MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS HOUSE- Saturday 20th August 2022

Mary Queen of Scots House - Jedburgh

What an interesting night! Before welcoming the guests, team members Kathryn, Katie & Alan had a walk around the building and did some calling out with some taps building up in the main room. An encouraging start before the guests arrived!

We kicked off by welcoming our guests and Alan giving the opening talk, and then moving upstairs where Katie delivered the white light protection.

Banqueting Hall

As a full group the guests were stood in a circle with Kathryn and Katie more towards the middle. A series of taps were heard and a number of guests could see a shadow figure peeking around the doorway watching what we were doing.

After a few minutes Kathryn could feel a cold sensation move past her which then knocked into Katie’s right arm moving her out of the way - as if it were surging forward to get amongst the group. The feeling in the room at this point was thick and charged with energy.

Alan moved into the centre at this time to continue calling out, with one of our guests, Kirsty, receiving messages and explaining that she could feel an older female presence. The image was that she looked to be from the 1800s period.

There was a shadow presence in front of Alan during this, which guests could see and Emma joined him in the middle as there was also the male ‘watcher’ presence amongst us and he appeared to affect women more so than men.

Kirsty felt that there was a male presence who had lost his life after an altercation had escalated with a group which led to his death - the name Gregory was standing out.

A few of us were being affected by feelings of being too hot, cold draughts around either the legs or neck and some with nausea. The atmosphere was palpable with almost everyone calling out that they felt affected in some way.

At this point we knew it was time for a human pendulum to use the energy that had built up. Kirsty was allocated conduit and took up her position in the middle - forward movement for no and backwards for yes.

A series of questions led us to information that confirmed we were talking to Gregory and he had been killed by a group after a heated conversation turned to violence over titles. He felt his step siblings had no rights to receive titles as part of his family because they were not blood kin. The time period given was the 1600s and he was a young man, but not a child.

He confirmed that he wasn’t the spirit that had forged through the group earlier, and that the force wasn’t a friendly one, and that it wasn’t connected to his death.

We took a break to recharge after this experience and then split into two groups and two of our guests opting to complete a lone vigil in the bedroom.

Katie took the lone vigil guests upstairs and settled them in, while Kathryn led a group to the side room off off the main room and Alan keeping a group in the main room and Katie rejoining from the bedroom.

Alan & Katie’s group:

Main Hall - seance

This was an fascinating session. A series of vibrating knocks came from the table to answer questions. Quickly, we understood we had a female child spirit who was aged four. She was playful with the rempod bear and was delighted to have us sing songs to her; Ring Around the Roses, London Bridge and Oranges and Lemons.

As the seance progressed Kirsty and Alan both received the name ‘Sarah’ but also ‘Jane’ with the feeling that this was her full name. She confirmed that she missed her parents and wasn’t with them, but it transpired that she didn’t live with them and had been alone in life apart from her family, even though she also had siblings.

Sarah had been born in London and was a true Londoner as she had been born in the sight of the Bow Bells, no wonder she was delighted when we sang London Bridge!

As this session progressed there was a shift in energy and both Katie and Alan felt this. Alan asked for confirmation by asking a series of questions in his mind’s eye where spirit confirmed that we no longer had Sarah with us, and we closed off the seance session opting for some Crystal work.

This was an interesting session with Alan giving a quick demonstration before handing the crystal to a guest. The guest got an immediate response and ascertained that it was the spirit of his father. After asking some specific questions, the guest was happy and comfortable with the outcome as it appeared to give answers only the guest knew.

Rogues Gallery

After another quick break we moved the group upstairs taking the crystal board, rempod bear and trigger rempod. We sat in the room adjacent to the banqueting hall and moved Dave to sit alone in the hall, where he was receiving messages at the same time we had information come through on the board - all confirming what was coming through. At one stage, both Dave and Alan heard a low and raspy breath from within the hall.

We were talking to a spirit named William, who was a very angry man and swore at us, clearly not wanting us there asking questions. It came about that he had a son and was angry with him. Katie asked out if it was because his son wasn’t ‘manly’ enough to his mind and that she had a feeling it may have been linked with his sexuality - at this point Kirsty confirmed that he was shouting ‘wimp’ and seemed to make it clear where the source of his anger came from. William said he enjoyed intimidating people and he did it just because he could. He didn’t particularly like women and especially those with brown hair. Our brave guest, Georgia, had brown hair and agreed to sit in the middle of the banqueting hall alone, with Dave still sat at the back.

We continued asking questions through the Crystal - and the messages continued to come to both Dave and Georgia.

Alan asked William if he wanted us to leave him by requesting he touch Georgia on her left arm in his mind’s eye. Georgia felt a cold presence on her left side which did travel up to her left arm so we knew at that point William was hearing Alan without words.

Kathryn’s group:

Rogues Gallery

The group set up some equipment around the small room as the guests spread out. We used a touch sensitive bear in the window sill, Wendy (doll) in the fire place and a cat toy ball on the floor.

We began to call out to the sprits of the room, and straight away received responses on the bear to our calling out. We were able to establish that we were talking to a man, who was either called James or John, who’s picture was painted on the wall of the gallery.
Guests began to read out the names on the wall and were able to work out it was a man called James rather than John, but which James we could not establish.

The energy of the gentleman went between the bear and Wendy in responding to questions, he seemed to enjoy switching between the two items but was unable to move the cat ball.
We got out a Ouija board to try and encourage some more information from the gentleman but it seemed to have an opposite affect and the energy went from the room.

We then took another quick break before heading upstairs to the room where we began the night.

Main Hall
We set up the bear and Wendy in different parts of the room, and one of the guests in our group picked up on the energy of three children, 2 boys and a girl, around the age of 10 years old (subsequently, this tied in with the info gained from the other group).
We started to get activity on the bear and Wendy, and there was a lighter feeling of energy in the air, unlike earlier when we all started out the evening.

We took another quick break as we were coming to the end of the evening, and for the last hour of the night we all sat around the table to drum up the energy again.

One of the guests had a spirit box app on their phone so we used that to try and get some information but the first thing that came out was “go f**k yourselves” (again, this tied in with the other groups findings).
After that we got the odd yes and no response to questions but nothing conclusive.
The whole team came back together to end the night.

A thoroughly active and fascinating evening with great energy from our guests who really got involved and charged the spirits with their involvement.

Mary Queen of Scots House… we will be back!!!