MAINSFORTH MINERS HALL - Saturday 18th November 2023

Mainsforth Miners Hall
Clare, Alan, Ged, Michael F and Michael B

After Alan completed the welcome briefing Clare stayed downstairs to complete her lone.
The rest of the team moved upstairs to the main hall.
Ged explained what the first section of the evening would look like and Alan took the team through the white light of protection.
Once complete there was a number of guests who explained they had felt like they had been touched. There was reports of touches on hands, heads and shoulders. One guest had felt a breath on the back of the neck also.

The team split out across the room and got comfortable. We acclimatised to the room and ruled out any room noise, water on roof outside, lift shaft screeches, piping taps and started to call out.

There was a sense that spirit had joined us but was hiding in shadows around the outside of the room. Earlier in the evening Alan had got the name bill through whilst in the basement and this name was given again by one of our guests Shirley in the main hall so we started calling out to him. Another guest Rob felt that a shadow had walked directly at him. There was shadow figures seen in various spots and corners but no interaction on any of the equipment used and we were unable to confirm any definite answers to our questioning. Alan explained that Bill was wearing a helmet/hat, maybe military police, fire warden or special officer type uniform. He had seen him in the top left hand corner of the balcony however again we were unable to confirm any definite information.

We split the team down into smaller groups and spread out to the back of the stage, bar area, piano and balcony and tried some interaction.

Mains forth miners hall,

Team, Claire, Big Al, little mick, big mick, Ged.

The evening started off greeting the guests after an initial walk around by the team, Al did the LVI intro to guests and we all moved to the main hall/ theatre whilst Claire carried out her lone live .
We started with the white light protection and after taking the session Al completed his own whilst Ged, and the mick’s started asking out, the guests spread out all around the hall and we received little interaction we could definitely say was spiritual activity. After around 30 mins Jen one of the guests stated she’d been touched on the shoulder during the white light but thought nothing of it but she said she seen a child approx 4-5 yrs old stood amongst the chairs etc by the stairway leading to the balcony.
Guests broke out with some personal equipment and moved to rear stage side rooms and balcony, ,Steve men’s son stated he had the name Thomas , Dad and grandad all generated on his ITC device, Jen’s dad had been named Thomas , Steve is obviously his gson and Jen his daughter Steve continued asking Thomas questions about his Nan etc whilst Jen used dowsing rods to try and confirm answers receiving movement at times via the rods.
Rob one of the guests stated someone had squared up to him in shadow form and Shirley another guest stated the shadow had walked past her they were 10 feet apart in the main hall.

