Kirkbymoorside Memorial Hall - Friday 22nd April 2022

Kirkbymoorside Memorial Hall.

Rebecca’s Write up

The evening was started with Chris giving the welcome talk to the group. Then we all went down to the lower room (basement) where Chris gave the white light protection.
We began with Robbie calling out to the spirits of the building to come forward, but with very little active Robbie asked if any of the group would like to go into the cells which we moved to next. I gave the cells a miss as we had to climb over a desk to get into them, but once everyone was in I called to the spirits in the cells that they had new inmates and to make them feel welcome, and then I shut the door. While they were in the cells I did my own Lone Vigil in the kitchen area, where I saw 2 light anomalies and a small shadow.
Back in the cells I could hear Robbie calling out and getting responses on the K2 meter, thought was that a spirt that used to work there was giving the responses. As the name George was mentioned I then asked if the spirit we was talking was called George and the K2 lit up.
As I thought I'd heard Chris coming back to the group we thought we would have a break, only to find out that it wasn't Chris I heard as the front door was lock and he was still upstairs on his live, so who did I hear????
  After the break Chris took a few members of the group that wanted to do a Lone Vigil back down to the cells. With the rest of the group we ventured upstairs to the main hall. Robbie stayed in the hall and I went upstairs to the balcony. Again we started off with Robbie calling out to the spirits. As a member of the group had mentioned the spirit of a little boy I called out asking if he would like to come play and to touch the REM BEAR as it would light up or even or he could touch the Wendy doll that a group member was holding. I also asked Robbie if the music box that was on the floor had a little flashing light on it, as I keep seeing a little flash by the box and that was when a guest said that she was also seeing a little flash as well. We did have a temperature drop on the balcony which set the REM pod off. As we all felt that the hall felt flat we thought we would try the spirit box but no voices came through.

A great night with fantastic guests. Thank you to everyone who joined us and we look forward to seeing you all soon