Old Gala House - Saturday 23rd April 2022


The team started the evening with Chris giving the welcome talk to the group and everyone heading into the Pringle room where Alan delivered the white light protection.
The team began to call out to the spirits of the building, there was a few taps and cold drafts felt by guests but no real convulsive activity so Alan took half the group to the base room and Kathryn stayed in the Clapperton gallery room while Chris did the facebook live.
In the base room Alan and his group used the touch sensitive bear and multiple K2’s they encountered a make spirit using the bear he wore a hat as part of blue uniform and had revealed himself to people before. The spirit also reacted to Fiona (the curator of the building) questions and voice.
In the Clapperton gallery Kathryn and her group heard footsteps, taps, knocks and bangs on a door that lead to a locked office that had a glass door. There was no one inside the room. The group got multiple K2 hits when we were discussing the sculptures around the room but no direct responces to questions.
One guest in the group reported seeing a small victorian girl running along a corridor in a dress and the room that she came out of the door twitching open and shut.

We then all took a small break together before splitting up again.
Kathryn took her group upstairs with Chris, into the room with the ornate plastered ceiling and Alan took his group into the servants room at the back of the building.
Alan and his group conducted a scance, guests said that the room felt very heavy and there was a brief smell of smoke.
One guest used the crystal to pick up a male spirit who wasn’t happy about the group being in the room, so they left and came upstairs to join the rest of the team.
On the second floor, Kathryn was placing a rem pod in the doorway to small back room, when a black shadow ran at her and grabbed her arm.
For the rest of the time the group where in this area this small room seemed to have a shadow moving about in it.
The group made contact with the spirit of a lady called Maria, who had been picked up on during the live session.
She was very upset and responded well to Kathryn calling out and asking questions.
She told us that she was pushed down the stairs by a man who even now doesn’t want her to tell people what happened.
She lost her child and also her life due to the fall. We got this information using the touch sensitive bear and K2 meters.
Once the group where all back together we conducted table tipping in the room and got both tables to rock at the same time, also Maria continued to use the bear to respond to questions.
Alan took two guests and Fiona away from tbe group away into an older original part of the building where the ceiling has painted on the beams, they immediately knew they were not alone as they heard movement and saw shadows in the room.
They got a very strong smell of poo and as they were leaving the room one of the manicanes dressed in Tudor clothes was knocked to the floor giving everyone a huge shock.

We then decided to go for one final break before the last hour of the night.
Kathryn and Chris took their group up into the painted ceiling room and Alan took his group into the largest meeting room.
In the room Alan conducted a talk board session where they made contact with a spirit that kept spelling “V, T and S” on the board so they shut it down as the guests felt uncomfortable continuing with the board.
Other members tried the scrying mirror but they didn’t get anything from it.
Alan took his group back into the servants room and did another talk board session where they got a female spirit who told them she died at the age of 27, but then she told the group that she was unable to spell her name out as she couldn’t read or write.
The group felt it wasn’t right again so Alan closed down the board again.
The second group got a little girl, who was 7 years old and said her name was Katie.
Katie told the group that her Dad worked at the house and was in charge of all the servants when it was a working household.

In the painted ceiling room, Kathryn and Chris started to call out to the sprits we had immediate responses in the touch bear that was sat in the chair in the corner of the room.
Using the boogle game Chris got the name “Ben” which the bear responded too straight away.
To build up the energy everyone formed and circle around the table with everyone touching pinky fingers.
Kathryn felt cold blast in her face as well as pinch on her bum, when Chris asked the spirit of “Ben/ Benji” to touch someone they liked.
The air seemed very heavy in the room with guests reporting seeing shadows as well as taps and bangs and K2 flashes all the way up to red in response to questions. One guest stood in the corridor holding Wendy but got no responces.
The group moved into the smaller room where they conducted a human pendulum.
Billy was chosen by the sprit to go into the middle where we got a strong male spirit come through straight away called Robert.
He confirmed that he was the one who pushed Maria down the stairs as she was pregnant with his child after they had and affair.
Maria worked for the family in the house and Roberts wife knew they were having and affair. He was very sorry and ashamed of what he did to her as he loved her.
We were unable to get a year or time when this happened in the house. Robert confirmed that he blocked Maria from talking to people about what happened and how her life ended as he was ashamed of what he did to her.
The night was coming to and end so we thanked all the sprits for thier interactions and Chris gave the closing talk to the group in the base room.
Old Gala house was a great night and so were our guests and we hope to be back very soon. #TeamLVI