Land Of Iron - Saturday 20th May 2023

The Land of Iron: Iron and Stone museum, Cleveland.
20th May 2023

Team members Alan, Ged and Kathryn welcomed the guests into the museum and took them up to the education rooms on the second floor where the team had set up base camp for the evening.
Alan did the welcome talk to the guests with Ged and Kathryn chipping in along the way.

We took the guests down into the museum where Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group and then left to do the facebook live.

The main musuem room.
Alan and Ged.
Equipment: Cat balls, K2, and Rem pod.
Alan and Ged began to call out to the spirits of the building, it was quiet at first but then a noticble tap next to the old wooden ambulance, which everyone heard.
After a minute or so there was a second tap in the same area.
In one of the corners of the room, there was a loud breath/ exhale heard by a number of guests, which was closely followed by a second breathy sound, like someone suffering from a weezy chest condition.
Ged then put a K2 in the back of the ambulance and immediatly it started responding along with the cat balls lighting up aswell.
Ged asked “if the spirit had died in the ambulance” to which the team got a response on the K2 for a “yes” reply.
We were unable to get a name but where able to establish that the male spirit had a wife and children.
There was then another noticble breath heard from the same spot as before.
Alan asked if they could “make a noise” by copying a tap on a wooden cabinet in the room and immediatly got a thud sound straight back in response.
The energy went to the group decided to go for a quick break.

Kathryn Facebook Live.
The Mine experience room.
Equipment: Phone with tripod and touch sensitive bear.
Kathryn began the live feed vidoe on the phone and waited for the signal ti be sorted out, while people joined the feed, Kathryn introduced the venue for the night investigation.
Kathryn put the bear on a small stump in the middle of a room, and asked out to the spirits of the building.
Relying on the guests at home, some name began to pop up in the comments.
They’re was the name “George” Michael , and Walter.
There was no reponces on the equipment until a comment came up to more it across the room to the other side.
A man was picked up on at the back of the room, described as late 50’s,burly, with brown curly hair and was wearing a white shirt and trousers with braces.
He was at the back of the room and was trying to figure out what Kathryn was doing in the room alone and felt the need to protect her.
The name Sarah was linked to him and it was established that he loved her and she loved him back, but she was in a relationship with someone else named “Robert” potentially who was either this man’s best friend/ brother.
We eventually got the name “Christopher” for the gentleman and it was confirmed by the bear lighting up the room.
He was very upset that he wasn’t able to be with the women he loved during his life but it was possible that they had a child together as they had no way of knowing who had fathered the child back then.
We got the name for the child of “Joseph” but it was unconfirmed.
This information and the man’s mental state had an emotional affect in some of the viewers and Christopher seemed to trust Kathryn more when she told him stories of her own families connections to the mining community in County Durham.
Viewers encouraged Kathryn to hold out her hand to him so he could come closer and hold it, she felt pressure on one side as well as a slight heat on the other.
The energy seemed to fade and Christopher said his “good-byes” to Kathryn by lighting up the bear one last time.

The Dome room/ The mine experience room.
Alan and Ged:
Equipment: touch bear, K2, rem pod, glow balls, evp, and the lantern.
Began to call out and got a some responces on the touch bear which was placed in the centre of the room.
A member of the group picked up on the name Keith, but did not get a response to confirm in the equipment.
Kathryn rejoined the group after finishing the live and having a quick break and the whole team gathered up the equipment and headed back into the Mine room.
We spread the equipment out around the room and immediatly coz responses on the touch bear as Kathryn had placed it roughly in the same spot as she had had it on the live video.
We also got huge K2 spikes like never seen before, it was going all the way up to red and holding for several seconds at the same time as the bear was lighting up.
We quickly realised we were communicating with a male spirit although we didn’t get a name and he was fine with us calling him “Sir”.
Ged played some old time war music to drum up the energy as it was felt in the room that he had a military connection.
We decided to do a human pendulum experiment in the room and Emma was chosen to go into the middle of the circle.
This had been the guest holding the K2 when it was having the high spikes.
We established that back was “yes” and forward was “no”.
We began with trying to find out which war if any this solider had served in.
We were able to find out he was involved in the Boer War but had previously worked in the mine before going to war.
He did it for his family as it was a better income and that he was proud to fight for his Queen and country.
There was a sickly feeling not only felt by guests but Alan aswell, as if he had had a huge crushing like impact/ injury to his stomach/ ribs/ chest area.
We were able to find out that he had got these injuries from some type of explosion/ possibly shrapnel.
The solider did it make it home and he died on a train travelling back to England.
He did not realise he had passed on and he had not seen his family since he left to go to war.
Some members of the group got emotional and were brought to tears with this information.
We were unable to find out if he had been awarded any medals for his service and Ged was able to identify he was part of the Durham light infantry.

