Newsham Park - Saturday 1st April 2023

Newsham Park
Chris, Alan, Ged and Michael

Laundry room

Chris started the night with the welcome talk and explaining how the evening would be set out and we moved down to the laundry room where Alan took the team through the white light of protection. Alan then moved off to complete his own protection.

Ged and Michael stayed with the group and started calling out.
One of the guests explained she could see a tall slender woman join us in the room who was unhappy that we were interrupting her from completing her daily work.
The name Vivienne was suggested so we continued calling out to her.
Another guest explained that the number 28 was important. The group felt that this may have been her patient list. The number 2 and 8 was then confirmed by Alan as he rejoined the group. There was a bit of tapping around the room however there was little further activity.

We splint the team into groups and spread out across the three adjoining laundry rooms.

Michael’s group
Laundry Room
Cat ball

The group felt we had been joined by a young man who had been a patient in the hospital.
The guests seen a face in the window and had some responses to questions via the cat ball.

We decided to break and then split into our teams for the evening.

Michael and Alan’s group
Upstairs Hospital Ward
REM pod, Spirit Talker App

The team spread out around the ward and there was a REM pod set out in the first bay.
Michael started to call out and we instantly had activity on the REM pod and Spirt was answering questions well.
The team were able to narrow down that we were speaking to a solider who was trapped in the building. He was here because he was looking for a baby who he had lost whilst in the hospital.

We were then joined by a spirit called Mable. Spirit had followed Mark one of the guests and after a few questions Mable stopped responding.

We decided to move on, thanked spirit for communicating and as we left there was a loud bang at the end of the ward. We asked if the noise had been made by spirit and we got another, not so prominent bang.
We again thanked Spirit and moved on.

Michael and Alan
Naughty boys corridor
Cat balls, REM pod, Glow balls, K2

The group were split and entered the punishment rooms. Michael and Alan closed all the doors. They then placed the REM pod, Cat balls and glow balls at the end of the corridor.

Alan started calling out, one guest explained that she felt spirit touched her hand.
The area seemed quiet and we had little activity.
Alan moved his questions towards the wardens and asked if they were unhappy we were all up here.
As Alan asked this we started to get spikes on the K2.
Alan asked if spirit could make itself seen and Natalie, one of the guests and Michael both seen a shadow figure walk passed them.

Activity was minimal so the team decided to move on to another area.

Michael and Alan
Cinema Room
K2, Spirit Vox app

The team set up around a table and set up candles. 9 guests, 3 candles and 3 offerings to complete a seance. Julie one of the guests lead the seance however there was no activity.

Michael and Alan
Locker room
Cat balls, crystal board, human pendulum

The team were set into a circle and Alan asked spirit to choose a person to work through.
Caz was picked by spirit and she moved into the centre of the circle.
Spirit was active and the team were able to find out we were talking to a young girl who had been treated at the hospital for mental health following a suicide attempt. She did not pass in the hospital but was connected to the building through her sister.
Spirit was really active for around 30 mins until there a loud knock on the ceiling was a presence felt in the room of a person of authority.
This spirit that had joined frighten the spirit that was communicating with us so we had to end activity due to lack of responses.

Alan completed a demonstration of the crystal board.
The team then completed a call out session using the board.
We got a woman through called Frieda who said she worked in the building before passing. Frieda confirmed her age of passing at 28 as this connected to the earlier messages in the laundry room we decided this would be a good place to end the night.

Wasn’t an overly active evening however where spirit communicated with us it did it with force.

Great night with a great team and group. 

New sham Asylum/Orphanage :

The guests arrived and where shown into the main assembly hall, Chris gave the introduction to the night and explained regarding the NO RECORDING contractual agreement LVI/NEPI. Where contractually obliged to enforce.
Once everybody was sorted we all as a group went to the down stairs staff,workshops area and carried out a white light protection carried out by the one and only Big Al.
Guests were reminded to keep light to a minimal and listen and ask out no equipment was used for this period of time approximately 1hr 30.
Guests stated they could feel a temp change and 2 guests who’d stated they were sensitive and had medium abilities stated they could make out a lady stood in some type of uniform stood near a doorway ( both guests stated in same place at same time !
Some guests decided to venture into the corridor and using a K2 meter and cat ball had a little interaction .it was then decided we would regroup and split into 2 teams now the remainder of the guests had now arrived.

Ged and Chris’s group basement level.
Equipment used. k
K2 cat ball , glow ball.
We stared again in the staff locker area and a guest gave out the name Anna and stated she was wearing a uniform and showing herself with a white ora .
We tried communicating with the spirit but received no real clarification it was her who we were engaging with , guests again split into the corridor and other rooms on that level with very little engagement again.

Psychiatric ward ground floor level.
Equipment used K2 REM bear ITC app, cat ball.
Guests carried out various calling out attempts in different rooms and in 1 room that contained a body gurney tried to get spirit to engage and move the trolley , after a period of time no movement was detected with little activity also on any other device , the ITC app gave out words that couldn’t be connected to what other activity was in progress.After checking out all the rooms guests wanted we moved up to floor 3 E ward.

Ward E top floor.
Equipment used, cat ball REM bear, ITC app,glow balls.K2 meters.
Guests entered the ward and a few noises where noted towards the bottom end of the Ward every time we stated we were moving on. We then carried on into the NAUGHTY BOYS CORRIDOR and got guests to each sit in a cupboard believed to have been used to punish unruly children in the days of the venue being an orphanage. Ged and Chris stayed in the main corridor with a few guests and started asking out for interaction. A few noises were heard 1 guest stating she’d been scratched on her hand, and some believing they could see the corridor darkening , no interaction was observed on any devices and the corridor remained very quiet. We carried on throughout the top floor in the final room guests under Chris’s guidance carried out a human pendulum experiment, after having left a set of glow balls along the naughty boys corridor guests had stated had seen slightly move during their time in there. It took a while for spirit to interact and as a guest had been chosen by spirit to enter the centre after a few questions everybody heard a door bang down stairs it was believed in maybe Mike and Alan’s group the door again banged and Chris went to investigate stating on return the other group was no where to be seen unable to verify everyone’s movements at the present time we couldn’t verify it as spiritual activity. Chris and guest Bob returned to the corridor to retrieve the glow balls stating they may’ve moved slightly but stated they had been so long as again they had heard a bang but where again unable to clarify what or who made the noise the guests by this time had given up on the human pendulum and awaited Chris and Bobs return before going to the bottom level cinema room.

Cinema room.
Equipment used K2 devices, REM bear, Cat balls , ITC device , candles. Cadaver gurney.

Bob the guest stated he’d like to be placed inside the gurney and pushed into a quiet room by Chris to see if he got any interaction, on returning Ged had set up a séance table and guests where asking out , a few names came up on the ITC device but nothing could be collaborated, no K2 activity or REM bear activity could be gotten, guests decided to have a small break before spending the last 45 minutes doing their own LONE VIGILS.

After a small refresher break guests went into different areas checked on by Ged and Chris and carried out their own small investigations. On return of all guests at the end of the event small bits of activity had been reported.All guests stated it was a quiet night but where more than happy nothing had been manufactured to make the evening appear to be some thing false or made up and all agreed that the spirits didn’t appear to want to interact, guests stated they had still enjoyed the event even thought it had been quiet but enjoyed everyone’s company and the sometimes funny comments and reactions of everyone.