Middlesbrough Town Hall - Friday 12th May 2023


Equipment used -- REM pod, Cat Balls, Radio Transmitter, Key trigger object

So Chris began his live feed and before heading to the cells and conducting his investigation, he took the viewers up into the magistrates courtroom and heard a "MMMMM". With not much happening in the courtroom he immediately noticed that the signal was dropping so got himself settled inside the first cell back in the underground cell area. Immediately the REM pod activated when Chris asked about anyone being with him in the area. Chris decided to shut the cell door on himself and when he settled on the bed inside the cell, he noticed a shadow move across the peep hole in the door from right to left. Viewers then starting picking up on some names with Jon, Harry & Malcolm with him being a Jailor. Immediately with names being picked up a groan was heard by Chris & the viewers on the live feed. The Jailor was definitely making his presence felt and Chris thought there was movement inside the cell and also outside the cell. Setting up the camera static whilst Chris took himself into the main area, the feeling of the Jailor potentially being quite small and using his uniform as an excuse of being in an authoritative position to abuse younger males.
As Chris then entered back into the cell, the REM pod activated as the presence of the Jailor followed Chris back into the cell. A few numbers were being picked up by viewers but nothing concrete was giving us validation. A name of Jackson was then also being picked up by a viewer on the live feed. Chris went back out into the main area and the radio transmitter was introduced. One viewer picked up on potentially the words "GET OUT" but Chris didn't hear this to validate. Viewers also were hearing heavy boots walking on the floor which Chris thought he heard but couldn't be 100% conclusive of this.
Chris then placed himself in the doorway to the cell with his back facing outwards and got an overwhelming feeling of emotion and wanted to burst into tears. This lasted only for about 30 seconds then disappeared. Again nothing conclusive had been witnessed but viewers thought he was lurking in the shadows. Chris then felt he had his shirt being tugged a little whilst stood in the doorway from behind.
Settling back on the bed in the cell, Chris asked the question if the Jailor had respect for him and 1 tap for "YES" was heard followed by yet again the REM pod being activated but this time Chris wasn't sure if he had maybe set it off. He did try debunk this but then realized he wasn't close enough to set this off. As the live came to an end, one viewer thought he heard a "THUD" or "COUGH" but Chris hadn't heard this.
All in all a very conclusive live with some compelling evidence captured. Thank you all the viewers helping Chris with their eyes and ears and home.

Michael, Kathryn and Ged

Main auditorium
REM bear, K2 and Cat balls

Kathryn and Michael took the guests that have been on 5 or more events with us straight through to the auditorium where Kathryn perform the white light of protection. This is something we offer to anyone who has attended 5 or more events with us and know and understand the welcome talk. 

We placed a rem bear in the middle of the floor and two cat balls in the walk way. we all stood on the stage and started to call out.
Kathryn spotted a figure on the top balcony sat in the second row. The figure looked like he was a black and white picture but was sparkling at the same time. He was seen by other members of the group also for around 5 mins. He was dressed in 1930’s dress, dark slicked back hair and a moustaches.
We started to call out to him and asked him to come join us near the stage. When calling out the cat ball went off in the middle walk way followed by the REM bear down the centre aslie towards the stage as if he walking to us.

We were joined by the rest of the group after they had taken part in their welcome talk, and Kathryn took the regulars to the changing rooms.

Ged completed the white light of protection with the remaining guests and again we started calling out. The cat balls around the room responded to our questions and guests from the new group also seen the apparition on the top balcony.

Dressing room
K2 and spirit talker app

There was no activity on the K2 however the words on the app suggested there was a priest in the building that was not a fan of what we were doing. He explained there was bad spirits in the building and we couldn’t trust them.

Michael, Ged and Kathryn
Main auditorium
K2, REM bear, cat balls, human pendulum, spirit talker app and Dowsing Rods

We formed an energy circle and two guests stood at the front of the stage with the Dowsing Rods.
We started to call out and instantly got responses through the rods.
Using the spirit talker app, the rods and also the energy built from the circle the group got the name Alastair along with the name Gwen and Jim. Alastair was a prison guard who was married to Gwen. Jim was Gwens brother.
Alistair was shot and injured in the leg during a war and Jim had been held as a prisoner in the cells below.

We split up the group and some starred downstairs and the rest went on to each balcony. The energy seemed to fade so we decided this would be a good point for a break.

Michael and Kathryn’s group
Cat balls, lantern, trigger object (old key) K2 and Ouija board

We placed smaller groups into cells and locked them in. Michael and Kathryn started to walk up and down calling out and asking spirit to join the guests in the cells.

While walking past a door Kathryn felt a tog on her arm, a few moments later both Kathryn and Michael seen an arm come out of a hatch as if it was grabbing for something.
When we checked the cell the guest were stood against the back wall and said they hadnt moved.

There was cell that all guests had avoided, so we put the lantern in the doorway. The lanturn turned red.

