Newsham Park Hospital Asylum and Orphanage - Thursday 7th April 2022

GO TEAM Newsham

Chris Lone Vigil Newsham Park

Top floor wards & Naughty boy's corridor

With the proximity Bear at one end of the corridor & the ring a roses music box at the other, Chris settled in the middle with the MEL meter with built in REM pod.... Music box did go off once but couldn't 100% say it wasn't Chris moving... Viewers on the live were hearing children & Chris heard movement through the corridors which took him deeper into the top floor... Voices & again children heard with viewers picking up on an angry woman... Chris's questions began to connect with this woman but nothing concrete was established to say this was this woman other than movement/noises which could of just been the building.... Heading back through the naughty boys corridor and into the other wards at the top end of the building, this is where things really heated up.... Chris walked into the ward & immediately felt very emotional & as if he wanted to curl up into a ball & cry... Tears streaming from his eyes, Chris then composed himself & withing a few minutes of this impression connecting through him, it was gone completely... His feelings felt even though this energy was at its lowest, he felt more comforting in his bed area rather than in the middle of the corridor and this was his safe having... Movement & taps were on response to his questions & viewers were picking up on a caroline/Carroll which seemed to be a nurse... Again questions were asked regards these prompts & responses were clear with slight taps.... Chris then felt a little tugging on his sleeve of his top & like a faint tickling on the inside of his wrist... Could this been the nurse taking bloods? With a sense of achievement by this spirit of her love of her job, it then turned to a feeling of a viewer that someone had hung themselves in this room... Maybe this was the feeling of the despair Chris had earlier but who knows... Again taps on response which made Chris think he wasn't alone.... After nearly an hour and a half of Chris being on his own, enough was enough & headed back down to the groups with Cam, Alan & Robbie were a quick check of his trousers found they were still rather clean 

No reports of the equipment were found on his live that had been activated.

Robbie group
. Our group headed to the top floor to start investigating the naughty boys corridor upon entering the corridor we placed some glow in the dark balls on the floor a emf and rem bear upon calling out the guests had the ball moving on the floor some of the guests where in the cupboards where I closed the doors on them … in one of the cupboards a guest had tapping on her knee . Due to the activity getting quiet in the corridor we then proceeded back down the hall way..
. Psychiatric ward
Upon on entering the Psychiatric ward our guests had placed a rem bear and a emf out guest where getting some good activity through the rem bear on the ward aswell as seeing the hallway light up outside twice when communicating with the spirits .
.hall at the end of the top floor.
Upon entering the hall we placed a rem bear and our doll Wendy the guests then started to do some calling out . Upon calling out the guests received numerous responses through the bear and taps coming from the room aswell.
.Theatre room
Upon entering the theatre room we decided to put one of our guests in the coffin trolley and then we started with a spirit box session which we didn’t really receive much at this point so we then moved in to the theatre room it’s self and place a rem bear and the spirit box upon turning the spirit box on we received some great responses the guest where asking the spirits questions and we where receiving answer back which was fantastic couple of the guests from my team went out in to the hall way where they say the wheelchair Drastically move . A couple of the guests went in to the room beside the theatre where they felt the Presence of another spirit in that room they where getting and receiving sharp pains in there head upon gathering information of the guests they seem to of got iain Brady through on the spirit box and multiple more spirits .