The groups decided to take a break as this had been an emotional experience for many of the group, as we were about to leave the REM pod went off in the back corner of the room.
This happened twice as if the spirit was saying “good-bye” to us.

After a short break we spilt down into theee smaller teams.

Alan’s group.
Revisited the main musuem room.
Equioment: Crystal and board, tipping table, K2 and cat ball.
Stated off with some calling out and again there were taps noticed on the ambulance.
A K2 was out on the wheel of the vehicular but no responces happened.
So then the group set up the table and chairs to do some table tipping with a cat ball in the middle of the room.
There was no movement at first but with encouragement the cat ball lit up with the table vibrating and rocking.
The groups tried to use it to ask questions but it continued to rock.
So the groups decided to keep the energy in the table and use the crystal and board.
Immediately, a make spirit, named John, confirmed he was 36 years old when he passed away, in the year 1892.
He wasn’t the man who died in the ambulance but the group weren’t able to identify if he was a solider or a miner.
Throughout the crystal session there was continuous responses in on the cat ball.

Kathryn’s group.
Mine experience room/ Tally shed/ Mine room.
Equipment: touch bear, EVP, lantern, REM pod and Wendy.
We started in the mine experience room but got no responses to any of the questions on the devices that had been left from the previous group so we decided to swap into the Tally room instead.
We got no resolves in the equipment, but for some name in the sprit talker app.
We got the name, Julia, Gabriel and Patricia.
We got no responses on any equipment when calling out these names so we decided to go back into the mine room.
This time we went behind the fake coal front, which was smaller but had the tunnel behind it.
We got very loud bags straight away and there was movement noise noticed by everyone with one guest actually seeing a shadow.
We were about leave when the REM pod lit up and made a loud noise. This happened 3-4 in’s as we asked the sprit to confirm that they were setting it off and it wasn’t a member of the group.
We were able to record the last one, we then stuck to our word and left that part of the room to rejoin the other  group as it was the end of the night.

Cleveland ironstone mine museum:

Geds group Rob, Paul, Cam ,
Equipment used ITC device (spirit talker) cat ball , divining rods, K2,.
The group firstly went along to the outside of the building to the Tally hut which is positioned directly next to the main mine entrance to which we had no access but had the door open incase we could hear anything.
We started by turning on the itc decice,and placing the K2 in the middle
Of the floor. We asked out Rob Cam& Paul all getting involved We sat and discussed what had happened during the evening trying to prompt spirit to interact with us but to no avail, after 15 mins Kathryns group called and we moved on as we only had an hr left to cover 3 location’s with the groups.

Mine shaft area display:
We used all the equipment left by the other groups as agreed and started asking out. We asked for the spirit who’d engaged with us earlier to step forward and activity was witnessed on the K2 and Wendy replying to our questions we decided to go behind the mime display which concealed the mine shaft which when looking over was. LONG WAY DOWN !! Rob stated he’d never seen a K2 device activate so much for so long and directly to question’s it was established we were again talking to the spirit of the man all groups had engaged with earlier.

Museum room :
Equipment used: K2
In entering the museum Alans group where receiving some
good activity on the crystal board so we
Left them there and concentrated on the old wooden ambulance . We asked for the spirit who we’d spoken to earlier to step forward and again the K2 that had been placed onto the stretcher inside the ambulance .Alan had placed a K 2 also onto the wooden wheel aprox 2ft away from
Ours. We asked the spirit to confirm it was him and the K2 activity started and continued with high readings as we spoke to spirit until
It was time to go , we thanked spirit for all there engagement and told them how
Much we’d enjoyed the night with them Saying good bye
Overall an amazing night with brilliant engagement with various spirits we hope to visit again and speak to the interesting spirits who gave us their time and attention

Thank you to everyone for joining us and making the night such a good one. We look forward to seeing you in the future