Newsham Park Hospital and Asylum - Saturday 8th October 2022

We started our night with a white light protection down in the laundry room.
After this we immediately started calling out and guests reported movement and also being touched near the open doorway to the adjoining room.
We carried on and a few of us went into the adjoining room but we didn't get any activity.
The other guests who had remained in the laundry room, were around a table trying a bit of table tipping. They were getting a bit of activity so we joined them in the room to keep the energy going.
The spirit confirmed his name as Michael, and he was an ex veteran. He knew he had passed over. He had never married but was now at peace. He also implied he was homeless and was found on the grounds after he had passed.
We thanked Michael for his communication and moved to the locker rooms.
There were already guests in this room who had responses on the ovilus.
We started to call out and received responses in the form of taps as requested.
Chris saw a large figure stood in front of him and we were given the name William. Cam said she could see him wearing a white coat as if he was a Dr. We went with this and the info we got through taps was that he was a nurse, but he liked to pretend to be a nurse.
We also encountered a spirit who gave his name as Richard. He was a patient who was very nervous and anxious.
We took a quick break and then split into 2 groups.

Cam and Kathryn's group - The Cinema Room
We took the group of guests to the cinema/picture room and everyone took a seat. Kathryn placed a proximity bear on one of the spare seat, a K2 on another seat and some of our guests who had their own equipment placed the laser grid pointing from the room, out into the corridor and a silent rempod under the table in the centre of the room.
We started calling out and after a short while we saw a stooped shadow figure walk by the door.
We picked up on the name 'Mary' or 'Rosemary' and we asked if they could take the K2 lights to orange.
The proximity bear lit up and gave the guest sitting next to it a bit of a fright.
We continued calling out and could see movement in the corridor and we were receiving responses from the proximity bear.
Cam played some music from the 1930s and we got some fantastic results. The K2 lit up to orange as requested earlier. Was this Mary/Rosemay appreciating the music.
We could all feel cold air moving around us, as if they were dancing. Kathryn held out her hands and felt her hands being touched. One of the guests picked up on the name Walter so we asked if he wanted to dance with Kathryn. As soon as we asked this, Kathryn was overcome with emotion and burst into tears.
One of the guests carried out a sensory deprivation experiment. He was blindfolded with earphones in for his app similar to an ovilus (word database). He sat in the corridor, we asked questions which he could not hear, and he shouted whatever came through on his app.
We saw what appeared to be a male figure walk through the corridor, he was watching us through the window and walked towards the guest doing the experiment. Our guest shouted that a male voice said 'anyway', and then followed with 'are you ok down there?'. Was the male spirit checking that our guest who was sat on the floor was ok?
We asked for spirit to join us in the room and the silent rempod under the table lit up. We hadn't realised until then that this had been placed under the table.
The guest doing the sensory experiment shouted the words 'get out'. We asked if spirit wanted us to leave the room. The silent rempod lit up again so we acknowledged the request. 1st though we had been joined by a dog. We saw its shadow and it broke the laser grid lights. One of the guests said his name was patch.
We thanked all spirits for their interaction and moved on.

Cam and Kathryn's group - The Naughty Boys Corridor
We asked all guest who were happy to do so, to enter the little cupboards and close the doors while we called out.
We had 5 glow balls placed in a central line down the corridor.
Those of the group who weren't in the cupboards were sat on the floor.
We started our call out and heard multiple noises. We felt the presence of a lady. Was this the lady who put the children in the cupboards for punishment? We got the name 'Aggy' or 'Agatha'. As soon as we called out to her by name, we heard a really loud bang. We also witnessed one of the empty cupboard doors open and the proximity bear lit up.
We asked all guests who were in the cupboards to come out, to see if Aggy could get them back in.
A couple of the balls moved and a couple of guests were touched. One guest had sharp pain on her knuckles as if her knuckles had been wrapped using a book. One of the guest had the vision of the book 'paradise lost'.
We stood holding hands to build the energy and asked the children to play. One child was mischievous and touched a guest on their bottom.
The energy soon fell flat so we had a quick break before moving to the day room. We didn't get anything in the day room so we ended our night. It was already 3am.
Another brilliant night at Newsham Park.

Cam/Kathryn group.
At the bottom of the cinema room corridor there was a room full of old shelving units.
We set up cat balls and light sensors around the room as well as the touch sensitive bear in the doorway of the room.
A couple of other guest stayed back in the cinema room to conduct an EVP session.
We got a lot of responces in the equipment dotted around the room and were able to communicate with a nurse who was still there looking after the patients.
One of the guests said that they were experiencing pressure on their chest and we were able to establish that the room was used to treat patients with TB.