Kiplin Hall – 30th October 2021



So our visit to Kiplin Hall was a little different last night as the team got dressed up.
After Chris had done the introduction we moved to the large room on the ground floor and Kathryn carried out the white light protection.
We then stayed in that room and proceeded to call out.
It was quiet at first but as soon as Cam asked if the gentleman was with us who is seen at his desk, we started to get activity.
A few guests who were stood at the end of the room where the giant mirror is, saw a light anomaly from the desk area. They didn’t realise there was a desk and it was the one Cam had referred too.
A guest stood next to the desk said she had started to feel very odd and felt like someone was stood directly in front of her but no one was there.
We continued calling out and a few photos were taken. Kathryn captured a large green light anomaly but we couldn’t recreate this. We also had no equipment with us so it was a reflection of a green light.
Robbie took a photo of the large mirror and captured what looks like a face. Need to look further into this to rule put pareidolia.
We kept seeing small white light anomalies.
Cam saw a twinkling of small white lights as she was facing down the room towards to mirror. The sparkling was on the left side of the room. Kathryn took a photo and the left side of the photo is a white blurr as if an object had went passed.
Cam stood in the centre of the room and the name Henry popped into her head . One of the guests said they got William Henry.
We called out asking about both of these names but when Cam asked about Henry, she felt touching on her back as if being rubbed. Guests behind saw white sparkles behind Cam.
We moved to the room with the chopping block and started calling out. A low knee height chill kept coming and going. There were no draughts.
The handles on one of the drawers rattled, this happened again when calling out about the block.
We tried a K2 near the block but it didn’t illuminate. A few more taps were heard.
We had a quick break. Cam and Robbie took their guests up to the top floor.
We started calling out in the long room and placed the Teddy bear rem at the far end of the room. We asked for spirit children to come and play but we got nothing. We asked for the nanny to join us. A few of us saw slight movement from near a unit in the room. We placed the K2 in that area but still got nothing.
We moved into the room with the big boat in and got some great responses from Robbie calling out.
We decided to move to the other room at the far end of the long room.
I placed the Teddy bear rem on the small window sill and it immediately starting going off. No one was near it. This happened 5 times.
A guest asked if there could be something in the wall causing it so Cam explained how rem pods work and placed the Teddy rem on the bear. It didn’t illuminate again. The guest still was unsure so I asked if she wanted to put the bear back where it was, when it was going off. She did, it never illuminated. This told us spirit was playing with the device.
We wondered if Robbie entering the room had scared spirit so qe told Robbie to leave the room, he did with Pauline.
Time was ticking on so we moved to the middle floor of the house where the servants tunnel is.
We went into the room at the top of the stairs and placed the Teddy bear rem on the sofa in there. Cam started calling out and the left paw of the bear illuminated, it looked like there was an impression on the sofa on the left side of the bear. This happened 3 times in total.
We moved through the other rooms and then got to the servants tunnel.
We were calling out using the names Brigette and Joan when all of a sudden there were 4 very loud thuds as if someone was running through the corridor. Cam turned to ask what that was to be met by a guest running straight towards her. Cam turned to run and get out of the way but was trampled by the guest. At the same time of the thuds, the guests at the far end of the tunnel felt a huge gust of wind go past them.
We composed ourselves, sort of, and carried on calling out but guests were a bit shaken so we moved to the room with the gold bed. As soon as Cam and Chris walked in, we both heard 2 taps, like tings. We identified the noise as coming from the large wash bowl. We all heard various taps and the tings again, no Activision the bear when placed on the bed. When Cam asked if they could make a noise if they wanted us to leave the room, the door handle moved. We respected spirit and left the room.
It was 1.30am so qe all gathered together upstairs in the long room and the guests took part in a Human Pendulum.
A quiet but still active night. Spirit confirmed during the human pendulum that they wished us to return


So Kiplin hall last night !
The gang arrived all costumed up on arrival of the guests they all appeared to appreciate out efforts. After the greeting and run down of Lvi by Chris , Kathryn carried out white light protection and took photos for us both as my camera isn’t great and pennywise also doesn’t have pockets !! As a whole group we got white / green light anomalies and spirit seemed to be responding to us The night seemed to be flying by and in the room containing Charles 1st beheading block we heard handles being moved on various cabinets after a break we split up into our relative groups Kathryn and i took our group into every room and corridor on the second floor but after trying everything we knew had very little success apart from the sound of someone running along a wooden floor which sounded like the main stairway passage (this is carpeted ) so we found it hard to explain although All the guests with us heard it ! Chris joined us for a while and we then decided to go to the top floor where in the ship room we engaged with a spirit called George who was confirming his presence with us by answering all the questions pit to him by use of Wendy the k2 doll! On moving to main corridor we asked out again relieving not a great deal of evidence apart from as we left the area George again confirmed he’d been with us . Everyone met up again and we carried out a great session of human pendulum and all guests appeared happy with our nights efforts. Well done to all involved i believe we had a great night .