North East Land Sea and Air Museum- Saturday 8th April 2023


Clare - Lone Vigil || Tram Hanger

Glow Balls
Proximity Bear
Music Box

So the Live Feed for Facebook took Clare into the dark Tram Hanger. Prior to the Live Feed and before guests had arrived, Clare and the team had a walk about to choose the best area for the live and had set up the equipment in preparation.

Once guests had been welcomed and preformed the white light protection, Clare headed off to start her Lone Live. Just as Clare was about to enter, Kieth the curator of the building had caught her…He said to be careful and that if a growl is heard to get out as quickly as possible… Not the kind of words you want to be hearing as you are about to begin a live!

Clare entered the Tram hanger which is extremely dark where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face and slowly ventured down towards the bottom end where equipment had been set up ready.

Clare entered the double decker bus and showed viewers at home where the equipment had been placed. She began to call out but all seemed calm from the back seat on the bus. She ventured to the middle seats and called out and a couple of viewers saw a figure of a male watching her. With some slight movement heard, viewers at home asked Clare to venture up to the top deck.

Clare settled up on the top deck on the back seats and began to call out. Again all seemed quiet except for some small bits on movement, but nothing on response.

A viewer at home suggested Clare to sit in the dark, at the stair entrance with her back to it…. so that’s what she did! Calling out, Clare heard a loud tap downstairs and asked the spirits to join her upstairs. No equipment went off but the sound of movement or shuffling was heard. The names from viewers consisted of Paul, Will, Gregory and Billy. Clare called out to the spirits and again, no responses were heard.

After a good push in the double decker bus, with not much activity or responses taking place, it was decided by viewers to try standing outside the bus in the hanger to call out. Once out the bus, a viewer asked Clare to try the yellow bus close by.

The proximity bear was placed in the doorway on the steps and Clare settled on a seat. It wasn’t long before a few taps were heard along with movement as if someone was close by. The odd whispers were heard by viewers also.

As Clare was sat in silence completely in the darkness, she felt the sensation as if someone had just entered the bus to join her. White noise surprisingly came through on the walkie talkie which Clare quickly radioed through to Claire to see if she had tried to get in touch. Claire said she had not touched her walkie talkie and she was still with guests who could confirm.  Clare called out thanking spirit for joining her and to make a noise on the bus where they were - an instant response of a big tap towards the drivers area was heard. Clare thanked spirit then asked them to come forward and touch the bear to make it light up and immediately the bear lit up - JUST WOW! Filled with goosebumps and excitement of 2 fantastic responses on cue, Clare continued to try to push for more responses. Viewers at home asked Clare to call out to a little boy, possibly named Will, but no confirmation took place. As Clare continued to sit in darkness, still overwhelmed by the amazing response to her questions, Clare sat and continued to try and get some more responses when all of a sudden, she heard something that really threw her. Without saying what she had heard, she asked viewers at home if they had heard anything, to which a few viewers confirmed a Growl. Now going on from the advice Kieth had given Clare meant for her to leave quickly however she found herself to be stuck as though a weight was on her legs not allowing them to move.

Fear had taken over and she managed to get off, clear she was extremely shaken by the growl on the seat next to her. Walking as calmly as she could towards the exit, she felt she was being followed, with included the sound of footsteps drawing closer to her. This resulted in Clare running as fast as she could to get out of the hanger!

Shaken by what had happened she thanked all for helping her through the Lone Live and it came to an end. Clare then went to find a team member to join her to start off the Locked Off Live Feed for Facebook - In the seat Clare was sat on with the Growl and the proximity bear placed on the seat that had the growl.

She then joined the team and guests to continue with the night ahead…

NELSAM - Saturday 8th April

Clare | Claire | Matty 

Main Hanger, Claire and Matty. No equipment.
We took the group photo and white light protection. Clare went to do her lone vigil in the Tram hanger and the group moved to the aircraft which we were able to sit in. Everyone made themselves comfortable and began calling out. We got occasional knocks and bangs on the outside and under belly of the plane, but nothing responded to our questions.
A guest felt extreme temperature change to her whole left side, she described a sensation of hair being moved across her hand and a tap to her other hand. Other guests felt the temperature change and a 'presence' in the gang way of the plane. Because we got very little we moved to the floor of the main Hanger.
We stood in a group with our attention drawn to the top corner. Several guests got the names of Matthew, George, Tom and David. We called out and got some responses in the forms of taps and bangs on the hanger walls. When addressing the spirits we all heard a whistle which repeated on request. We again heard a bang in the hanger.
A guest saw a full body apparition of a man smoking a pipe at the same time Claire and another guest got the feeling of a spirit wandering between the group and got cold air blown into their faces. Guests could see flashing green and gold lights up in the roof area of the hanger and down within the group.
Several people felt there was a presence in the top corner of the room, Claire saw a full body apparition in this area.
A guest picked up on a male and female walking into the group which was later confirmed by a guest who knew the 'story' of them. Matty heard a woman singing, with other guests stating they heard a woman say "mmmm" and a man say "Hey!" The same guest picked up on a small brown dog which was running around the group. This was confirmed by Keith, that indeed there is a small brown Jack Russell dog known to them.
We moved to the centre of the hanger again calling out. A guest picked up on a man sighing or saying "hey/hi" in her ear. Again in this area we could hear taps and bangs but nothing which would allow us to undertake a conversation.

