PRIVATE EVENT - Friday 11th August 2023

Private Event - 

We started the investigation in the main corridor and stairwell. A guest sat upstairs while the rest of us were downstairs. We placed the bells on the bannister and on door handles.
We heard taps and distant voices however these noises could have been external to the building. On one occasion we heard a noise upstairs as though someone was sitting down in a chair. The lady, who was alone, said she had not moved and was sitting at the top of the staircase. However she reported feeling her leg had been grabbed (gently) and seeing a shadow person crouched looking through the bannister to the people below. The people below reported sensing a similar thing as though someone was looking down at them.
At this time a person downstairs looked behind, when asked she said she too had had her leg grabbed, it was exactly at this time the K2 spiked massively.

The name Charlie was sensed by a guest.

We decided to move into 3 groups, I went into the ladies toilet, we had the proximity bear, the red torch and the word generating app.
Whilst there a guest and myself saw a small figure between two others. The figure felt childlike, a guest picked up on the name Hannah.
We decided to undertake some scrying in the mirrors and a few moments later the lady looking in the mirror felt her face change and went dizzy at the same time another lady felt her arm being touched. As we were discussing this a small scratching noise could be heard in one of the cubicles. The word generating app identified that there was someone who was stationed here, a nurse and cemetery. Later in the investigation I used some of this data on the Ouija board. The names Eric, Christopher, Josh and Bertram were given.
Sophie's group went into the girl's Changing room.
3 guests reported seeing a shadow figure seen in the shower area. They placed a glowing ball in there to their surprise the ball started moving by itself. The group asked the shadow to move the ball to show a yes/no answer which it did. However, on asking questions the ball rolled about in random directions.
The area in the shower was reported by a guest to be "like a black hole" when external light from cars went past. However a guest reported seeing the shadow go out the door, and the shower area quickly lightened.
This group came into the toilets. The app said Jody, on reading this out, Jodie, who had just walked into the toilets at the same time said yes! We were all a bit taken back. The app went on to say Robinson, who was a close family link to Jodie, we asked if this was the relative and the app said love!. Awww. A further scrying session took place while no face changes to the person looking in the mirror, two onlookers saw each other's faces change!

After the break we settled Alan on his lone vigil in a room away from the main building.

We set up the Ouija board and the grid lights. The first session on the board resulted in the yes and no markers being used as the spirit was finding it tricky to spell out names. It did confirm it was a service person who wasn't from Thornaby, however had been buried in the cemetery and didn't have any relatives visiting them. We got the name David before the spirit moves on. Two ladies sat in a cupboard with a motion sensor music box and proximity bear. We closed the door and although the second group on the board didn't get any movement, the ladies in the cupboard felt a presence of a small child and reported the bear and music box had been going off on command.

Sophie's group: Cafe, small back room. The group were in a circle in the small area and guests reported feelings of being pushed and were noticeably swaying. People reported feeling a spirit getting very close in their faces and hearing knocking on the doors. The fridge was reported to move away from the wall.
This group moved into the main cafe area and undertook a table tipping exercise. Guest reported that the table seemed to be pulsing and people reported feeling very cold. The word generating app said someone's name who was on the table.
The group was questioning about the myth of the witches, the app repeatedly said "they're innocent!"
Everyone noticed something was thrown/dropped but there was no physical item to be found.
The group decided to move on and after stating that they were going to leave the device said "you'll miss me"
Claire's group noticed the main hall become quiet so we went to see Alan.

Side room, proximity bear, cat ball and K2.
Alan reported the bear and cat ball had been flashing when questions asked. We placed two bears opposite to us (one designated as a yes bear, the other a no bear) with the K2 and cat ball closer on the table.
We had the most amazing responses from the bears, the spirit reported it was Mr Robert Atkinson, who came to enjoy the building he loved. He loved the fact the building was used by the community and enjoyed seeing children in there too. He came with his family to ensure the building was still safe.

When asked if he would push the bears over he said no! We asked if he would light up all the equipment in the room, too which he did!!
We asked about the myth of the witches, it transpired that the myth is true, witches had been there, he advised us he didn't want to speak about them. Unfortunately the energy began to diminish so we moved back to the main building.

Main corridor, as we were calling out and asking about the people still wandering the route, the K2 held by a guest would provide flashes. Alan was in the ladies changing room and was flashing a light, the spirit made it clear it wanted to rest and to stop Alan from disturbing it.
The night drew to a close so we gave our thanks and let the spirits rest.

Another amazing night with some wonderful guests. Thank you for choosing LVI for a Private Event and look forward to seeing you all again soon