieter than the top floor but still getting knocks and things so we moved back to the bedroom (where the curtain moved the night before. WOW .. screaming guest as I asked spirit to come close to us and they spoke into her ear , then same guest telling her partner not to touch her again ( which he replied I didn’t ) Very good light activity and the coffin music box going off on the bed with no body anywhere near . K2 activity and a feeling of extreme closeness with me asking spirit to move away as the feeling was overwhelming. By now it was gone midnight so another little break .
After the break we decided to work the ground floor . The feeling wasn’t the same as we had encountered earlier .
Absolutely excellent night