NELSAM -Saturday 23rd September 2023

Nelsam - 23rd September

We started the night in the Main Hangar, with Alan conducting the White Light Protection for everyone.            
Cam went off to do her Live Investigation while the guests remained in the Main Hangar with Alan, Kathryn and Kate.

The Tram Hangar - Cam's Lone Vigil

This didn't start too well. Slight malfunction with the tri-pod. Basically part of it fell off, my torch failed and it was blacker than black. Trying to fix the tri-pod while the phone was still attached was a bit of a nightmare. After a few tense minutes, the tri-pod was ditched.
I done a walk around of the areas I was allowed to access and showed our viewers the vehicles I was surrounded by.
I placed the ghostbuster rem-car in the middle of the walkway, buses of one side and the trams on the other. The temperature reading on the rem-car was 13.1 degrees.
I headed back towards the front of the hanger where the fire truck was. I wanted to see if the child would come forward again, as he had done on our previous visit.
I placed the proximity bear on the fire truck and introduced myself to the spirits of the hanger.
I had been warned by Keith, the caretaker of the site, that if a certain thing happened, to get out immediately. I took this on board and started my call-out.
It didn't take too long before the small child came forward. This was the little boy who I communicated with on my last visit. I asked if we could use the lighting up of the bear as the sign for Yes to any questions ask. This seemed to work well.
During my contact with the little boy, I was aware of taps and a whistle from the other end of the hanger. As if someone was trying to gain my attention. I walked to the other end of the hanger and called out.
The proximity bear went off again, as if the little boy was calling me back so I headed back towards that end of the hanger. The spirits certainly were helping me get my steps in as this happened a few times.
I decided to sit on the blue and yellow tram. I called out but didn't really get anything in response to questions. I did see a couple of light anomalies, which the viewers had also seen.
I could hear more movement from outside the tram so I headed back to the walk way.
I felt as if I was joined by a little girl, perhaps 8 or 9 years old. When I called out to her, she would respond with small taps, but nothing more.
I tried to communicate with other spirits, those who may not have been attached to the vehicles. Were they linked to the time when it was an airport? Perhaps they were from when it served as a hospital during the war. Or were they linked to the vast farm land dating back even further.
As soon as I asked these questions, I was greeted with a few taps. A couple of guests mentioned some names. I asked if any of the spirits were called Steven, Jacob or Henry. I didn't get a response to this.
I decided to ask if the lady was with me. Keith had mentioned she was German, so I said my German was very limited but greeted her with 'Gutentag'.
I walked back down the walk way, the rem-car hadn't gone off but the temperature had gone to 12.7 and then to 12.4 degrees.
As I was walking back, I was taken back by an aggressive hiss in my ear. This actually startled me. I know I should've left, it was the warning Keith had mentioned but I just couldn't. I needed more. Why does she only do this to those on their own?
I continued calling out and said if it happened again I would respect her wishes and leave but it didn't happen again.
Time was tciking by so I headed back onto the tram I had been on earlier, to setup the 'locked off live'. I also placed the proximity bear at the end of the carriage.
I left the hangover and closed the door behind me.
After around 10-15 minutes, I checked on the locked off live while everyone was having a quick break. I hadn't realised that the camera was actually facing out of the window - it was very dark, I couldn't see properly.
I headed into the tram and corrected this.
During the short break, I was watching the live and witnessed the rem-bear going off on 3 or 4 separate occasions in a short space of time.

The Czech Spy Hangar - Cam and Alan's group

We had split into our groups and headed to the hangar where the well documented story of a WW2 spy being resident there and is often seen.

We were going to do a human pendulum around one of the engines in the middle of the room when all of a sudden, a piece of wood landed on the frame supporting the engine, and the yellow front cover was left clearly swinging! Alan placed a rem-pod at the back of the hangar and another guest had turned on her device which was a word generator.
We all stood still and stayed silent then started calling out for the spy. A few of us saw him at the back of the hangar.

Just then, what sounded like a small stone was thrown at us. Then another, from another direction. Something loudly smashed off the engine near us, sound like an exploding lightbulb!
More stones thrown, sounding bigger and louder this time.
Alan played the famous WW2 “we will fight them on the beaches” Winston Churchill speech. Immediately, a very loud metallic bang echoed through the hangar, like a metal plate being dropped. This rightly put everyone on edge.
It was clear spirit didn't like what he was hearing so we let the speech end and Alan led with the call out due to his military links. He geared the questions around his own family history by explaining what members of his family had been involved in.
When asked if he was happy with what he had done and if given the choice, would he do it again, more stones thrown. It was getting louder now, they sounded bigger and were being thrown with more force.
The energy was so strong. Alan could feel his lanyard being ‘flicked’ and then everyone in the hanger saw it. Many of us even captured it on our phones. The lanyard Alan was wearing was lifted up, away from him, as if being tugged. This went on for at least 15 minutes. It was as if someone was stood in front of him, taunting him, as if saying 'well come on then'. Did our spy feel that Alan was a threat?
Alan led the questioning and asked the following:
Was he proud working for the Nazis?
Did he think Germany had won the war when we retreated from Dunkirk?
Was he annoyed that Winston Churchill had rallied the troops and motivated our nation and the allies?
Did he think it was right that he was caught and executed after the war?

