Mainsforth Miners Hall - Friday 17th February 2023

 Mainsforth Miners Hall Ferryhill. 

CHRIS LONE LIVE || Mainsforth Miners Hall || Boxing club

Equipment used
Radio Transmitter
"Ghost busters" REM pod
Cat Balls
Portal Spirit Box

Once the live began and Chris was settled inside the gym and after nearly knocking himself out on one of the punch bags, everyone began to join in and immediately a shadow figure was picked up by 2 viewers. A name of Frank was mentioned and definite taps were answered on demand by Chris.
Chris then felt a tickling sensation on his head which shook him a little but carried on for the viewers. Frank was answering questions and began to get to know that he was a soldier. Dragging across the floor was heard by all once a soldier was mentioned. With no interaction on either REM pod or cat Balls, but the temperature had dropped on the thermometer which Chris had mentioned also whilst doing his live feed.
Chris used the scrying methods on the huge mirrors across the gym but nothing was spotted by viewers.

The portal app was introduced and immediately got repsonses. Chris's name was mentioned a few times along with the words "in service" which was linking to a soldier.
Chris also got a response of 53 when he asked how old the gentleman was but also response from Frank, asking Chris how old he was.

Whispering and dragging was kept being heard by viewers which Chris couldn't hear to his ears but definite movement of one of the punch balls made Chris a little uneasy.
Chris then lost alot of his energy which viewers then attributed this to Frank using his energy to help Chris communicate with him.

All in all, not to much in terms of visual evidence was captured. No light anomalies, movement of things or the equipment activated but definite unexplained things occured during Chris's live. Well done again Chris for bringing his live feed to the page and getting all our eager viewers involved.

Chris & Stephen’s group.

Bar room


We started our investigation trying automatic hand writing whilst also using Rem Bear & K2. We got no response using this, but we had the Rem bear go off a couple of times when calling out to spirit.

Main Hall

Cat ball, K2, Rem bear, Table , Tibetan Vibration Bowl, voice recorder.

Chris started by using the Tibetan vibration bowl to build up the energy, whilst Stephen asked spirit to join us. We set up on the table calling out to spirit using the voice recorder, we had a few responses to questions asked. with 4 guests using the table, We called out for a few minutes asking if spirit could move the table. The table started to move slowly so we asked spirit if they were connected with a brass band, Chris put some music on his phone and the table started to move a little faster, Stephen asked spirit if they could go faster and in a circle. The guests fingers were barely touching the table and I have never witnessed the table move so fast, it was going in all directions and the guests couldn’t keep up with it as it was moving so quickly. We gained control again of the table and asked if this was a lady who liked to dance, once again the energy in the table was unreal, moving so quickly, so Stephen asked if she could use the table to chase him around the dance floor, to which she did. The guests were amazed by what was happening. Unfortunately we had to leave the main room as we needed to switch with Claire and Michael’s group. We again thanked spirit for communicating with us.


Spirit board, k2, portal box.

We called out to spirit to come and join us , whilst Chris opened up the spirit board. Chris then took a few guests with him down to the basement as the time was passing quickly. We got some personal messages for our guest Chantelle from her Grandma, which made her quite emotional. Once we had finished, we joined Chris and his guests in the basement. This was very quiet with no activity. Time was up so we joined the rest of the group up in the meeting room. We all talked about how the evening went and thanked the guests for their positive attitude and energy. The table moving was unreal and is something that I won’t forget about for a long time. Awesome place and awesome team to work with. 

Michael’s Write Up


Team walk around.
When there was just the team in the building Steven and Michael felt like they were on edge and that there was some one behind them all the time on entering the build Michael had some one heavy breath in his ear and put him on edge, Steve didn't like to go to the men's toilets on his own he felt very uneasy in there, we moved in to the main hall as a team Claire and Chris stay in the main hall while Steven and Michael went in to the stands ups stairs while Chris and Claire were calling out Steven and Michael saw the same shadow figure in the left hand corner of the stage in the door way, it was time to go and let the guests in to this amazing building.

we started the night with Chris given his talk about LVI and NEPI, we moved into the main hall where we done the white light protection, Chris went off to do his live and left Claire Steven and Michael with the guests in the main hall, all three team members worked together calling out to spirit for about 30 mins it was pretty quite so some guest went up in to the stalls with Michael and Steve and Claire stayed in the hall with some on the main stage, we then started to call out to spirit some guest were drawing to the door way were we had seen the shadow figure earlier on we decided to put a K2 in the door way and one guest sat on the stairs in the door way but we had no communication with spirit on the K2 , it was 11pm before we new ait so we took a break to recharge our batteries.

After break we split in to 2 groups Chris and Steven took a group and Claire and Michael took a group to the gym boxing room, equipment used rem bear ghostbuster car coffin music box and Lazer grid and sp7 spirit box and glow in the dark ball, we started to cal out to spirit and after about 5mins couple of guests noticed that the punch bags were slightly moving so we decided to start a human pendulum one guest was chosen by spirit and she stood in the middle and spirit was responding by pushing her backwards and forwards for yes and no we were communicating with a female spirit. We got a few names over on the paratex app and one guest was doing mirror scrying while this was going on and another guest was watching the Laser grid and some of the lights were going of so we asked spirit if they could walk past the light and they went of on command, we had a guest who bought a trick or treat sweet box and she won a loan vigil so Michael took two guest down the cellar for there lone vigil they took a rem bear down with them Michael explained to them what to do and started calling out to spirits to build up the energy for the 2 lady's in the cellar he then left them alone and rejoined Claire I the gym, we were communicating with a spirit called Angela on the paratex and she said she was the one who was the lady on the human pendulum.
We then moved from the gym area into base camp Claire had one group Michael went into the cellar with a few people an a Lazer grid and spirit box spent about 15 mins in the cellar bout it was quite Claire was using the yes no board with the guest we all joined back together and took a quick break.
Claire and Michaels group finished of in the main hall were we got some guests on the table and one lady was laying the piano and just wow the table started to move around the room I've never witnessed this before as a investigator and the guests were hardly touching the table so we used Claire and Michael as a yes no Claire stood in one corner and Michael in the other and spirit was certainly very strong and was answering our questions, over what a fantastic night at the mainsforth.

Or guest had caught a picture of the spirit figure Steven and Michael had seen at the start of the night in the same area.