NELSAM - Saturday 25th February 2023

NELSAM Saturday 25th February 2023.
Cam, Kathryn, Micheal F, Kate (trailist)

We set up base camp in the cafe area of the reception and had a walk around all the hangers with Keith, who was also kind enough to show us picture evidence of spirits that had been taken at different parts of the hangers as well.
We welcomed the guests with Cam giving the welcome talk to the group and then everyone going over to the main hanger for Kathryn to deliver the white light protection.
We started off as one big group and began to call out.
We immediately got movement from shadow figures from around the main entrance to the hanger and from behind an aircraft from Argentina.
Ged began to ask questions about the aircraft as he has a lot of experience having serviced in the armed forces.
We got a lot of taps and bangs gfrom different areas and move movement from shadow, but nothing directly related to the questions we were asking out.
We split down into to further groups and went to opposite ends of the hanger.
Kathryn and Michael stayed by the door with a small group while Cam took the others to the bottom of the hanger.
We got a few taps and bangs when we were asking questions about the American aircraft by the door but nothing conclusive.
So we made our way down the hanger as the other group had left.
We got to the middle where there are some chairs ans decided to set up a MAL meter which a guest had brought with them. Colin also was getting very high EMF spikes on a K2 meter from a decommissioned engine, but wasn’t connected up to any wires or anything else electrical and the spikes were only on one side. It was very odd.
We left the MAL meter in the middle of the hanger and moved to the back where we investigated the Gill air aircraft.
Keith came down to see us and gave us all abit of a fright, and we began to all out again.
We could see the MAL meter from where we were at the back of the room and it started to go off, but not in response to the questions we were asking but more to let us know they were still there.
We used the spirit talker app, to try and answer some of the questions we were asking, but we didn’t get anything conclusive in the responces either.
We set up a music box, behind us, which also went off twice during this session, as well as some more huge EMF spikes from the K2 Colin was holding.

We decided to take a short break before investigating the other hangers.

Kathryn and Micheal’s group,
with Ged & Colin.
Tram hanger.
Equipment: Spirit talker app, touch sensitive bear, rods, K2.
Our little group split across the two trams we were allowed to access.
Kathryn group.
We spread out around the yellow tram and immediately got activity on the bear, but weren’t able to get responces to questions asked.
As the bear was placed by one of the doors one of the guests commented on the energy coming backwards and forwards like people getting off at thier “stops” on the route., and we rejoined the others at the bottom of the hanger where the fire engine was.
We placed the bear on the back of the truck and the fire engine but for no activity at all.

Michael’s group
Top Deck of the black double decker bus.
Cat balls, K2, Dowsing rods.

As we walked upstairs the spirt talker came through with ‘I can effect the lights’ and ‘I am really here’ so we started out with a K2 at the front window and a cat ball at the rear. The K2 flickered a little but was mostly unresponsive.
Michael asked if we can check everyone’s tickets so can you get these ready for inspection and again we got the names ‘Regina’ and ‘Ann’ and one of the guest thought they could see the spirits sat at the back of the bus.
We felt that what spirts were communicating were struggling to make the equipment work so decided to use the dowsing rods.
We quickly started to get movement and established we were speaking to 3 children. Again the activity was short as the energy seemed to shift quickly.
The group moved back with the main group.

The Tank Hanger.
Kathryn and Michael group, with Ged and Colin.

Equipment: Bear, spirit talker app, K2.
Ged placed the bear on top of one of the armoured personal carrier vehicles at the back of the room and began to ask questions. He got responces immediately to the questions he was asking about “pig” and the tanks in the row at the back of the hanger. We moved the bear along to row to see if we could responces from anyone attarched but got no interaction at all. So we moved back to the first vechical and Ged realised it was from the regiment he served in but not in use when he was serving as well as the rank next to it but not the tank at the end of the row.
Having this knowledge really helped with the line of questioning during the investigation in the night.

We then moved into the helicopter hanger as a group.

HElicopter hanger:
Equipment: Bear, K2, wooden table, and Spirit talker app.

We tried to drum up some energy by doing a bit of table tipping, we got one big tip in the table but then nothing else happened.
So we all decided to get in and cried around the rescue helicopter with a K2 on the floor of the aircraft and the bear in the stretcher to the side of the aircraft.
We got responces on both bits of equipment, with the left leg of the bear lighting up immediately but not in response to any questions and the K2 flickering up to orange on occasion when we weee discussing words and phrases that came up on the app.
We decided to take on last break as we were heading into the last hour of the night.

Kathryn and Michael’s group.
Main hanger.
Equipment: K2, rem pod bear, table, spirit talker app, and MAL meter.

We went back into the middle of the hanger and set up the MAL meter again in the middle of the floor and put the rem bear on the engine where we were getting the huge EMF spikes earlier in the night.
Some of the members of the group tried some table tipping as well while we called out to the sprits of the hanger.
We didn’t get any activity on either bits of equipment, so we all moved to the back of the hanger to see if it would go off again when we weren’t paying attention.
We didn’t get anymore activity, apart from the words and phrases on the spirit talker app.
Which have all been screen grabbed and avalible to see.

We collected up all the equipment and headed back to the base camp and said good night to the spirits of the building.

Group of guests on the plane
Cam and Kate took a group of guests on to the plane at the far end of the main hanger.
We all took a seat and started to call out. A couple of guests immediately felt chills and were picking up on spirit around the cockpit area.
We received a few taps and temperature changes in response to our questions.
One guest had awful feeling of dread and left the plane. Not long after that we joined the rest of the guests in the hanger and split into our 2 groups.