It was decided to break for a coffee after about 90 mins of asking out and receiving various indications spirit where there but staying in the shadows.
Ged and Mick B with guests on balcony,
Equipment used,REM pod, rem bear, ITC device,
We sat up in the balcony spread out in the seating leaving a rem bear by top right hand corner door where people had been drawn to whilst down stairs, the rem pod on balcony rail and Claire joined us sat on main stage.
We started asking out and received activity on the rem bear strongly, the bear activated when we asked if it was someone we’d spoken too earlier.
We asked spirit to use the rem pod but we received no contact with it, a strange smell was noted by Claire and Ged took photos from the balcony but all appeared white misty effect on them , Claire stated the smell had gone and it was detected in the balcony area more photos where taken and all appeared clear now! after asking lots of questions and receiving lots of answers via the rem bear it was decided to move to the bar area.
Bar area,
Equipment used,Voice recorder,rem bear, rem pod.
We started in the bar area Mick B at 1 point having a heart attack as the hydraulic lift would expel compressed air which had caused a lot of panic during the evening until we worked out what the noise was. We sat in the bar and made contact with a spirit named Billy and his wife Elsie they stated they had visited the place during WW1 and WW2 we deduced they had attended the dances there and Ged played some music it was at that stage the rem bear and rem pod activated, we decided all to ask 1 question and record it hoping to receive an EVP but on review at ten time no voices where heard. We had a lot of contact with Bill and Elsie until Rob stated a dark shadow had came into the room all contact was lost with Bill and Elsie.
We decided to break for a coffee.
Rear stage,
Equipment used, dowsing rods, voice recorder, rem bear,movement detector,
We moved to the rear stage after the break and placed REM pod at 1 end of rear stage a rem bear on chez longe behind stage,and movement detector at the other side. We started asking out immediately the movement detector on the left rear stage activated this was debunked by Ged as too not being him that had set it off as it was placed at a a quote angle so was impossible for him to activate it, within seconds the rem pod at the other side of the stage activated also, and the rem bear, Rob felt it was the spirit most of ten other spirits appeared to be scared of, and we received no more activity so moved to the stage side rooms( dressing rooms).
Dressing rooms,
Equipment used, REM bear , movement detector, cat ball,rem pod.
We sat in the lower of the 2 rooms no activity was detected so we decided to try and contact Billy and Elsie again in the bar.
Bar area,
Equipment used, voice recorder, rem pod, rem bear, cat ball, ITC device,
We sat around the table and 4 of the guests started a table tipping experiment, the table was quite heavy so was difficult to move for spirit but it did jolt on a number of occasion, we asked out for Bill and Elsie, their was no interaction we asked for Tommy the name we be,Ives was of the spirit all others appeared to be wiry of. The rem. ear activated when Rob said he felt like the spirit of Tommy was with us. After asking lots of questions as to who he was why he was there and what had happened to him, Tommy had been a Japanese POW and his wife / girlfriend had jilted him and he was very upset , after a lot of consoling Tommy we played him some music and spoke about how he had to move on as a lot of people had been through the same experience at 1 point during our questioning Shirley had leapt of her chair and left the room as she felt she had been pushed in the back on the chair Rob said Tommy had at 1 point been using this is when we came to the conclusion Tommy was unhappy with the women being there. Shirley eventually came back and said she was sorry to Tommy , ITC as at this stage we seemed to have a good rapport going with Tommy and we recorded all th conversation on the voice recorder checked late by Ged no voices where heard. We thanked Tommy Bill and Elsie for all their interactions and moved to the cellar area.
Equipment used, ITC device, voice recorder, cat ball, rem bear.
We sat in the cellar and started asking out we received activity on the cat ball straight away and using the ITC device spoke to a few spirits who where talking about the “good ole days” when things where really difficult and times where hard, we shared memories and the cat ball wa activating a lot to confirm what we where asking, it came to the time of night to leave the spirits of Mainsforth, and we thanked them all for all their activity and engagement, we had interaction with a few different spirits, guest interaction was awesome and energy and laughter high which just proves what started as a quiet night can change once the energy levels and interaction is applied . So until next time thanks Mainsforth ya were awesome.


With the guests split into smaller groups, Alan took two guests down into the basement to begin an investigation.

Equipment used: proximity bear, cat balls, guests paratek app, K2, EVP recorder

We placed a proximity bear on a seat in the small room and a cat ball at either end of the area. Stephen turned his EVP recorder on to record the whole session and his mother Jen useD her paratek app with both screens facing down to keep the light to a minimum. The first thing we noticed in the darkness was that the room suddenly became extremely cold. When we called out we received no initial taps or noises but then movement was sensed in the far corner. Stephen proceeded to stand in the corner and he commented that he could feel a breeze moving around him with Alan also stating he could see movement over in that area. We had asked a number of questions but when Jen asked if there was a child with us the bear lit up in the darkness, giving everybody a shock. This was preceded by a tap over next to Stephen but it was so quiet we couldn't ascertain whether it was a noise from above. Jen seem to be getting the most responses from questioning and this revolved around if the child came down here into this area. We were getting very quiet knocks but again, this may have been people walking about upstairs. The bear only went off the once with no other devices being triggered. Stephen will review his EVP recording and report any findings back.

Equipment used: OUIJA board, red light

With the board placed on the main stage, and a red light used for visibility, Alan safely open the boards and guests proceeded to use the planchette. We encourage any spirits to come forward and at first the planchette had very small jerky movements but then appeared to start moving more consistently. Spirit identified as male and said he had worked in the building. We asked him if he could spell and he said yes, so he proceeded to spell out BIL. When we asked if his name was Bill he said yes. He told us that he had been seen sitting up in the gallery seats earlier on. Spirit told us he was 85 years old when he passed but when pushed further on how he had passed the planchet became still. That seemed to end the conversation and no amount of encouragement got any further engagement. We tried another session but there was absolutely no movement from the planchette so we decided to close the board down safely and move on.

