Kiplin Hall - Friday 11th March 2022


After all guests arrived and everyone was introduced to the LVI team, we started the night with a white light protection session, so that guests were protected and grounded to the area.

The full team and all guests started the investigation on the ground floor in the library. Guests were in very good spirits and the energy was high especially with the group getting to know each other and creating lots of laughter. On the initial callout there was no immediate response but as the minutes passed, guests could hear the odd tap although these were not very loud. Before long some guests stated that they sensed spirit walking amongst them. At one stage quiet footsteps were heard and this was noticed by some of the guests in the room. We introduced an EMF meter as a source of response and placed this on the desk at the far end of the library. Immediately, guests near the desk said that it had become noticeably cooler and the room became darker. Some of the guests noticed a bluish light move over the EMF meter when we asked questions. One guest stated that there was a male spirit with us and that this was his space and possibly a desk he worked at. They did feel that spirit was happy with us being there but seemed to be sitting in the background. Although the EMF meter did not trigger, we thanked spirit for their participation and then split into two groups to investigate the rest of the building. We have reported the collective activity from both groups below:

Top floor

Ship room
Group one went to the ship room where they used an EMF meter and our Wendy doll as trigger objects. A male spirit was identified and gave some responses on the doll which lit a few times in response to questions but the group sensed that spirit did not really want to communicate. We did get some activity on some dowsing rods that were used by a guest but again, this only showed that we had a male spirit with us.

Group two got a few knocks and bangs,in response to questions but nothing conclusive.
Guests got the spirit of a lady but it was very weak and the energy went away quickly. It seems that spirit may have been holding back.

Service/kitchen room
Group one used a spirit box to try and engage any spirits in that area. There was a nice peaceful atmosphere in the room. Guests did not pick up on any activity and there were no names or answers coming through the spirit box. Another guest used some dowsing rods and got the reply that both male and female staff/servants used this room. A REMpod had been placed in the corridor outside the room but this was not triggered.

Group two had little activity in this area, with the odd tap heard by guests.

Middle floor

The Green room
Group one got some fantastic activity in this bedroom. They placed an EMF meter at the end of the bed and immediately got responses from calling out. Prior to this one guest sensed that there was somebody lying on the bed and this was later picked up by another guest. Through questioning, the group ascertained that we had the spirit of Sir Reginald Talbot with us and he was eager to talk. One of our team members suddenly had a severe pain in his left leg. Spirit told us that he had an accident while riding a horse. Multiple guests had already sensed a horse and one guest had an image of Sir Reginald riding the horse. Every time we ask a question the EMF meter responded and at one stage after response the whole group burst out laughing. At exactly the same time the EMF meter went into the red and was pulsing as if the spirit was also laughing. Sir Reginald confirmed that he enjoyed our joke and came across as a really nice engaging spirit. Here’s where it gets really interesting. One of our guests is an end of life carer and she became really emotional because she sensed that his wife had a terminal illness and he was caring for her. As soon as she said this, the EMF meter spiked into the red in confirmation. Another guest sensed that his wife possibly had ovarian cancer and again the EMF meter triggered in response and this guest was being used as a human pendulum and was being pushed forward and in the response to yes. The group believed that Sir Reginald was impressing his feelings on our carer guest which made her feel really emotional. Spirit appeared to have made a real connection to this guest, possibly due to her being a carer. The emotion was so high that Chris took her out of the room… the activity immediately stopped and the room was noticeably lighter!! We left the room by thanking spirit and hoping that he would meet us again on the night. This activity came thick and fast and left the whole group absolutely amazed and buzzing for the rest of the night!

Unusually, group two got very little activity in this room. This could be down to the fact that there was a lot of energy used in group one’s engagement and spirit had connected with the previous guest.

Lady Talbot’s room
Group one spent time in lady Talbot’s room hoping to engage and meet Bridget Talbot. There was minimal activity in this room and it appeared to be quite peaceful. Someone then noticed that a small door on the Jewelry cabinet was open. This was not open when we entered the room and has also been reported by group 2. The main thing that happened in this room was the adjoining door to the War room was tapped on intermittently as if beckoning us in. All guests and team members heard the tapping and this happened on numerous occasions.

Group 2 got the feeling that they were not alone in the room, but got no responses on any of the equipment at all. However, the door did open twice in the small cabinet next to the bed, as Kathryn had to close it twice before the group went into the War room. This is really interesting as both groups got similar activity.

The War room
In group one, some of the guests took part in a Ouija board session. We agreed to do the session as spirit was sensed in the room and one guest had picked up that spirit was male and that he was a drinker. Multiple guess also sensed that this was a man of military background and he was impressing his answers on one lady in particular where he would push her forward or backwards in response to yes or no. We got the impression that his health had suffered through alcohol. He also impressed that he had been caught doing something and this stopped him becoming an officer. Prior to the Ouija session one guest and one team member went into the adjoining bathroom on a lone vigil. Although the heard the odd tap this was inconclusive and they joined the main group for the Ouija session. Initially spirit had told us that he would join the session but there was no movement on the planchette. After encouraging the spirit come forward, the four guests sensed to planchette starting to move. This turned out to be very very slow movements that could be seen with the naked eye but apart from this nothing else came through. We decided to close the board session down and let the other group see if they could engage spirit.

Group 2 formed a circle around the table and held hands to try and stir up some of the energy in the room. One guest did a lone vigil in the bathroom next door alone, but felt nothing. The group did not get any responces to questions or on the equipment used.

Dining room
Group one got no activity in this room after multiple call outs and using a variety of trigger devices.

Group two were joined by LVI owner Chris.

LVI team member Kathryn reported seeing blue glitter in the air over the small round table in the corner of the room. Team member Robbie saw a child size shadow running around the table and we established it was a little girl by using the touch sensitive bear. The group got knocks, taps and bangs in the room as well. A door also swung open on the cabinet at the end of the room to reveal a large soup bowl. We then went into the library room and placed equipment around the room and got a few knocks and bangs as responses.
Chris relaid information from the live stream of a man looking for an object, possibly keys.
He also told us about the energy of a lady called Maud who was in the room and linked to the gentleman.
Robbie got the name Thomas, who happens to be Chris’ spirit guide and then got a little bit upset and emotional.

The night ended with a group de-brief and thanking our fantastic guests for their engagement during the night. We can’t wait to go back to Kiplin Hall… and do it all again!!
Thank you to all our amazing guests for joining us and helping make the night what it was. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.