Kiplin Hall - Friday 10th June 2022


Kiplin Hall
Wow, wow, wow, there are many things we wish to happen on an investigation. Even if it is only that 1 thing, it is very rare, but amazing when it does happen. Here goes……….
Following Alan’s brilliant introduction to our 22 guests, many of whom had never been on an investigation before (and what a place to choose as their 1st), we made our way to the Library where Cam delivered the ‘White Light Protection’ to all guests.
We started as always with a call out to the spirits of Kiplin Hall. It was very calm. Previous investigations it has felt quite oppressive but tonight was different. We felt an acceptance.
We experienced ‘thuds’, ‘taps’ and one guest felt pressure throughout our time in that room which he couldn’t explain.
Cam started asking if Mr Calvert was with us and if not, if he could join us. Immediately after asking this, we all heard the door handle turn and the door opened. The doors are very old, heavy and solid. There was no breeze. The layout of the rooms is ‘you need to go through a room to access another room’. A bit of hysteria followed, which we quickly calmed and continued with our questions. We even asked a couple of guests to go on the other side of the door so that they knew it wasn’t anyone messing (it was very dark).
We continued working on our communication with ‘Mr Calvert’. Cam got the name ‘George’ come to her but she didn’t tell the group.
Guests could see shadow movement as if someone was walking amongst us, making their way towards the desk area. We had already placed a K2 device on the desk but it never changed.
Each time Cam called out to ‘Mr Calvert’ we got responses, and then it happened. A key on the piano was pressed when asked where they were in the room. Alan checked the piano and discovered there is a Perspex cover over the keys. This was unbelievable. At any location, if there is a piano we always ask if spirit can press a key. After many, many investigations, it finally happened and it was amazing.
Alan started calling out and the thuds started again. This time it felt like children playing games with us. We could hear little, quick footsteps above us too.
After a little while, to check that Mr Calvert was still with us, the door handle went again and the door opened as if he was joining us. The 2 guests were still in the room next door and said they could hear a lot of tapping, movement in that room. They quickly joined us when the door had opened again.
Cam had one of our black folders with her so she called out to Mr Calvert that she had a business proposition that she would like him to read through. She placed the folder on the desk and stepped away. She said she was looking into a new property deal. It was a castle. That’s when we all heard the plastic folder move. We shone a torch light onto the folder and the cover was lifted. Cam said she was thinking of calling the castle, Camvert Castle (a mix of both names), he didn’t sound keen as we heard a loud bang and Alan picked up the questions, around doing business with females.
We still got the feeling of children, which we’ve never had in that room before. Many guests were experiencing their legs being touched, feeling strange so we brought a proximity bear into the room and Alan continued asking questions geared towards the children.
We didn’t realise the time so we thanked spirits for the communication, had a quick break before splitting into 2 groups.

1st Floor – Cam & Diane’s group
Cam and Diane took their guests to the 1st floor. We started in the room, directly at the top of the stairs. We placed a proximity bear table and we were all sat on the floor. We had also placed a music box in the ‘servants corridor’ which was the other side of the other door in the room. We called out for about 20 minutes but got very little activity.
Servants Corridor
We moved into the servants corridor, a known hotspot of activity. We placed the music box on the floor and started calling out. Other than what sounded like the pictures on the wall creaking, we got very little activity. We passed off the pictures creaking as our collective body in the tightly packed corridor.
1940’s room
We moved on, and found ourselves in the room set out as if from the 1940’s. We started calling out asking if the soldier was with us. Guests reported noises from the other side of the door so we asked spirit to join us. The door opened. There was no-one on the other side as the other group was on the top floor. We thanked spirit for joining us and continued with our call out. We weren’t getting many responses from Cam and Diane calling out so we asked if a male guest would feel comfortable asking questions. One of our guests has a military background and begun calling out. We all saw a bright white flash of light on the wall next to him. No one had their torch on, it was high up around 6 foot so not someone’s smart watch and there was no external light source like a car headlight as this isn’t possible in that room. We continued but didn’t get anything further so we thanked spirit and move on again to the next room.
We didn’t get anything at all from the room next door to the 1940’s so again, conscious of time, we moved into the room with the bed in it. We have had quite a bit of activity in this room on previous investigations, but tonight we got nothing. It was so still.
Quick break as time was ticking on.

