PRIVATE EVENT - Friday 20th October

Elmwood Community Centre - Clare, Michael B, Kate and Colin.


After welcoming the guests, Clare began the white light protection. During this, there was a loud bang which could only be described as a door slamming. With us all being accounted for in the building and knowing nobody else should be in there, Kate and Colin went to investigate while Clare continued the white light. Nobody was around and no explanation of this door slamming could be debunked. As Kate and Colin re entered with the group Loud footsteps were clearly heard.

Once the white light was completed, the group left to start the nights investigation while Clare left them to take part in her Lone Live Facebook feed.

Main Hall - Full Group
Michael B, Kate and Colin.
Bears, Cat balls, Rem pod, Wendy, K2
Has we were going in the hall, a few of the guest put Bears on the chairs and within seconds they were going off, Colin did ask the spirits to step away which the did, this happened a few times. The rest of the guest made their way into the hall and got comfortable. We asked the spirits to make themselves known by any means possible, which they did by using the bears only, we did not get any specific names, it did feel like it was children that were coming through, a few guests said they could see shadows and Kate said she could see someone by the doorway, Michael called out and a few times the bears flashed to his questions. Kate decided to roll a glow ball down the centre of the hall, it did seem to move in a few directions by itself when it seemed to have settled.
The energy did seem to come in waves, one minute it seemed flat and the next it seemed to be active.
After an hour or so three of the guests wanted to go and sit in the cupboard just outside of the hall.
We spent roughly two hours in the hall and only getting little bits and pieces.Clare had then finished her lone vigil that she was doing for the live, we explained the spirit was a smoker and was affecting a guest by making her cough, Clare offered the spirit a cigarette but the spirit decided not to take Clare up on her offer.
We decided to have a break and regroup.

After a break, we split into groups with some guests going off with Claire and Sophie -
Sophie bottom room with 2 guests.
Wendy doll.

They heard footsteps as though someone above was doing normal day to day activities. They heard the footsteps come downstairs and fade away. Above the area where they were seated is a large loft space with no access and no stairs!
Wendy doll flashed to red to nothing in response and when the group were laughing. Not at other times, this was repeated later when a different group went in.
On leaving the room Sophie's group noted large wet boot prints outside the room, the print of the boot did not match any of theirs.

Claire, bottom room, Ouija board and K2.
We settled into the board and the planchette began to move purposely. However, we failed to get a clear message from it. We spent time laughing and chatting and the K2 would spike to red. On asking yes/no questions the spirit identified it wanted to speak with a guest, it kept going between A, W and X. The guest later identified that this was their grandfather. A second group went on the board and nothing occurred.
We moved to the spooky corridor where we collected a guest doing a lone vigil in the cupboard. Sophie decided to be brave and go into the cupboard alone. She reported to feeling electric static shocks in her back and as though she was under water. She came out of the cupboard after a few minutes.
We used the singing bowl and the rem bear. We opened the door to the cellar and asked the spirit to join us. A guest sat at the top of the cellar on the steps, the rem bear was a few steps below her. The bear lit at the same time she heard a man cough. She quickly left the space. Again another guest sat in the stairs and the rem bear lit. When no one sat in the stairs the bear stayed quiet!
3 of us went to the tea room to do table tipping. We picked up on a light and gentle spirit and it was identified that it was children who had come to visit the property. This was confirmed via the rem bear. The table moved subtly and drifted away after we clarified what they needed.

Tea room - Clare, Michael B, Kate and Colin
Equipment - Spirit Box, Cat Ball, Music Box

Upon entering Clare explained what the spirit box done to the guests and tried calling out to spirits. This session didn’t last too long due to the music box not sounding right (which was turned on before entering the room and was working as it should be). So we used the Portal.

The name Clare and Allison kept coming through. This also happened at this same location last week when Clare done a Lone Live. So with this in mind, Clare asked the spirit if they wanted her to leave and the spirit confirmed. So as Clare left, she asked the spirit not to say her name anymore and say another persons name within the room.

Clare went to check on the other group the other side of the building at this time. Upon arriving back to see how they got on, the group confirmed that Clare’s name had not been mentioned but the name Sarah came through. There was a guest in that room called Sarah too along with the name Colin, who also was in this room. Brilliant.
As Clare re entered the room, her name was called out again and the music box also went off.
Kate got her spirit talker out and a cat ball which went off once, a few bits and pieces came through and the name Alison again was called out
The room felt very calm after this and we decided to move on to another area.

Room 3 -
Equipment - Light Touch Sensor, Human Pendulum

As we were leaving the tea room, Clare noticed in the set up room a light flashing. Upon checking a piece of equipment had been turned on and activated. This was the light touch sensor. So we placed this down in room 3 in the hope the spirits would use this.
We started a human pendulum and we began communicating with the spirit of a boy who was called David about 14 years old. He lived at the building with his family and he wasn’t allowed in room 3 but now he had passed over he was allowed there. Later on down the line, the question was asked if the boy knew he had passed over. The answer was a clear no!
With the info earlier and Clare using her senses and intuition, she already was on guard this wasn’t a child spirit. So pointed out that earlier on, the spirit had said he was allowed in this area now passed, yet didn’t know had passed.
The energy soon felt very different in the room and it was confirmed the spirit was ‘playing games’. The spirit also wanted Clare away from the room. So Clare respected that and left.
As Clare went to check on the other group the other side of the building, Sophie pointed out that something had followed her in as Clare came in through the door.
Clare left the other group to rejoin the others doing the human pendulum and Kate had taken herself out the circle as she felt very sick. Clare was asked, what she had screamed for when she had left the room. Clare confirmed she had never screamed. Something had mimicked Clare screaming!

Main Hall -
Equipment - Proximity Bear

Clare noticed light coming from somewhere and had realised it had been left on from our base room (which as everyone had left this area the light had been switched off) so Clare asked Colin if he could turn the light out in the room but before he could leave the room the light went out by itself, this was witnessed by Clare and Colin, So Clare asked for all torches to be turned off so we could total darkness.
We began calling out in the main hall, where it didn’t take long for spirit to come forward on response. We asked spirit to come through the door and as this was said, the door opened. This happened on response a few times before asking spirit to shut the door, which again this happened. Now it’s hard to say if this was paranormal or if it was down to wind outside but either way, we did notice this only seemed to happen on response.

Shadows were seen around the room but as we continued to call out, no further activity or confirmation happened. So we decided to try another area.

Conference Room -
Equipment - Proximity Bear, Cat Balls

Upon entering the room many picked up on a very odd smell. We settled and begun to call out. Instant confirmation was made via the Proximity bear, however this soon changed as we noticed the bear was actually being used to drain the batteries. The room felt very calm once the bear had been stood static for about 10 mins and we felt we needed to try another area.

Corridor -
Cat ball

We stood and began to call out in the ‘creepy’ corridor. We really pushed this area. The only thing happened here was that the cat ball lit up once in response. But we all agreed that the area felt very flat. With someone saying, it started to feel like whenever we were entering new areas, the spirit would leave. Like we were chasing the energy and missing it.

Room 3
Michael/Colin what happened here while me and Kate were with a group?

The night came to an end and we thanked the spirits for coming forward. No 2 nights are the same here and although the night was a very quiet one compared to normal, we still had some amazing activity through the night with everyone having some kind of experience.

Once the guests had all left, the team were packing away and all heard a clear ladies voice. Upon investigating we were unable to workout a reasonable answer to what this was.
A very strange night indeed, with bursts of energy coming in waves. Thank you to all our guests for your amazing energy. And as ever, Elmwood you never fail

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