Michael set up the ouija board in the main corridor and a group started to use this.
The group made contact with a boy called Chaz, who was 7 years old. Chaz was unable to spell so we stuck with closed questions. Chaz explained that he liked to explore the building and visited the attic a lot.
Chaz explained that he wasn’t alone in the cells.

The group decided to come off the board so another.

The same little boy came back through. He told us his real name was Charlie but he liked to be called Chaz. He explained he went to the attic to visit a lady called Emily. He wasn’t with his family but was happy enough to be in the building. Chaz explained that he died in 1835 and he turned the lantern from red to green with his energy. Chaz also lit the K2 meter on request.

Michael and Kathryn
The Crypt
Table tipping, ouija board and cat balls

We set two experiments up at each side of the crypt. Table tipping and ouija board. There was no activity on the board however the table tipping was active and tipped table towards Kathryn upon request

Michael and Kathryn
Top dressing room
Ouija board, spirit talker app, dowsing rods

Half group on the board and half using the rods.
Spirit of a man called Peter who was not a nice man made contact. He admitted he killed somebody quickly into the conversation. He had been having an affair with married woman and fathered two children. Charles and Evelyn. He would not give his liver or her husbands name.
Him and his lover were planning on running away with each other. Her husband found out and beat her up, because of this Peter killed him.
He was kept in the cells below the town hall and was hung for his crime in 1853
Peter started to use offensive language to the group so we closed down the board.
Throughout this session all questions we asked Yes/No the dowsing rods gave the same answer.

We tried some scrying in a larger mirror but got no responses.

For the last 30 mins we rejoined the other group in the cells however there was no further activity.

Middlesbrough town hall :

Chris and Ged with their group :
Dressing rooms/ old chief constables accommodation:
The group moved to the far side of the town hall away from the other group to help with noise contamination, we started in the first floor on the side away from all noise from outside to provide a better environment. Each room had a fire place in and at the time we were unaware that this had actually been a family accommodation as it’s now used as changing rooms for acts appearing at the town hall.
Equipment used, REM bear ITC device,cat ball,K2.
We started off by the guests sitting round a table creating an energy circle and started asking out, the K2 activated a couple of times and taps were heard but nothing we could 100% say was due to what we were asking . We then moved up to the top floor on the same Sid to avoid contamination again, using same technics we asked out and received the name Thomas, again various taps sensations were felt but again everyone felt nothing we could set in stone to what we ere asking . Chris decided to try an experiment with 3 guests and left to place a guest in the seating on each level of the main concert theatre . Whilst Chris and the guests where away the remaining guests asked out, they received Thomas again , scratch, and asked for spirit to interact with the guests who were in the seating . After a short while we all met but up on the stairway between levels and 1 of the guests who’d been in the seating area with Chris had received a scratch to the back off his neck ( this guest was a skeptic) Chris had taken a photo and showed all the guests , the guest who’d received the mark was quite shaken so we decided to move to the crypt theatre section.

Crypt theatre section:
Equipment used, K2 , cat ball, rem bear,

We entered the crypt and sat in different areas , guests asked out and tried different approaches to get spirit to engage after 10-15 mins the guests decided to take a break as ten guest who’d been scratched was feeling very uneasy.

Main court room .
Equipment used , REM bear,cat ball, luminous balls,ITC,
The guests entered the main courtroom and it was decided to try and build energy they would create and energy circle, guests stated they could see a shadow and movement towards the main viewing balcony and towards the back stairs of the courtroom. Various techniques were used to create engagement and names received from ITC.. again Thomas, Genevieve, we asked if anyone was present who’d been sentenced and held in the cells beneath us we received noises , Chris heard what he described as a female moan also heard by a guest. Receiving nothing concrete everyone decided to go into the holding cell area.

Holding cells:
Equipment used K2 laser grid, ITC, REM bear , cat balls.
The guests decided to all pick a cell to stay in and carried out there own investigations, Ged remained in the corridor area with 3 guests , no activity was received by the K2 although a large metal on metal bang was heard we tried to workout what it actually had been but couldn’t reproduce the sound at all, Lynn 1 of the guests sat in a corridor which it behind the gated area separating the main cells from receiving corridor those being detained should have travelled down and asked out, Lynn stated she’d seen a shadow towards the bottom of the corridor and changed places with a guest who’d came out of a cell as she was recon activity in there . Guests received an interaction when Ged looked through the door hatch of the cell door it came up with someone’s looking…on their ITC device when before that it had said someone’s coming !!! All the guests got together from both teams for the last 10-15 mins and em tried to engage spirit again, the guest who was still sat in the corridor stated she’d seen a shadow in the same place Lynn had! We thanked spirit for their interaction and said good bye. So Middlesbrough town hall , an amazing location even more amazing guests who got involved 100% with good energy and asking out showing respect to all especially spirit can’t wait to return …

What a brilliant night for a first trip to this amazing venue. Very active and lots of good energy from the group