Majestic Theatre Lockdown - Friday 25th February 2022


Once we had completed our introductions and the guests were settled, we all headed to the auditorium (main theatre and stage) where the group took part in a white light protection session.


The auditorium is a huge space with a large stage where performances would take place. Guests spread themselves out with some taking a seat in the audience area and some spread out across the stage. On calling out, initially there was very little response. Guests then started hearing small taps and bangs from various parts of the room. They experienced a lot more activity in both upper corners of the seating area with the doors on the right hand side being rattled from time to time. One guest noticed that there was something on the CCTV screen that was on one of the steps leading up to the top of the theatre. This could only be debunked by looking at CCTV footage which was unavailable. One of our guests had a very strange and frightening experience where she heard a male voice whispering frantically in her ear. When asked what the spirit said she explained that she could not make out any words but it sounded like they were frantically trying to tell her something. How strange is that? A Ouija board session was tried later in the evening and although the planchette was trying to move slowly there was nothing coming through.


The stairwells have previously been the source of much activity although on this night there was very little to report. After guests called out, there were a few knocks in response to questions and initially the EMF meter was triggered but then this went rather flat. Other groups reported that there was no activity apparent.

Dressing Room:

The dressing room turned out to be a fantastic source of activity. The first group that went in took a rem bear and an EMF meter and got some brilliant activity. On entering the room one of the guests put a prop hat on his head and straight away a short metal bar appeared to be thrown at him. The guests then spread out and started asking various questions. One guest asked spirit if they liked people sitting in the dressing room chair and immediately both devices lit up. Some guests sensed a possible child spirit so the groups sang Ring ‘o’ Roses and the devices lit up, which was absolutely brilliant. A couple of guests used the scrying mirror and two guests said their faces looked really old. In one group, a guest stated that they could see a moustache on their face and this shocked another guest as they had seen exactly the same. One group tried a seance /table tipping but got no response.

Room above Theatre:

Wow, this room is pitch black!. A lot of different things experienced in this room which was purely auditory as none of the devices were triggered. But the most amazing thing happened! As we were calling out and receiving the odd tap and bang, one of the guests (Sarah) was recording audio. The group that was in the room at the time all clearly heard a possible female voice say ‘hello’. This shocked everybody and had the group trying to get more responses from spirit. On reviewing the recording from our guest Sarah, you can clearly hear a voice say hello. The amazing thing was that before this response you can hear three quick taps and a different ‘hello’ is heard. WOW! None of the group heard the first voice! In one of the groups, a guest said they could smell an odour of sulphur. One of the most fascinating things that happened was one guest experienced being touched on the arm and the head and another guest had her ear flicked. A guest then had her hair pulled! This did not appear to be malicious but more of a way of letting us know that spirit was with us.


The kitchen area is another part of the building that has given some activity for previous groups. One group that was taken into the kitchen to do a callout experienced something that can only be described as strange. After calling out and getting little response apart from the odd tap, guests said that they felt uneasy and that there was a bit of an atmosphere in the room. One guest then suddenly stated that a threatening male voice had just told her to ‘f**k off’. It was decided that we would leave the area as this was a message nobody wants to hear.

Soft play/Café:

Calling out and using many of the devices including our k2 Wendy doll proved to be ineffective (although Wendy did flash some initial responses) so one group performed a Ouija board session. This was after the group had noticed that the door to the Kitchen had been pushed open! (It had been closed up to this point). Four Group members got in touch with the spirit of a dancer called Charlotte. She had danced in the theatre previously and had a child called Bron who was seven years old when she died. The group asked multiple questions and spirit gave a very unsettling answer stating that her daughter Bron had been hung for a crime. She said there was a spirit called George who mainly stayed in the kitchen and could see and hear us but didn’t want us to be there. Charlotte said that she was scared of George and that he was an unpleasant character. Charlotte told the group that it was her who had touched the guests in the room above the theatre. This was nice to know as it confirmed our original thought that there was no malicious intent. Every time guests asked questions about George the planchette seem to stop as if Charlotte did not want to answer questions about him. At one point, a guest played a tune on her phone from the Swan Lake ballet and the planchette was dancing around the board which was absolutely fantastic. Charlotte said she was happy that the song was being played as she had danced ballet!!

All in all, a fantastic night was had by guests at the Majestic theatre and we can’t wait to go back!! Although when we finally bedded down for the night, the constant noise of chairs being moved on the stage next door kept some guests awake!!!

Thank you to everyone for joining us and giving such good energy throughout the night. We look forward to seeing you all again soon