Old Miners Welfare Hall -Friday 10th December 2021


Cam’s Write Up

Wow what a night.
We started the night in the main hall where the stage is, with our white ight protection and then moved onto a little experiment setup by Cam. As we don’t go into the history Cam wrote 16 words on pieces of paper, all relative to the area. These were placed where the guests were to be seated.
We in turn said the word on the piece of paper with a pause in between, using the words as trigger objects.
We done this 3 times and each time we got responses.
There were noises all around. We stayed in this room for quite a while and got great responses from taps, bangs, footsteps, shuffling and even the door opened slightly.
We went for break to warm up as it starting to get very cold.
After break we went to the room upstairs and built the energy up first buy standing in a circle holding hands. We had with us the rem bear, glow balls and the rempod. We also placed a rempod outside of the room at the top of the stairs.
After calling out and a few giggles I suggested Robbie try some mirror scrying. The room is used as a dance studio with huge mirrors on the wall.
Robbie started mirror scrying and his face looked thinner and as if it was covered in soot.
Abbie then tried and her chin appeared more square and her mouth changed, it looked like she had no top teeth.
We then got Chris to try as the atmosphere changed and he had been scratched at the back of his leg downstairs.
Chris’s face changed, it looked angry. He said he wanted to just shout at us. One of the guests asked if he was the one who had caused the accident. That’s when Chris had to walk away from the mirror.
We all took a seat and done a call out using the portal app. We got a few responses from it but the atmosphere wasn’t feeling great. We also noticed the rem bear had been turned to face us. It wasn’t any of us who moved it.
We went for another break as it was freezing by this point and qe really needed to thaw out. Chris needed a break too after what had just happened.
We spent our last hour back downstairs in the room where we started. The atmosphere was very pleasant compared to upstairs. Robbie and Kev placed rem bears on either side of the stage. They stayed in the end where the stage is and the rest of us sat in the room adjacent. We took turns calling out but then Robbie and Kev started getting great activity with the bears. They saw a figure moving between the bears and setting the bears off as if responding to our questions. We even had both bears go off simultaneously. The activity was amazing so we clapped after each bit. We think it was a little boy, but I don’t think he is linked to the mining disaster.
We all could see a figure in the doorway to the left of the stage. They appeared to be just watching despite our request for them to join us.
We thanked the spirits and gave a round of applause at the end.
Brilliant night and looking forward to returning