Oxford Castle and Prison - Saturday 28th May 2022

Oxford Castle & Prison
After welcoming our guests for our sleepover event, we decided to start the night down in the crypt, as it was still light outside.
We carried out our white light protection and commenced our call out to spirit(s).
The night started off a bit slow but we were patient and spirit began to let us know we weren’t alone. It started with small taps and movement. We all heard movement coming from the small corridor which led to the crypt and felt as if we were being watched by a spirit who was pacing back and forth. No matter how much we tried to communicate, they were reluctant to respond.
The atmosphere changed and Cam said she could feel touching on her legs, as if hands were reaching up and ‘pawing’, she could feel the fingers. A guest said they too could feel their lower legs being touched. Cam then saw lots of people on the floor, shackled and very weak through possible starvation. They were reaching up as if crying out for help.
When we asked about what Cam saw, we started to get spikes on the K2. This had been quiet all night. Cam said she thought they may have been from Normandy so Alan begun asking some basic questions in French. It was as if the place had come alive. We played the France National Anthem and remained quiet. The K2 was very active at this point and we were hearing movement and even a few audible moans/groans.
The atmosphere quickly changed and Cam had the feeling that at a different point in time, the crypt may have been used by the church. Quite a few of the ladies were touched but none of the men were.
Ged played some Monk chanting while we all remained quiet. There was movement around us and a couple of guests heard a small childs laughter.
We had placed a music box in one of the corners where no-one was standing and it was activated a lot. It was as if we were communicating with ‘the monk’, who continued touching and being around the women, but also of the little girl, who liked the music box.
We continued with our calling out and one of the guests had brought with them a ‘death whistle’. The guest blew the whistle and the activity continued. At the same time we had all spread out and some had moved into the corridor as we were still hearing the movement from our ‘watcher’. Cam took a photo from the corridor into the crypt and saw a figure peek out from one of the columns. Sadly this was not captured on her photo but she did go and check, there were no guests at that pillar.
We decided to break as it was starting to get cold and then broke into 3 groups.
Cam’s Group – The Tower
We climbed the narrow, steep, winding staircase and headed to the large room. We were all calling out in turns and also discussing how we felt the room felt like it would have been used by a person of high power to make decisions. We didn’t get any activity for the first 20 minutes but one of the guests saw something in the doorway which entered the room.
The K2 was on the floor and started lighting up. No matter how many questions we asked we couldn’t get definitive answers so we tried some Yes/No questions, using ‘table tipping’. The results were amazing. Spirit was more than happy to let us know they were with us, and how strong their energy was. We witnessed the table go on one leg and eventually crash to the floor. This happened twice and Cam managed to capture this on video. We still don’t know who this spirit was so we closed it down and moved on to the next location.
Cam’s Group – The Punishment Cells
The cells were very small. One to the left and one to the right. One of the guests stood in the left cell, 4 guests in the right cell and the rest of us in between. We placed a music box in the doorway of the left cell and the proximity bear in the doorway to the right. We began our call out.
We got nothing, the energy was quite flat until we started discussing an event linked to one of our guests. The music box was very active but then the energy went so we decided to leave the cells (and the spiders).
Cam’s Group – D Wing
We split up among the cells in D wing. The cell of Mary Blandy seemed to be the most active for us. Mary liked playing with the music box and proximity bear, which she was using to answer our questions. The activity was strong until Chris entered the cell. The energy dissipated slightly. We soon discovered though questions that Chris reminded Mary of her lover, and that she had received a harsher sentence than him for their crime, when it was likely that it was his idea.
The energy started to die off, it was getting late. We moved on throughout the other rooms just off D wing but we didn’t get much in the way of activity, other than when we placed the proximity bear on the bed and established we were communicating with a female spirit who was imprisoned for her choice of activities.
As it was getting late, we had a quick break and met up with the rest of the guests to try a séance in the crypt. We got very little activity so the team left the guests to investigate on their own.
Great night, well worth the trip.