MIDDLESBROUGH TOWN HALL - Saturday 24th June 2023

Middlesbrough Town Hall - 24th June 2023 Team - Cam, Colin, Sharon, Claire, Kate and Sophie

Cam welcomed our guests and introduced them all to the team. We had a lot of new guests (which we absolutely love). We all moved to the Courtroom, where Claire delivered the white light protection to everyone. We immediately split into 2 teams following this.

Cam, Colin and Sharon's team Lower Level Theatre Room (Equipment: K2) We took out group to the lower level, which I believe is also referred to as 'The Crypt'. It is a large room, set up with a bar and a stage area. Our guests spread out around the room and we started off with our call-out. There were a few gentle taps and at one stage it sounded like a chair had been moved. One of the guests was sitting on a sofa on the stage. He said he could feel what felt like spider webs over his head, like someone was laying their hands over his head.
We went with this as it may have been a build up of energy from spirit around the guest. We asked the guests if they were comfortable asking for spirit to come forward. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise which sounded like a wooden door being closed from the back of the room. Cam moved to the back of the room near the bar area to try and debunk this. We also needed to rule out that the taps we were hearing weren't usual noises from the appliances.
We were able to quickly identify the noise of the fridge and pumps but we did hear other sounds which were not from the bar area. The loud noise which sounded like a door, could have been the door to the right hand side as it sounded very similar when Cam opened it and let it close. A number of guests saw a black mass move across the right side of that area too. A couple of people also saw a small figure moving between the chairs. As we were moving to the next location, both Colin and Sharon had stomach cramps. They compared these and they felt them in the same part of their stomach. Weird, wait til you read what happened later.

Old Church - Equipment: K2, Spirit Talker app Once again, the guest spread themselves out and a few made their way up to the upper balconies. Cam, Colin and Sharon were sat on the stage and we started calling out. A few lights were seen but they may have come from the pub next door. It was quite quiet so Cam decided to build the energy by doing a silly dance on the stage, and asked Colin to act out a scene. We all gave a round of applause.
Cam then asked all of the guests to come back down the ground lower level of this room and sit around the table. She asked them to place their hands on the table, with their little fingers and thumbs touching the person sat at each side. This was to help build up the energy. Boy did it build up. Within minutes of doing this, we started getting loud footsteps on the stage, which was amazing as there was no one on the stage. This happened more than once. Then there was a noise which sounded like a child running by us. Many of us also saw 2 small shadow figures moving around the room.
Cam asked how old the child was when they passed and after a few moments we got the response 'I'm only eight'. We had few names come through: Kevin, Elric, Florence, Johnson, Alice and one of the last words to come through was 'Can you help'. After around 20 minutes, spirits told us they needed more energy. This was at the same time that the activity became quieter. We thanked all spirits who had communicated with us and moved onto our next location.

Dressing Rooms - Equipment: K2, Spirit Talker app We all made ourselves comfortable in the dressing room and started calling out. Instantly the names Alice and Brown came through. We also had a few words and sentences come through which we couldnt quite make sense of. These were: bone, 'I threw something' and Rich.
It appeared to us that following further communication, we were communicating with a young girl called Alice. She said she was sad and the word 'miscarriage' came through. We immediately though miscarriage of justice but then the word 'baby' came through twice. Remember earlier that both Colin and Sharon had experienced stomach cramps. Was this spirit putting their impression on them?
We asked 'Alice' if she was able to confirm the responses to our questions with taps. We did get a number of taps. There was a huge mirror in the room. Even though the room wasn't in total darkness, Cam decided we would still try some scrying. Cam asked if any of the guests had done scrying before.
One of the guests said they would like to give it a go as they were a little bit scared of mirrors. Cam explained what they could experience and confirmed they were definitely ok to do it. The guest agreed. We didn't use a torch as there was no point due to the room not being in total darkness. Colin led with the questions and we were soon communicating again with 'Alice'. Colin asked if Alice could tell us more of her story. Just then, we had a male spirit come through named Josh. The year 1700’s also came through. Colin asked him if he was a farmer but we got no response.
Colin then asked if was a Jacobite and the response was 'No go away'. Colin kept up with the questions, and was told 'Shush'. We were then told 'Don’t trust the bad ones'. Cam asked about the bad ones but got no response. Sharon asked 'could you tell us your story?', and we got the response 'you’ve got to be careful'. We couldn't piece together the responses we had received from the male spirit so presumed maybe we would find out more later in the investigation. We focused back on our guest who was in front of the mirror. She said she felt very sad. She actually looked like she was going to cry.
The guest also said she felt very strange and could see an image of long dark plaited hair covering each shoulder. Was this Alice? The activity soon dwindled and it was 11:30pm so we decided to head for a break.

2nd Part of the evening The Cells - Equipment: Glow Balls, Proximity Bear, Ouija Board, Singing Bowl and Rempod The guests spread out among the cells. The guests in the very 1st cell had all sat on a long bench and placed a proximity bear on the bed, opposite. Cam was sat outside of the cells with Sharon. Sharon had placed glow balls near the door way of each of the cells. Cam had placed a rem-pod at the entrance to the large gates. Cam started calling out and within a few minutes, the proximity bear in the 1st cell started to light up. Much to the shock of the guests in there. We continued with the call out but we didn't get many responses. A few guests had asked if they could try a Ouija Board.
Cam went and got a Ouija Board for them and opened it up. Another guest used the singing bowl to try and help build the energy. We also moved the proximity bear into the walkway so all could see it. We got no responses on the Ouija Board at that time but the proximity bear was frequently activated. We believed it was children playing with the proximity bear as we weren't getting direct communication.
Cam took a group of guests in to the next corridor, into a large cell which was being used for storage. We called out for around 10 minutes but got no responses. Sharon was still with a group attempting to communicate using the Ouija Board but they confirmed they got no responses so Cam closed it down and we moved on.