Small room back of stage
Equipment used: proximity bear, cat balls, K2, rem pod

This room was about to give one of the guests a very strange experience and was absolutely freezing cold. With all equipment set up, we started with some calling out. As a quick sidenote, Alan and another guest (Rob) had been in this room earlier in the evening and had both witnessed movement with Rob being touched on the foot and Alan on the back of the neck. Rob also witnessed a movement from the bathroom area, reflected in the mirror.

So, continuing with the investigation with Stephen and Jen, we started getting movement from the small adjoining bathroom area. All three of us were sensing something was not quite right and the atmosphere didn’t feel great. It was almost as if there was somebody in there but they were hiding somewhere in that back room. All of a sudden, the proximity bear lit up. Again, this was triggered by Jen asking if there was a child with us as one of us had sensed a young girl with blonde hair. Every time Jen asked the child to trigger the bear it would light up. All of a sudden, Jen said she felt like she was being pushed down and when she tried to stand up she got physically pushed back onto the seat, no child spirit would do this so we knew there was potentially another spirit with us. The bear went extremely quiet having been extremely active for a good two minutes on and off. Stephen suspected there was something in the bathroom and we heard what appeared to be a dragging or scraping noise and when we looked further, Stephen looked up and there was a loft space with the opening visible. Stephen heard a distinct noise up there. That was when things got even heavier and Jen slumped forward in her chair and had to be taken out of the room. This was when we stopped the investigation.

Bar area
Equipment used: cat balls, WW2 music, miners songs, table (tipping), K2

The group of four started off by sitting in silence and gauging the atmosphere in the room. We had placed a cat ball on the bar and another on the table at the other end of the room. Somebody thought they saw someone standing next to the bar, possibly a female so we decided to attempt some table tipping. Alan explained the basic method and how encouraging spirit to come forwards tends to get better results, especially when there is vibration felt through the table. We placed our fingers pad down on the table and commenced to callout. At first, nothing happened but then the cat ball that was on the bar suddenly started flashing and as soon as it stopped it immediately flashed again. We took this as a sign to push on with the table tipping and it wasn’t long before we felt the table nudge slightly. We asked numerous questions about the spirit we had with us. When we called out to see if it was Billy, the table shook and everybody cried out with excitement. We kept encouraging spirit to come forward to make the table movements more prominent and this happened, albeit without any bigger movement. Jen started feeling sick again and this had happened when she was in the room previously. She got the impression it was a man and that he either didn’t like women or didn’t like them being in the room. It got so bad that Stephen had to take Jen out of the room and this left Alan and David at the table. We decided to then try playing some World War II songs and also Bread of Heaven by the Welsh mining choir (with a K2 in the middle of the table). Two things happened instantaneously. David felt his leg get touched and Alan felt a tap on the top of his knee. With neither of us having our hands on the table, the table moved and this was heard clearly. Alan then started feeling nauseous and the atmosphere was extremely heavy so we ended our time in that room and called it a night

Mainsforth Miners Hall
Michael F’s group

Equipment used: Lantern, Cat balls, Dowsing Rods, REM bear and K2

Small room near stage
Michael F’s group
Lantern, dowsing rods, REM bear, spirit talker app (guests app)

We set the lantern in the bathroom door way and the REM bear at the other side of the room and started to call out.
Michael asked if there were any sprits in the area that would like to communicate with us if they could come forward and change the lanterns light from red to green and after a few minutes this happened.
The guests were keen to use the dowsing rods to interact with sprit so we asked if spirit would like to interact this way, to confirm this with a touch on any part of the bear. After a positive response we set away this experiment.

We were joined by 5 spirits a family that had used this space during a war. The family were buried on the land and when the group were questioning around this spirit talker app confirmed burial up the road. (Bit of investigation today and there is a graveyard a little way off the hall)
Sprit was crossing the rods for yes and moving back to centre however was unable to push the rods further out for a ‘no’ answer so had chosen to light the bear for ‘no’
Sprit confirmed that the building had a dominant spirit who was stopping other spirits to communicate in fear of a secret being shared. The reason that this sprint hadn’t stopped this interaction was because it was distracted by other members of the teams gift.

The lantern changed back from green to red and the interaction stopped so we moved on.

