Pearce Institute- Saturday 18th March

The Pearce Institute - 18th March

Cam, Alan and Katie
Main room with the organ pipes
Cam carried out the white light protection to the guests and we started our investigation with a call out.
We were calling out for around 40minutes but didn't receive any direct responses.
A few of the guests were using word apps and a few names had come through.
We tried going with the names but didn't get anything.

We decided to move on to another location.

2nd floor
We found a room which had good sized tables in for us to try table tipping.
We initially tried a call out and eventually did hear a few taps and a K2 device was illuminating.
We decided to separate 2 tables and try 2 table tipping sessions.
We started to get responses on one of the tables, which we soon found through questioning that we were communicating with a child. He was around 8yrs old and called Charlie. The activity on the table increased as we mentioned his 'mammy'. Charlie missed his mammy and was looking for her.
Other than communicating with the little boy, we didn't get any further activity.
The room was very hot so we decided to break.

Chris & Cam
Billiards Room - equipment: L2, cat balls, glass work and rempod.
We placed the round table in the centre of the room and the guests sat round it to start doing some glass work.
As we were calling out, one of the piano keys was pressed once. This didn't happen again and there was no one near the piano.
One of the guests then placed a K2 device on the piano.
We continued with the glass work but didn't get any responses to our questions using this method.

The rempod was outside of the room just infront of the door way.
Chris and a guest had seen what looked like a shadow figure walk past the doorway. We verified there was no one outside of the room with the other team being in the basement at this point.
Cam saw a shadow figure enter the room and was standing back watching.
We could hear shuffling and taps and then the catballs started to illuminate.
As we were calling out and building up a bit of energy by laughing, we heard a loud exhale. This was not a guest and at first we thought it may have been one of the guests devices so we turned it off. We heard the exhale another 3 times.

The guests placed their devices on the table as these were all illuminating at the same time. We asked if everyone's phones and watches were on flight mode. They were. The devices were still going off when we were asking questions but we never got any definitive answers so we were unsure who we were communicating with.

We then heard a few taps coming from the direction of the piano so moved our focus to this, in the hope that we would hear the keys being pressed again. Even with the offer of Chris doing a dance, spirit didn't accept by pressing any of the keys.

The guests were still sat around the table with their K2 devices. They decided to sing a song for spirit. The devices were lighting up at the same time. We didn't get any other form of communication so we thanked spirit and moved on.

Chris & Cam
The Basement - Equipment: our senses
We stood in a circle holding hands to build up the energy.
We decided to not use any equipment and to use our senses.
We remained still and quiet while we called out, listening for any movement.
We all heard shuffling footsteps which were very close.
Chris called out to the gentleman who didn't like Chris being in the basement when carrying out his live at the beginning of the night.
Chris mentioned the man's wife and straight away we heard what sounded like a small stone had been thrown. This wasn't forceful, it was as if to get our attention. We knew it wasn't a guest as we were all stood still, holding hands.
One guest reported her hair being touched. At the same time, Chris said he had seen in his minds eye, hands in front of the guests face, playing with her hair.
One of the guests started to feel very uneasy and wasn't comfortable where we were.
We called out to the male spirits wife and we all heard a female voice. We couldn't be sure if this was paranormal as we could hear cars from outside.
Just then another guest reported seeing what appeared to be an elderly lady, quite small in size, with a stoop, wearing a headscarf. We then found out that this was also mentioned by a viewer on the live earlier in the night.

Chris was drawn to the long tunnel area but we didn't get any responses to our questions.

It was getting late and we had around 20mins of the investigation left. A few guests went off on their own in the boiler room, but didn't get any activity.

We took the remaining guests back to the billiard room. We didn't get any further activity.

Cam took 3 guests back to the room where we done the table tipping but we didn't get any activity.

We thanked spirits for communicating with us and headed back to base.

Locked off Live Feed -

So once Chris had ended his Lone Live on Facebook he ventured to the main Hall and prepared a locked off Camera in front of the disconnected organ (that has been known for being played by unseen hands) and ran a Facebook Live feed for the rest of the event’s duration.

All the Team and the Guests were together away from the Locked off feed to avoid noise contamination (although when moving to new areas they could occasionally be seen and heard which is completely expected).

Chris had placed our Ghostbusters REM on the stage which also has a temp display, along with a music box and a light sensor. All throughout the feed, none of the equipment was set off.

It wasn’t long before viewers at home had picked up on taps and bangs, light anomalies, footsteps along with what sounded like running.
The sound of what was described by viewers of old monks chanting or singing prayers was heard along with screaming and music. A shadow was picked up a couple of times on the stage blocking out the light. Whispering, moaning sounds and a shout for help we’re also heard too. Viewers also reported a growling noise, whistling, shuffling and the noise of a bell. Although viewers have reported on what I think seems to be quite a few things, they did also mention that it was very flat with not much activity taking place. It’s unfortunately like we say, we CAN NOT make spirits perform and we need to remember how grateful it is to even just receive the smallest part from spirit.

So with this Locked off Live Feed - Again, we can never guarantee ANYTHING will happen for the duration. We can’t say everything or anything is 100% Paranormal. I can say that obviously having the team and guests, at times they could be seen and heard and any voices/movement does need to be taken into account that it could possibly be noise contamination by them at some points throughout the night. But it was certainly very interesting to watch an empty room in a haunted location at what goes on when nobody is about.

Thank you to everyone who popped in and out throughout the feed and to those who stayed on for the duration. You really are our eyes and ears during the locked off feeds. I can’t wait for the next!!