As it was so cold we decided to move into the street scene area. We used the spirit talker app and the name Ruth and Bertie came through. The spirit talker app asked for people to come closer, as we did the Rembear went off and continued to go off, the spirit talker app then said "take a picture"
A guest heard a woodwiñd instrument being played. (We have since read that because of the rations of metals during the war that woodwind was used by the RAF military band, which is still used today)
A guest and two others stayed in the street scene with Keith. The rembear was in the doorway along with a music box. A guest held out her hand and a figure was seen near her hand on a kinect app. The figure quickly left and at the same time the rembear went off.

So after a break to warm up, we were going to split into groups and asked where guests would like to try. Tonight was filled with avid investigators all sharing the love for the paranormal and in search for evidence between us as a whole group. Each guest had their own areas they all felt drawn too. Being avid investigators they were happy and confident to go off alone into the darkness of the hangers. Tonight was very strange for the team having such a full group of everyone wishing to go off happily alone. The team flit from group to group to ensure all guests were ok and to attend to their needs where possible

Hanger 1
Prior to the guest arriving we stood in here and shouted out, we saw the body of an aircraft which Matty thought was German, we joked saying we couldn't speak German and then a full body apparition was seen moving from this aircraft.
Later in the evening a guest was able to share that he had been there when it was a barracks. He told us of a German soldier who was shot down, but not killed by a Hurricane aircraft. The German soldier was very upset and said he was shot down by a Spitfire.
Later in the evening Matty and Claire went in here with the music box and rembear. We shouted out to the German soldier, it became exceptionally cold and a guest heard "it's me" in a heavy accent. Matty and two guests went in the first hanger after the break, later joined by Claire and another guest. Matty placed the bear under a jet and the rem pod towards the back of the hanger due to a figure been seen earlier in the night. We began to call out asking if there were any spirits in the hanger, the bear lit up on a couple of occasions but when continuing with the questions the bear stopped lighting up. Earlier in the night it was mentioned that it could potentially be a German pilot that couldn't understand us so we tried to use Google translate to ask questions, but nothing was picked up. And activity was flat.

Hanger 2:
A guest was taking part in a lone vigil with our digital K2 and a REM Bear. Upon checking up to see how she was getting on, I was told that the backlight on the digital K2 had gone off, followed by the REM bear going off, followed by the digital K2 backlight coming back on. A very quick succession, but to me is very interesting given the fact the back light is a constant light and it is not on a timer nor does it go off. She reported a few taps and bangs in this area too. 
Matty moved into the second hanger where there are 4 helicopters located, so he placed the rem pod between them and placed the bear on a model ship. We started calling out asking questions to do with the helicopters and grounds. To our surprise we got activity with the bear which was sat on the model ship. Upon asking questions relating to the building, it was a female engineer that was communicating with us that use to work on the planes during ww2. Matty moved the bear to the middle of the floor next to the rempod but nothing else was detected. It felt really quiet.

Hanger 3:
A couple of guests in this area informed upon the team checking up that an app they were using had some words come through that were in relation to questions. A REM bear was placed on the floor which was also set off. This remained to go off for sometime before stopping off its own accord. Again, a few taps and bangs were heard.
Matty’s group tried the hanger and After setting the devices near the vehicles of the building we started asking if there was any spirits with us. Nothing was picked up using the devices. However, when asked to make a noise for us to leave, a loud tap was heard behind a tank. We respected spirit and thanked them for communicating with us and we left. It felt quiet once again. But as we say at the start of the night we can’t expect them to perform on command.
Hanger 4
A guest reported that tonight was the most active he had seen from a previous visit. There were more knock taps and booms and it felt more "busy". In the hangar with the red aeroplane, this guest reported he had to keep leaving as it was so incredibly cold and he became breathless as he was leaving he felt the chills go down his spine.
A guest saw a shadow walk into this hanger hence they went in to investigate, A guest saw several white mists with her eyes and had a rock thrown on command. She saw and felt a black mass move toward her on command. She felt a heaviness and a sudden drop in temperature resulting in goosebumps. This guest got lots of activity on the EMF in hanger 3 and recordable temperature changes some word came through the SB 7

Tram Hanger - A couple of guests had ventured off to the Tram Hanger in the hope they could hear or have a repeat from the Growl. Upon a check up of their group, they reported that they had received a few taps and bangs but nothing really major to them. 
Matty then moved into the tram hanger, sat in the bus at the back of the hanger. Upon arrival we set the music box off that was left behind from Clare’s live feed earlier. But when we were making our way up stairs it went of on its own accord which, I thank spirit for this, and we placed the bear at the top of the steps, when asking for any spirits to make themselves known the bear went of a couple times. Claire then came into the hanger with another guest so we asked a couple of questions. Whilst this was happening the bear in the tram was flashing on the FB live feed.

