Paranormal Investigation at Vane Tempest Hall – 28th January 2022

Cam’s Write Up from our Paranormal Investigation

Tonight’s Paranormal Investigation was held at Vane Tempest Hall in Durham.
We started the night with Alan doing the introduction to our guests, followed by Kathryn doing the white light protection for all guests in the sports hall.
We stayed in the sports and started a call out. It was quiet at first but then we started to hear noise from the back of the room near the big house.
One of the guests took a couple of photos with one of them showing a mist.

During our Paranormal Investigation, Cam opened the door of the sports hall and Alan placed a k2 in the doorway. Robbie placed a Rempod at the other end of the corridor and Cam placed the music box in the ladies toilets. None of these went off. We did however hear someone say hello. It wasn’t any of the staff or guests and the front door was locked.
We left the sports hall and spaced out in the corridor thinking too many people may be unnerving to spirit. How right we were… Cam was calling out from the doorway and saw a shadow figure move from right to left at the back of the room. She then saw a smaller shadow figure do the same and heard a female voice. What sounded like a small bit of gravel was also thrown near Cam’s feet but it was like a sign of ‘yes I’m here’. It wasn’t malicious.
We carried on calling out during our Paranormal Investigation and placed a rem bear at the back of the sports hall where the mist and shadow figures were seen. Nothing happened until we decided to break.

Kathryn and a couple of guests were still there and the bear started lighting up.
After break we split into 2 groups. Cam and Robbie took some of the guests outside near the big wall where the grave site is on the opposite side. We used the portal app on Cam’s phone and began asking questions. We asked how many graves there were. The response was 6. We received a lot of responses in German and it was confirmed we were communicating with a soldier. We decided walk round to the actual graves and continue our portal session but on a lower volume as this is surrounded by houses. The responses were quite quiet. One of the guests went to an area near the wall and there were 6 graves grouped together. Were these the graves the soldier was talking about when he said 6?
The guests and Robbie saw what looked like a nun figure leaning forward near some graves. It wasn’t a statue. We walked back quietly and went back into the sports hall. Alan and Kathryn were in the equipment room doing a Ouija board session.
Cam and Robbie’s guests tried a Ouija board session. The board was opened by Cam, but the activity was slight so she closed it down.
They then tried table tipping with the 1st session turning the table and the 2nd tipping it over. Very child like behaviour from spirit.
The rest of the guests joined us for the last 20mins and we decided to continue with the tables. The rem bear started to go off when Kathryn mentioned a Trevor.
For the last 10 minutes we carried out a human pendulum.
Interesting night. Bits of activity but quite playful. Thank you to all our guests for joining Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Roll on our next event at Vane Tempest Hall
Until the next time