Majestic Theatre Lockdown - Saturday 25th June 2022

Majestic theatre sleepover GOTEAM MAJESTIC

The night began with Chris giving the welcome talk to the guests. We then headed into the theatre area and gave the white light protection to those who wanted to take part.
  We then began to call out to the spirits of the theatre, by asking the to come forward and communicate with us. We heard a few taps and a couple of the guests saw shadow figures by the stage curtains and at the top of the stairs in the seating area.
  A few of the guests ventured up to a room at the top of the building with Paul. When most of the guest left the room to go back into the theatre Rebecca stayed behind with one guest. As he had a voice recorder we called asking if there were any spirits with us, and when we listened back to the recording we heard the name " Issac" , again we called out asking if what we heard was right that his name was Issac, and when we listened back we heard "yes" after the question.
  After calling out again the getting no response we decided to go back to the theatre, where we were told by the guest that they had been communicating with a spirit called "Harry".
    We then went back to the bar area for a break and to split into groups.

  After the break Paul and Rebecca head down to the basement with there group and Chris headed back into the theatre with his group.
  Once we were in the basement we called out to the spirits but didn't get much activity, Rebecca asked Paul if he was picking anything up and he said that there was someone one the stairs watching up but didn't want to come forward. A guest did say that she felt that she had been touched on her back, but then she it might of been the paint that was flaking of the wall, then another guest said that she had just been touched so Rebecca called out thanking the spirit and asking if they could do it again but nothing happened.
  We then made the decision to move up to the soft play area to see if we would have any luck there.
    Paul opened the Ouija board and then the guest began to call out. While the Ouija board was going on Rebecca took a couple of guests into the Kitchen area to see if we could get any activity in there. After a while the group that was with Paul joined the rest of us in the kitchen and we continued to called out. We did heard a few noises but we put that down to the pub over the road that was still open.
  Rebecca radioed Chris to let him know that we were heading back upstairs for a short break.
  After the break Rebecca and Paul's group head into the theatre area where a séance table had been set up. Once we were all sat around the table we called out to the spirit of "Harry" asking him to come forward, we asked that if he was with us if he could blow out one of the candles that was on the table and after a few minutes one of the candles did dim but didn't quite go out, so we thanked the spirit for what they could do.
  We carried on calling put to the spirits and got a few little taps. Rebecca asked Paul if he was picking anything up and he did say that there was a female spirit at the top of the stairs and another spirit behind the stage curtains that was watching us. Rebecca had has said that she got the feeling that we were being watched and that the spirits were waiting for us to go to sleep before they became active.
While we were sat around the table some a few of the guests felt the temperature go down a little and also felt a cool breeze. Another guest said that she kept seeing a shadow at the top of the stairs so she put the Boo Bear on a seat near where she saw the shadow.
  After calling out for a little longer Rebecca decided to take a few of the guest down to the dressing room where some of the guests tried a bit of scrying.
  Rebecca and the few guests headed back up to the theatre, and as it was almost 2am Rebecca and Paul said that the guest could either go back to the bar area and set up there beds for the night or they could do there own investigations.
  The spirits of Majestic Theatre may not of wanted to show themselves this evening, but it was still a very good night. The guest were amazing and very keen to join in, I hope that they all had a good night and look forward to seeing them on future investigations