Little Theatre Gateshead- Saturday 4th June 2022

The Little Theatre – Gateshead (Chris, Cam and all guests)
We started the night as an entire group with a white light protection, which was carried out with all guests in a circle, holding hands on the stage.
We followed this with some calling out to ‘spirits’ of the building. The responses weren’t immediate but after a short while we started to hear a ‘shuffling’ from the left side of the room (when sat facing the stage). There were also taps and a few loud bangs coming from the stage area, all guests were sat on the stage so no-one walking around.
We continued to acknowledge the sounds we could hear by asking if the ‘spirit’ was an usher, and if he would like to come and check our tickets. We heard the shuffling come closer towards the front of the room and a few guests saw what appeared to be a change in the darkness on that side of the room. Cam placed a K2 device on the floor and immediately we started getting responses. To rule out no electrical interference, Cam carried out a sweep with the K2 of that entire area and it didn’t illuminate once. Cam placed it back on the floor and again it because responsive, however this time, it was illuminating as we were speaking. We’ve never seen this before.
One of the guests picked up on a female spirit and also a ‘red ruby necklace’. We tried to go with this and did receive some responses
The responses continued and we had the name ‘Henry’ come to us. We went with this and linked it to the usher who we were still communicating with.
Cam went to the entrance of the room and made sure the heavy curtains were closed across the doors, on both sides of the room as we were seeing ‘light anomalies’
We asked if ‘spirit’ wanted us to go to the area beneath the stage, immediately we heard 2 bangs and a ‘moan’ which was then followed by a horrible shriek/scream which was breathy. The curtains were slightly open again.
We went below to the area under the stage but didn’t get much activity at all. We heard a few taps and what sounded like light footsteps above us but no direct responses from our questioning.  
Almost 2 hours had passed by this point so we decided to break and then split into groups as we had many other places to investigate.
Large Room near the Studio - (Cam’s Group)
Cam took her group to the ‘new’ room which has never been investigated. This is a large, spacious room. The guests decided to take with them ‘Wendy’ our haunted doll, a proximity bear and a music box.
Everyone sat spaced out on chairs around the edge of the room. Cam sat on the floor in the middle.
One of the guests had brought with them an ‘Echovox’. We carried out a call out session with this but didn’t get much. We did ask how many people could spirit see in the room, and the number 10 came through. There was indeed, 10 of us. We didn’t get anything else from the Echovox.
The music box was on the floor infront of one of the doors to the room. We could hear noises from outside the room so we kept asking for them to join us in the room. The music box didn’t play its tune.
The proximity bear was placed on a chair but never went off. Wendy our haunted doll did light up a few times but it was very slight.
We also had a Ouija board with us but as the energy felt low, we didn’t use it in that room.
Dressing Room – (Cam’s Group)
We moved on and went into one of the dressing rooms with large mirrors, to try ‘mirror scrying’.
Our 1st guest to try this, his face started to change and we could see the shape of his face change and also facial hair ‘appeared’. We went with this and started asking questions. This gentleman was a strong presence and also grumpy. Cam suggested we try using the portal app to help with the responses. We got a few responses and established that this gentleman played the lead role in the performances.
Another guest tried but this time a different ‘spirit’ came through. We all saw facial hair appear in the reflection which looked like a ‘goaty’. Kathryn, our team member who was a guest for the night, could see a male with ‘pock marked’ skin. Our guest didn’t have a ‘goaty’ or ‘pock’ marked skin. All of a sudden as we were asking questions, the proximity bear, which had been placed on a high up shelf, away from everyone started to illuminate. This went on for about 5 minutes in response to questions around whether they were linked to the theatre. We tried asking the name of their last performance, when using the portal app, but not knowing any names of shows, it was difficult. We did however establish that the spirit with the ‘pock’ marked face was a soldier so we asked how much a ticket was to a performance. Immediately through the portal app we got the response ‘8 and 3’. Kathyrn’s dad told us that would be 8 shillings and 3pence which would be roughly 42p in today’s money.
We decided to move on as the energy had moved on and we didn’t receive any other responses.
Meeting Room – (Cam’s Group)
We moved to the room with all of the high back armchairs and tried a Ouija board sessions but we didn’t get anything at all so Cam closed it down. One of the guests had their own SLS app and a figure had appeared on the chair opposite her. We called out, working with another guests ‘Echovox’. The name ‘Burt’ came through the device so we tried to work with that. We asked many questions but didn’t get much more in the way of activity/responses.
Quick break with the other group before we all went back to the stage area where we started the night.
Stage Area - Everyone
A few guests asked to try the Ouija board on the stage so Cam opened the board. There was very little movement in response to questions for those on the board and also those guests sat around in the seats. The planchette did move from the letter ‘H’ to the letter ‘T’. Was this Henry, the usher? We didn’t get anything more so Cam closed the board down and everyone joined us on the stage.
We all stood in a circle, holding hands, with a K2 device on the table in the middle of the circle. We asked spirit to use all of our energy for one last push. We did get a little bit of K2 activity but again, not enough to build on.
We closed the night down and thanked spirits for their communication.
It was a quiet night but it went so quickly. Interested to see what happens when we visit again.