Courtroom - Equipment: K2, Spirit Talker app and Proximity Bear We had anticipated loads of activity during the investigation of the cells, following what we had received during the 1st part of the night, but it wasn't meant to be. The energy had massively dropped. We moved to the Courtoom and the guests sat around. Cam pretended to be the judge and told them all they were 'going down' for their crimes. There was shuffling heard from the right side of the room and the proximity bear started to go off. We continued calling out to spirit.
Cam asked how they felt when they were due to be sentenced. We received the response 'Amazing'. Cam asked if it was the Jailer who was with us and the proximity bear lit up.
Cam stood in the structure where the defendants would have been, when sentence was given. Other than a few taps and thuds, we didn't get any responses. The energy had gone very flat and we tried our hardest to build it back up. After around 15 minutes of nothing, we moved into the Registrar Room.

Registrar Room: Equipment: K2 2 of our guests told us that they are due to get married in that room in September. We focused on 'happy times' and 'fond memories' but the room was still. It was now 01:55am so we thanked all of the spirits as we passed through the rooms on the way back to base. A brilliant location and definitely a place where we believe that we can build a trust with the spirits. Looking forward to our next visit. Cam thanked all of the guests for taking part in the evening and asked if it was what they expected. A few of the guests said they honestly didn't expect anything to happen and were very surprised with the activity we had received, even though it was just small amounts.

That's all it takes. The other group returned and we once again thanked everyone for their participation and closed the night down.

Claire, Kate and Sophie's Group
Following the white light protection we split into two groups. We decided to go straight to the cells under the town hall. Guests settled into a cell of their choice and we undertook a call out. In cell number one there were reports of a cold presence, it moved around the cell and caused those inside to have a static charged feeling. The cell door was closed, creating total darkness! The guests used the acoustic camera and reported seeing (but not hearing) significant 'noise' at the rear of the cell. They said they could feel the spider web tingling sensation on their arms. On opening the cell door we all could smell a sweet perfume.

Cell two the group said they could feel a male presence on the bed. They thought they could hear breathy noises, along with a tap and scratching on the wall. This group also reported the cobweb sensation too! One member of the group was touched and a dark shadow was seen. The door creaked with no one touch it. On looking into the cell a tall slender man was seen at the back.

Cell three, bright lights and orbs were reported. Cell four: one man stood alone in there and he heard mumbles, whispers and banging. He definitely felt like there someone in there with him. He attempted to take pictures of and looking at the camera could see 'orbs'. He felt compelled to close the door, sitting in darkness he heard the bells tinkling however they were on the opposite side of the cell!

Main corridor: we had numerous sittings of shadows going past the main door and an occasional breeze was felt by guests. The names Rosemary and Eli were suggested as possible previous prisoners. The necrophobic app gave a few expletives which gave us a giggle.

Court room: Kate, Claire and Sophie. Proximity bear, rem pod, dowsing rods, bells. Some of the group went to the viewing gallery and they could hear taps and noises up there with them. They reported seeing white whisky lights moving around the courtroom. All the group felt anxious and uneasy. From the main court floor we observed a small dark figure run along the balcony. The rest of the group sat in the main court area. It was a slow start, however we too could see whispy lights and a visual disturbance in the upper ceiling area. We observed the proximity bear flash occasionally but rarely in response to questions asked. A guest was seated on the stairs to the cells and said she felt upset and anxious; I wondered if it was the residual feelings of those who have gone there before? With that thought I asked if the energy was neither male nor female but borne from the emotions of the room. It confirmed it was!!

We moved to the registry area: Proximity bear and dowsing rods. A guest received a personal message from a recently departed family member. It generated a lot of emotion in the room.

Main theatre: Kate, Claire and Sophie. Ouija board, grid lights, glow balls, bells, thermal camera. Claire on the stage with the Ouija, this group received a personal message. Sophie took a group into the dressing rooms and they undertook scrying in the large mirror. They reported it to be very quiet with little activity. Earlier in the night Sophie said she felt a strange presence in the right stairwell. She took a couple of guests along with the voice recorder. They reported feeling chest tightness and on reviewing the tape captured an Evp of a woman saying "no" along with a sentence which we couldn't work out.

On the balcony they reported seeing a blond haired child run towards the stage area! Kate remained in the main theatre auditorium with 7 guests. One of the guests in Kate’s group thought he could see someone moving in the back corner of the first balcony so he and three others went to sit up there for a while to see if they could get any activity. Kate remained with three guests in the main auditorium and continued to call out to see if we could get a response from spirit. None was forthcoming and after another 15 minutes, Kate’s group moved into the crypt.

Crypt, we used a music box, EMF car and a fluorescent ball as trigger objects. Again, this area also remained very quiet, though Kate could see what appeared to be a person walking several times past the door at the side of the stage. This was corroborated by another guest who saw the same thing. It’s interesting to note that on checking this area, the glass in the doors was covered with a reflective black material that meant the glass couldn’t be seen through.

The building is definitely intriguing and beautiful, I'm sure we will uncover more as the spirits become use to us.