Main Hanger - Clare, Claire and a couple of guests found themselves spending some time in the main hanger as upon entering, shadows were seen, whispering was heard and flashes of light was seen. Claire picked up on a possible male that she saw emerged in water. We got a feeling of a man who was so very cold, he came close to Claire who felt herself shivering and a feeling this man had passed due to being shot down into water. The name Peter Trough was given. At this time we could hear water dripping inside the main Hanger, and although this could have been from the guttering this was the only time we heard this through the night. Claire called out and a tap on response right in front of her was heard. Shuffling and movement was heard and seen at the top corner of the hanger so a guest ventured up towards it to see if he could get anything.
Another guest felt the feeling of being uneasy and felt it was hard to breathe. The feeling of anxiety rushed through her and she then witnessed a figure step away from her and move towards the guest standing alone in the top of the hanger. As this happened, she felt a release within herself as if the sport had moved away from her space. She quietly said, ‘That is so much better, he’s on his way to Rob, Rob it’s your turn now’. These words were said very quietly and in no way Rob would have been able to hear this.
A couple of minutes later, Rob informed up that he felt a spirit enter his space and knew someone or something was close by to him.
Darkness drew in around us, and one guest in particular completely disappeared. We asked if he felt anything but he confirmed nothing and had said he would know if spirit was in his space. Clare went to stand next to the guest who had completely disappeared and was confirmed she was still able to be seen, regardless of wearing all black. She tried standing the other side of him but Clare was still able to be seen. We put this down to the spirit potentially standing closer to our space which was blocking out the guest. 
Matty and his group went into the main hanger. We went to the same place as we did when we were in the group towards the back end. We asked if the shadow figure that was seen earlier in the night was still around and there was a loud bang in the area it was spotted. We continued to ask questions but nothing really happened after the bang.

We continued to push on to really try to gain some responses on request to really try and gain some concrete evidence. Although we did hear whispering, footsteps and saw figures we never really managed to get anything respond in relation to any questions. Could all this we heard just be down to the residual energy that resides here?

Outside Claire, Keith with the Rem bear. Claire and several guests were outside near the plane in-between all the Hangers. The Rembear had been placed on one wing and nothing happened however when the bear was placed on the opposite wing it began to alarm. A guest felt she needed to walk around the aircraft and was thanking the service men for their duty, all the while Keith was taking photos, he captured an amazing photo which was the second photo in a series of three. On the photo was a very large hand shaped mist pointing to the rem bear, in the mist were the faces of men. An amazing catch by Keith!

After Another quick coffee to warm up as now it had really become icy cold guests had headed off to the team hanger to give this area one last try as they had not been in this area yet. A guest felt the presence of spirit in his space and was physically touched. He felt spirit going from side to side moving around his space. The name Sam was also connected with by our guests.
While guests in the tram hanger were calling out, they were able to see the proximity bear lighting up the ceiling from inside the bus, that was placed for the locked off live feed

An EXTREMELY cold night that was enjoyed by all with everyone having some kind of experience. Everyone had great energy and it was a fantastic group. We love it when a group of such Avid investigators get together with such positivity and fantastic energy. Thank you to each and everyone of you for joining us and pushing on through the cold night.

Locked off Live Feed - NELSAM || Tram Hanger

So once Clare had ended her Lone Live on Facebook she prepared a locked off Camera and ran a Facebook Live feed for the rest of the event’s duration.

All the Team and the Guests were together away from the Locked off feed to avoid noise contamination (although when moving to new areas they could occasionally be seen and heard which is completely expected).

Clare had placed our proximity bear on a seat in the bus, following on from her Lone Live where she was sat with the Growl noise.

The theme throughout the live feed was:
Voices were heard, Growls have been picked up a number of times, Taps, Clicking, Banging, shuffling and lots of movement picked up by viewers.

A girl around 4-5 with blonde hair was picked up by viewers called Susan, which many reported a spirit of a child about.

Heavy breathing, flashes of light, dark mists along with the sound of something being thrown was picked up by viewers. A woman’s voice was heard mumbling along with the sound of footsteps and plenty of activity with the proximity bear being lit up plenty of times.

Going on from the feedback, viewers have had a fantastic night watching and feel they have had plenty of activity.

So with this Locked off Live Feed - We can’t say everything or anything is 100% Paranormal. I can say that obviously having the team and guests, at times they could be seen and heard and any voices/movement does need to be taken into account that it could possibly be noise contamination by them at some points throughout the night. It is certainly very interesting to watch an empty room in a haunted location at what goes on when nobody is about.

Thank you to everyone who popped in and out throughout the feed and to those who stayed on for the duration. You really are our eyes and ears during the locked off feeds. I can’t wait for the next!!

What will you uncover when the lights go out?