Cam & Kate’s Group – The Tram Hanger (Equipment: Cat Balls, K2 device)
We entered the Tram Hanger and immediately felt we weren’t alone. We headed to the bottom of the hanger where the black double decker bus is and the yellow tram, which were accessible. A few guests went on each and the rest stood outside, spaced down the centre of the setup.
We had placed a K2 about 2 thirds of the way down the hanger with cat balls about 5ft either side of it.
We called out and were met with a male cough. We checked with all other guests – no one had coughed. We continued with the calling out and were getting response in the form of loud noises as if someone was pulling at the tram doors. This was consistent with our questions so we stood in silence for a while to make sure it wasn’t just the wind as it can rattle through the hanger. Silence. As soon as we called out again, the noise returned, followed by a child’s laugh.
One of the guests had picked up on a little boy and also the name ‘Gregory’, who was showing himself around the age 5/6. We switched our questions to the little boy and asked if he could play with the cat balls. We got no interaction from the K2 or the cat balls.
We moved nearer to the entrance end of the hanger where the firetruck is and placed the cat balls on the step. We asked Gregory if he was near the truck and the cat balls lit up immediately. We continued with our communication via the cat balls and established that when Gregory was alive, he had been saved by fireman from a fire and loved fire trucks.
After around 15 minutes of communication with Gregory, the hanger fell silent. We thanked all of the spirits who had communicated with us and moved on.

Cam & Kate’s group – The Military Vehicle Hanger (Equipment: Ouija Board, Pendulum, Table Tipping and the music box)
Kate led with the call out while Cam opened the board.
The guests started working with the board but we didn’t get anything through. One of the guests who had stepped away from the board was getting responses through her pendulum. We decided to work with this so Cam closed the board down and we asked out questions. Cam placed the music box on one of the military vehicles she was drawn too and we started receiving responses via the pendulum from a male spirit who told us he was an engineer. The music box did go off, only the once. We asked spirit if that was the vehicle he worked on and he confirmed it was.
The guests asked if they could try some table tipping so we went ahead with this. They could feel energy through the table but it didn’t rock or move in any other direction.
One of the guests set a crystal as a trigger object on the table. We took a couple of photos of it from both angles to check later.
We were very cold by this point so decided a quick break and a hot drink was needed to warm up.
After a ten minute break, we headed to the helicopter hanger.

Cam & Kate’s Group – The Helicopter Hanger (Equipment: Rem Bear, Music Box and Pendulum)
We couldn’t get the rem bear to balance without toppling over on the engine, so we placed the music box on the engine and the rem bear on the table.
We started again with our call out and after around 5 mins we were receiving responses from 2 different spirits.
One of the guests said he kept hearing ‘Peter, Peter, Peter, over and over. We were working with the pendulum and asked if this was the spirits name. It was not. It was the guests name though so was spirit calling out to our guest?
All of a sudden a female spirit started to communicate with us. One of the guests said they sensed she was linked to something to with food. Another guest reported being touched and then had a strange warm static feeling overcome him, but he said it was a really nice feeling, something he had never encountered before. We asked the female spirit if the guests reminded her of someone and through further questions we established it was her brother. We asked if the female spirit was linked to the plane in the main hanger, and if she was an air hostess. She confirmed she was and that she had followed us. Did she follow us thinking one of the guests was her brother? Was it a hug our guest had felt? Whatever it was, it was a nice experience.
We didn’t receive any more activity following this so we thanked the spirits and moved the the next hanger.

Cam & Kate’s Group – The Spy Hanger (Equipment: None used in this hanger)
As we were limited with space in the hanger, we stood and called out, without any equipment set out. One of the guests was sat in one of the pilot seats which was setup.
We called out asking if the spy would communicate with us but other than the odd shuffle and a few footsteps and taps, we didn’t get anything more. This spy certainly wasn’t willing to communicate with us tonight.
Another break to warm up and then we moved onto our final hour of the evening.

Cam & Kate’s Group – The Main Hanger (Equipment: Table Tipping, K2)
We moved back to the main hanger and Keith joined us. One of the guests asked if there was a plane or part of a plane which had been recovered from water. Keith confirmed there was and we moved around to where this was. It was an engine which when the K2 was placed near it, it went crazy. This didn’t happen with the other objects.
Keith joined a few of the guests on the table and we were soon communicating with male spirit who we believed to be German. The energy was strong and the table was on its side. At one point Keith said for everyone to lift their hands off the table, they did and the table stayed in mid air on its side for a few seconds before going back on its four legs. We carried out another session with spirit and this time the table was on one leg with Keith and the guests walking with the table around in circles. The activity only came to a complete stop when enigma was mentioned.
At that point one of the guests from our group had come back from their lone vigil in the plane at the other end of the hanger. He said he doesn’t drink coffee but while he was sitting in the cockpit seat calling out, the window fogged up and he could see something at ground level. We were all accounted for at the other end. He then heard a loud bang and the smell of strong coffee overcome him in the cockpit. We did not hear any loud bangs.
We decided to spend our last 30 minutes of the evening back in the tram hanger.

Cam & Kate’s Group – The Tram Hanger (Equipment: Cat Balls)
Kate led the group with the calling out and placing of the cat balls while Cam was seeing to another guest who needed to leave early.
Kate continued with her questions, trying to reach out to Gregory but this time we got no activity on the cat balls. We did however see what looked like 3 or 4 shadow figures stood at the far end of the hanger. They were moving around and then stood still as if looking at us. Were they wondering what we were doing and why we were there? Just as we are thinking and asking the same of them?
Another great night at Nelsam, as always and great hospitality from Keith.