Balcony area
REM bear
Michael’s Group

Clare joined the group and we settled in the seats of the balcony overlooking the main hall.
We started to call out and we heard some faint taps and spotted some movement towards the back of the stage. Michael commented on the acoustics of the room and decided to start singing (sorry to the rest of the group) when he did this the piano played a single note.
He tried again however we could not get the same interaction from spirit.

Michael’s group
K2, lantern

It was around 12.45pm when we decided to move onto our next area. When deciding which way to go the group heard a loud scream coming from the area near the basement so once we picked Clare up from the heap she was in on the floor, we decided to move that way.
We started calling out and we’re joined by spirit. We knew this as the lantern changed from red to green again.
Spirit started to respond to our questions and we had been joined by Denise. She worked in the bar. Denise had been sexually attacked in the building while closing up. Her story had never been shared and the attacker got away with this. This we believed was the dominant spirit we had been warned about earlier that evening. Denise had held this secret in fear of being looked down on by the community and was then tied to the building because of this trauma.
Denise’s energy shifted as the light changed from green to red again and the group explained changes they felt Michael and Alison felt rage and Clare felt like she had a heaviness on her chest. We had been joined by Rodger. He was the spirit that had attack Denise. He was a Gary spirit who felt no remorse for what he did. We continued to try and understand more around the situation but struggled with responses until Emma felt that she had been grabbed from behind.
We all felt that this was not a spirit that we wanted to continue communicating with so left the basement and asked spirit to remain there.

Large room, ground floor
REM bear, cat ball, K2

We settled in the room quickly as time was starting to run out on our investigation but we were quickly joined by the spirit of a girl. The spirit was only six years old. She use to come to the building to watch shows with her parents and this was a place of happiness for her. Spirit would interact using the k2 for yes and the bear for no however when requested spirit would use the cat ball on response. We tried to encourage the spirit to move the balls for us however this didn’t happen.
Sprit did however on request interact with the door to the room and we could see shadows underneath the door frame. Whilst filming Clare was also able to catch the door opening and we believe this was also the little girl.
The whole group witnessed a shadow figure pass us in the middle of the room and the energy of the girl seemed to leave and the activity stopped.

We decided to end our night here. Interesting little venue and there seemed to be a recurring theme of control by a strong spirit.

Mainsforth miners Hall.
Ged and Michael B group.
Equipment used.
Touch sensitive bear, rem music box, rem pod.
Up stairs seating area over looking the main hall.
And clare was sat on the main stage.
We started calling out to spirits of the building to come and join us up in the seating area and asking spirits if they could make then self's present to us by touching a peaces of equipment,
We were talking amongst our self's and one guest noticed the the touch bear was going of on its left arm, we asked spirit to step away from the bear so we could find who they were, they seemed to enjoy the bear and were taken no notice of us so we asked the spirit if they could use there energy and go towards the red light and set them rem pod of and the arm on the bear started flashing so Ged asked Michael B to put the rem pod in front of the bear so it was closer to spirit. Then we asked spirit if the could set the rem of instead of the teady bear this spirit seemed to just do what it wanted and wasn't taken any notice of us so we decided to move into the bar area.
We sat guest around a table to try and get some table tipping going equipment used touch bear and rem pod, rem pod was placed in front of the double doors and bear was placed on a table at the other end we starred hearing noises comeing from the bar area and the bear started to light up and the guest sat around the table could feel the table moving, we were camucating with a Tommy who was a solider and he was about 25yrs old he was missing his wide as he was heart broken and that's why was still there he made his presence knowing to one of the female guests by touching her on the back she had to leave the room ged started playingb1940s music and the k2 started to spiked and one guest got then ellsy and she was one of the lady's who worked behind the bar serving the solders and she was realy enjoying the music what was playing we camunicated with ellsy and Bill for a couple of hours and they seemed to be willing to tell us there story's.
Equipment spirt talker app and a cat ball.
We were into the last 30 mins of the night so we talked amongst our self's about past times and the miners strikes when we were talking to each other the cat ball went of as if spirit was enjoying our company and trying to join in our conversation we didn't feel threatened by the spirit one big in the basements it had a nice feeling down there time come to end the investigation for the night and we thanked the spirit for the communication and we would be back to see them again another night