1st floor - Alan & Robbie’s group
We started our investigation in the 1940s room. As we entered the room from the adjoining bedroom the strangest thing happened. As Alan entered the room something was thrown from inside the room next to the door. This made the group stop in their tracks as everyone had heard an object being thrown. We entered the room and started calling out for spirit. We had placed K2 meter on the main table and one guest went into the adjoining bathroom and close the door to do a lone vigil. On asking if spirit was with us the guest in the bathroom called through to say there were noises and shuffling noises in his room but he was okay with this. Apart from the odd tap, we didn't get any any activity so decided to conduct a Ouija board session on the main table. Three guests joined the session but the planchette was very slow to move at first. After a few minutes of repeated questioning, the planchette started spelling out the name of a male and this turned out to be Robert. When asked about his surname the answers given made no sense so we decided to close the board down and move into the adjoining bedroom. Guests used a variety of equipment including a rem pod a music box and the K2 meter. Although none of these were triggered when we asked questions, movement was heard from behind the door in the 1940s room. This surprised guests as the activity always seemed to come from the adjoining room. Having no further activity we checked out some of the other bedrooms. Cam’s group joined us but no further activity was recorded.

Top floor - Alan & Robbie’s group
The group started on the top floor where we all stood in the long corridor with a rem pod at one end, a light motion sensor, some glow in the dark rubber balls placed on the floor and a K2 meter. One guest decided to do a lone vigil in what was formally the children's nursery, so she went in on her own and closed the door. As the group started calling out, the first thing that happened was movement from one of the wardrobes where the door rattled. One guest was sure they could see the door moving opening slightly so we focused our attention on activity in that area. The movement continued around the wardrobe until something both amazing and scary happened. One of our guests, Stephen, was physically hit on the back of the neck and thrown to the floor. This shocked everybody Stephen is both a regular guest and a LVI team member and this is the first time that something like this has happened to him. He was in such distress that Robbie had to take him out of the corridor and onto the staircase. On returning, red marks were clearly visible on the back of his neck, as if he had been grabbed! The group questioned the spirit that had grabbed Stephen and he seemed to channel his energy through another guest by pushing him backwards and forwards in response to yes or no questions. We ascertained that this was a person who had worked in the household possibly the head servant or master of the servants. He told us that he would stop the spirits from communicating (we have also had this on a previous events at Kipling Hall) and that he was aware that there were child spirits in the building but he would not let them communicate. This continued for a good 10 minutes until one of the other male guests shouted out that he had just had his collar pulled. This felt like threatening behaviour so we decided to move and investigate the adjoining rooms. We started in the ship room that had been used by George Calvert, the original builder and owner of the building. There was very little activity in this room so we all went into the far room opposite the nursery were servants would have been. We conducted a seance in this room as we were getting the odd tap in various places and all guests sat in the chairs around the tables that were laid out with cutlery and crockery. Alan encouraged guests to call out and use the tables as a way of communicating. At one point guests started to explain that the tables were vibrating and one person said the table had moved. The guest that was being moved forwards and backwards suddenly found it hard to breath, so was taken from the room. Bearing in mind it was pitch black in this room and we couldn’t see anything, something was dropped on the table which caused everybody to cry out. The noise was really loud and it sounded like one of the knives had been lifted and dropped back onto its board. We were also getting taps from various corners of the room but this stopped as soon as it had started. We then moved into the nursery but there was an eerie silence as if all activity had ceased, so we decided to take a quick break and move on.

Top Floor – Cam and Diane’s group
We took our guests to the top floor. We took with us the black mirror, Ouija board, rem-pod and the laser grid.
Cam setup the laser grid pointing down the room and we all sat on the floor. The room was so still. We called out but got absolutely nothing. Alan’s team had brilliant activity prior to us moving to this area. Had all energy been zapped?
Earlier in the night, when we were doing our team walk around, we discovered that the nursery was now open. We have never investigated here before. We went in just the 4 of us and we did get responses so we had high hopes.
Cam and Diane took their group in there and placed the rem-pod on the table. We called out to the children and the nanny, but again, it was so still. It was 01:45am by this point so maybe spirits had retired for the evening.
We decided to use the last 15 minutes to meet up with Alan and Robbie’s group to see if all of our collective energy could give one final last push but again, it was so still.
Did that explosion of energy at the beginning of the night, with the piano key being pressed and the various doors opening, zap all energy?
Again, another brilliant night at Kiplin Hall. A different feeling this time, but a one of acceptance. Are the many spirits here, now familiar and comfortable with us? We hope so and we hope they continue communicating with us on future visits.