Newsham Park Cams group
We started our event in the Main Hall, with Chris providing guests with an introduction, followed by Cam carrying out the ‘white light protection.
We remained as one large group and headed to the lower ground, to carry out a call out in the laundry room.
                                Laundry Room
The energy was great. Guests were getting involved in the call out and we were soon joined by a male spirit who made himself known in the doorway on the left of the room. A few guests gave names which came to them so we went with those. Cam asked if the spirits name was Walter. As soon as she said it, a loud whisper was heard by almost everyone which said ‘no, George’. At that moment one of our guests fell to the floor. She said she saw something dark & misty in front of her and then her legs went. Was this the spirit who said his name was George? We tended to our guest and she was happy for us to carry on. Cam continued calling out but each time she asked something, we could hear what sounded like she was being mimicked from the other room. There was no one in the other room. Just then we heard a loud noise from the corridor of the laundry room. We checked for objects but there was nothing to explain it. We decided to head for a break.
                                    Cam’s Group – Ground Floor Rooms
We took with us the Laser Grid, Rem-Pod and Music Box. We placed the Rem-Pod in the far doorway, the Laser Grid was set against the large wall of the room and the Music Box was placed in the next room, on the well known steel stretcher which has the human skeletal imprint.
We called out and heard movement from the corridor, We also saw 3 separate times, through the glass, a shadow figure walk past the door. We investigated but there was no one in the corridor. The other groups were in other areas of the building.
We moved to the next room, with the stretcher but didn’t get any activity.
We moved to the room next to it and placed 2 K2 devices on a table. We started calling out and received activity on the K2 devices (not at the same time) when we spoke about how the patients were treated.
We went back to the lower level and went in the locker room. The Rem-Pod was placed in the changing room, while we left the K2 devices on the floor. We called out and the Rem-Pod went off once. We got a little bit of K2 activity. We heard what sounded like a door being closed from out in the corridor, yet again, there was no-one there. Chris radio’d down and asked if we had been screaming. We hadn’t. He joined us and upon entering the room, he said his legs felt very heavy. We all then heard a dragging shuffling noise. A bit like feet along the floor if being held up whilst moving. We didn’t get anything more after that so moved on.
                                    Cam’s Group – Upper Level Rooms
In the Ward area we decided to use the Portal App and started asking questions. Cam asked if we were communicating with a nurse. The response was Yes. We asked their name and they replied ‘Sam’. Cam then asked ‘Where did you put the children?’ immediately the response that came through was ‘Cupboards’. Twice we heard the word ‘mammy’ come through the Portal App. We decided to go to the children.
                                    Cam’s Group – Naughty Boys Corridor
Cam introduced herself and also said she was a mammy to 2 girls and how they weren’t there to hurt them. Cam placed the Proximity Bear on a chair and a guest placed a ball on the floor.
We began calling out to the children. The bear immediately started to light up. We asked if the spirit we were communicating with us could knock to let us know where they were. We all heard 4 knocks which were followed by another 4 knocks. The energy seemed playful. We put the Portal App on and Cam asked the question ‘Where were the children put?’, immediately we all heard ‘Cupboards’. Just like when we asked a similar question in the other room. Cam explained to spirit she was going to count to establish their age. Cam started at ‘5’, no response. ‘6’, no response. ‘7’, no response. ‘8’ we heard a knock and the bear and K2 lit up. ‘9’ we again heard a knock and the bear and K2 it up. We asked out loud how old they were, the word ‘Nine’ came through on the app.
Cam asked if they wanted to play ‘Hide & Seek’ and said when she had finished counting to 10, they had to knock to help her find them. Cam counted to 10 and we heard a knock. Cam did this again but only to 5 this time. Again, when she got to 5, we heard a knock.
The atmosphere then changed and the rem-pod went off. This was at the other end of the corridor. We didn’t get any more responses after this.
                                    Cam’s Group – Ian Brady’s Room
It was the last 45 minutes of the night so we headed to Brady’s room as another group were still in the theatre area.
We done some work with the ‘Black Mirror’ whilst communicating with a spirit who confirmed they were a doctor. 2 of the guests both had a developed reflection of a male appear on the mirror. Another guest tried the mirror but had a personal experience in seeing her grandma.
The end of the night was quickly upon us so we all headed back to base.

Naughty boys corridor Alan’s Group 

The group spread out along the corridor and we made sure that all doors for the cupboards were closed. We placed a glow in the dark rubber ball at the far end of the corridor and one guest used a K2 meter. Guests were invited to go into the cupboards and one guest stayed in to see if he could experience anything, this turned out to be inactive. We called out and asked any spirit to roll the ball towards us. Multiple guests thought they saw the ball move slightly but we put this down to a trick of the eyes. At one stage there was a low moaning sound picked up by some of the guests.

Psychiatric ward

We used REM bear, K2 and a guests music box. Although we got the occasional quiet tap, one guest had a feeling of despair and explained that it was as if they were lost. The room felt quite calm to most guests and there was no further activity.

Theatre room

Before entering the theatre room, one guest was enclosed in the coffin trolley. The stayed in for a minute or two before we entered the theatre room. The group heard quite a few low taps and at one stage a light anomaly was seen. There were multiple cold spots and this was confirmed by a guest using the temperature gauge. Many felt a cool breeze around both their ankles and a few guests on their head and it felt as if someone was moving around. This was mentioned by multiple guests. Guests also noticed shadows next to the light in an upper window. Although we didn’t get a massive amount of activity, all guests experienced shadow movement in the room.

Laundry room

In addition to the name ‘George’ being heard by guests , a team member asked spirit to confirm that their name was George and at least five guests clearly heard the word ‘yeah’. This room seemed really active especially when one of the guests felt as if she had been affected by the spirit of George and momentarily collapsed.

Ward area

We conducted a séance with the group around one of the ward trolleys and placed candles to boost the energy. There was no activity apart from one guest felt that the trolley may have been vibrating. A talking board session was conducted but again the planchette did not move apart from one time when a guest felt the planchette move ever so slightly. In the room with the drugs cupboard a guest who was using a K2 experienced a momentary interaction with spirit, with the lights moving right up into the red but then was gone as soon as it had started.

On the middle floor the group conducted a session using a crystal on a chain and a crystal board. There was immediate activity with the group team member showing the guests how to use the crystal. He immediately got a response with spirit spelling out their name. This really unsettled the team member as it spelled out his father’s name who had passed 10 years previously. When asked if this was a mischievous spirit the answer was yes.

The crystal was then used by another guest and they immediately contacted the spirit who confirmed that they were a doctor when Newsham was an active hospital. When asked if they had treated the notorious inmate Ian Brady, the answer was yes
                                Another great night at Newsham Park. Looking forward to going back again.