Park Hotel Morecambe – Saturday 13th November 2021


So our anticipated investigation at the infamous Park Hotel had arrived & our white light protection took us up to the 4th floor where we started the investigation…. The group all stood along the dark corridor & began a call out session getting spikes on the k2 immediately but soon realised that the possibility of electrical issues where causing this… Few taps on response brought us to a spirit that worked in the hotel… The group split & Alan group headed up into the tower whilst ged’s group stuck with the dark corridor we all started in…. This gave Chris an ample opportunity to head to the foreboding cellar to partake in a Lone Vigil live but once down there realised that the signal wasn’t great so continued his live up in the abandoned 4th floor once the group had left the area. Chris hit the live button & immediately had shuffling along the corridor & came across spirit who was presenting himself as a male who was manickly pacing up & down the corridor looking for something… With movement further around the corner, Chris headed this way to reveal further footsteps up & down the corridor with movement also confirming right next to him movement which duely led to a rather large squeal… This was to confirm that his children were the things he was looking for manickly… The proximity bear was placed on a table further down the corridor but as before, this had stayed silent throughout the live feed… As the gentleman spirit began to go quiet, a lady spirit with a long dressing gown was picked up on by a guest & shuffling was heard which again made Chris jump & squeal as he does… As he left the area of the top floor to rejoin the team down in the cellar areas, he stood on the stairwell & something was thrown down the stairs towards him as he was saying his goodbyes to the avid followers on the live… This was the last straw for him & he hastily retreated to the safety net of all the guest’s & team… Throughout the night many other things had happened including movement in the bottom bar area whilst calling out within the area with a guest who had earlier reported something banging in there whilst walking past….All in all an absolutely fantastic evening’s investigating with some credible evidence caught by our enthusiastic guest’s.


After Alans white light as stated my group stayed on the main corridor joined by emma J . We asked out and had a few hits using our own senses 1 guest states she thought she’d seen a figure look around the corner at the top of the corridor everybody was on edge and said they could all feel a presence . Emma J then stated she’d caught the shadow on video and showed all my group.
We scanned about the top floor and split into 2 in the tower room some of the ladies going to the top of the tower and some sitting in the room directly beneath me being able to see both groups as i stayed on the very steep stairs. Whilst asking out due to no one feeling anything as we still had no equipment to measure emf or the likes. We ALL heard the sound of a bouncing rubber ball all taken aback we thought it was coming from the room joining us where we had placed a rocking chair . 2 members of the group went to check on the sound i asked for spirit to make the sound again and the same sound was heard . We stayed in the tower for another 10 mins before breaking .
I asked the group what equipment they wanted to use in the cellar where we were going next they chose WENDY and a proximity bear plus K2.
We went to the extremely cold cellar this was the area we got LOTS OF PROXIMITY HITS the bear answering our questions guests also stating they had heard lots of noises but we couldn’t rule out noise pollution from outside. Chris joined us and activity stopped. On Chris leaving again activity it ramped up again with lots of interaction .
All public having left the hotel we visited the bar area my group again only wanting to use the basic equipment.chris joined us and activity levels were nil he brought along the SLS we kicked up a figure and knew it wasn’t Chris as lets just say he was a BIG Lad !! Chris debunked it after 5 minutes and worked out it was reflecting of a rail topped lamp . we were joined by Alan and his crew and using a guests K2 got a few hits and worked out the spirit we were talking too was a Dr from WW 2 era. Another spell in the cellar and top floor turret area later things had really quieted down . All guests left saying they had enjoyed the night and were pleased with activity levels and enjoyed everyone’s company and having had a good laugh also.