Whenever his deeds were mentioned, or the allies eventually defeating Germany, the stones were thrown. When the group turned torches on, a mixture of small stones, bolts and nuts were scattered on the floor! We had been in the hanger for an hour with constant activity so we decided to move on when the atmosphere all of a sudden changed.

The Tram Hanger - Cam and Alan's group

Cam took the guests to the Tram Hanger as she had just ended the locked off live. Alan had gone to tell the other group what we had just experienced.
As we were standing in the tram hanger, the bear, which was still on the Fire Truck, started to go off. The guests were stunned. Cam explained what had happened in there while she was doing her lone and then all of a sudden, the door to the hanger slammed shut. This was with force. It wasn't windy, there wasn't a breeze. Cam took a couple of guests over to the door so they could see there was no-one there.
Alan joined us, still on a high after what had happened.
We all moved onto the tram and took our seats. We started calling out and were met with quite a few louds taps from in the tram but it was the next carriage. We asked if we had been joined by a female presence. We then heard 3 light taps on the window.
Alsn was picking up on a girl. Cam mentioned the girl from the 'Live' and how she sensed she was around 8 or 9. Alan said he had the number 8. We asked more questions but didn't get anything concrete. Did she have a family member who worked on the vehicles? Cam seemed to think she may have been involved in a tragic accident.

Military Vehicle Hanger - Cam and Alan's group

We moved into the military vehicle hanger where the tanks and trucks were. We placed cat balls on quite a few of the vehicles and one of the guests was using their word generator app. We called out but didn't get anything in response. It was very still.

Helicopter Hanger - Cam and Alan's group

The final hanger of the evening, led us to the helicopter hanger. We headed to the middle of the hanger where there was a sea-plane. Alan recalled from a previous investigation, the communication he had with a spirit who he thought was called 'Peter'. We placed a cat ball on the wing and called out but we didn't get any responses.
We decided to go in the Rescue Helicopter which had been used in the Falklands. We chatted with spirit and said how proud we were, of them for the rescues and serving our country. We were met with K2 spikes and a couple of taps on the bodywork of the helicopter.

NELSAM 23rd September
Kathryn and Kate’s group.
After splitting into two groups following a quick break, Kathryn and Kate’s group headed into the top hangar that contained tanks and small helicopters. The group started at the bottom of the hangar and used a vibration sensor, cat ball and emf sensor spread around the room. Katherine played the American national anthem as the tank we were near was American issue. We hoped that this would encourage spirit to engage with us. On getting no response, we began to call out and encourage spirit to interact with any of the equipment we’d brought, however little was forthcoming. One of the guests felt she could see someone walking backwards and forwards near the doors to the hangar, so Katherine moved the vibration sensor to that end of the hangar. The light briefly changed to green and then equipment remained still. The group moved nearer to the purported activity and Katherine played Winston Churchill’s speech and also Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again to see if it encouraged any further interaction. Again, it remained quiet. Everyone continued to call out and we also tried Google translate to try to communicate in German. We didn’t get any response to this. Finally, we tried the Necrophonic app to see if spirit found it easier to communicate with us in this manner, however nothing was forthcoming.
Following the other group’s amazing success in the spy’s hangar, our team headed in and set up our equipment around the engine where reported activity had taken place. Katherine again played Winston Churchill’s speech in the hopes it would encourage him to interact with us. A few taps were heard in the room and the main door rattled on several occasions, however it was difficult to tell if this was due to the wind outside. Keith, the care taker of the property felt that the spy had likely retreated back into the hut at the back of the hangar as the lights had been put on in there between the last group leaving and us entering. At one point, Kate thought she could smell cherry pipe tobacco and on mentioning this, Keith confirmed that a lot of military personnel of that era did indeed smoke a pipe. Guests also confirmed that they could intermittently smell tobacco, as though someone was smoking nearby. We continued to call out as a group and encouraged spirit to interact with us, though no further interaction was forthcoming.
Tram Hangar: The group headed into the tram hangar and we placed a rem bear and cat balls on the fire engine. A group of guests sat on the bus whilst the remainder stayed in the hangar itself. Both groups encouraged spirit to interact with the other and also requested they interact with the equipment placed around the fire engine. The hangar remained very quiet without any direct or indirect action and the guests chose to finish the night in the main hangar where we started.
Main hangar: The group again split into two with half the group standing at the bottom of the hangar by the large aeroplane, and the other half remained in the middle with the vibration sensor and a rem bear placed around a missile. The group at the bottom of the hangar could hear taps around them whilst the group in the middle began calling out. The rem bear began to light up in response to direct questions as we asked spirit if they minded people visiting them and asking questions. Katherine asked if they became tired when people visited them regularly and again, the bear lit up in response. When we asked if spirit if they would like us to bid them goodnight, the bear lit up a final time before falling silent. We thanked spirit for the wonderful opportunity to speak to them and bid them goodnight.

We thanked all spirits for their communication throughout the night. There's a lot of layers at this location. We still have a lot of unanswered questions and lots of information to piece together. I'm sure we will have more at our next visit. Another brilliant night.