PRIVATE EVENT - Friday 22nd March 2024

Chris and Colin
Cat Ball, Mel Meter, Music Box, Wendy, K2,

The team lead the guests to the attic where Chris asked the guests to form a circle and join hands, Chris had placed Wendy on some pallets in the corner and a K2 above her, a music box by the goods lift and a bit further up the mel meter, Chris began the calling out, inviting the spirits to come forward and join us in the circle, some of the guests were saying they could see shadows down the far end of the attic and some were saying they could hear faint taps, at first we thought we were getting the spirit of a man or a woman, Chris asked the spirits if they could stand next to any of the guests and join the circle, Colin was standing next to Joy ( guest ) and her right side was getting cold and Colin was also getting the cold feeling down his left side, after a few seconds, Joy seemed to get upset and said “ that she could feel a child that had lost their mother or mother that had lost her child, not at birth but when the child was about 4 or 5 years of age “. The team continued to call out and then joy said she could feel hands on her shoulders just like if a child was trying to get a piggy back, Chris asked Colin to put a cat ball behind to see if the child would interact with it. After a while we all decided to sit on the floor, one of the guests asked if she could sit near Wendy, as she approached Wendy it had looked like Wendy had been moved from where Chris had put her, as Chris was looking at Wendy and talking to the guests, the Mel meter went off, Chris had asked if the spirit could move away from it, Colin asked if the spirit could move to the music box which has blue light on it but the spirit seemed to like the Mel meter and stayed they till it had drained the batteries. The team called out some more but it did feel flat and very still, so the team decided to move on.

Chris and Colin
Display showroom.
K2, Wendy, Music Box.

The spread themselves out around the room, Chris placed Wendy up against the wall and placed a music box into one of the small rooms just of to the side, a K2 was placed on the floor, all guests were sitting up against the walls, Colin was sitting with his back against a false wall next to Wendy, Chris started to call, Colin and one of the guest said they could hear footsteps in one of the rooms, Colin asked if the spirit could do it again but this time make them louder, Chris asked if the spirits could bang on one of the walls next to someone, within seconds, the wall where Colin was up against gave a really loud bang as if it had been kicked, Chris thanked the spirits for doing that and could they do it again, one of the guest asked Chris if he could sit where the bang had come from, which he did, after a short period of time, Chris heard some gentle taps that seemed to come from a disused fire, a male guest said he was picking a male spirit who seemed to have been a teacher or a headmaster, the spirit seemed very moody or angry about something, the team went with this and asked questions, if ruled the classroom very strictly, the team continued to call out, there were taps or little knocks but that may have been the wind, Chris suggested about everyone having a quick break and then move on to the next room.

The Cellar
Estes, Dowsing Rods, K2

The team went to the far end of the cellar and got the guest to spread out, Chris took one of the female guest to another put of the cellar to do the estes method with her while Colin stayed with the remaining guests, Colin asked the guests with the dowsing rods to establish a yes no movement with the rods, once we had established this, Colin got the guest to ask questions and see if we get any replys from the estes method being carried out in the other room, the guest were really great with their questions ans some of the responses we were getting from the dowsing rods was amazing, the K2 then started spiking to some of the questions, we did not get any knocks or taps but the equipment was making up for that and the guests were enjoying what responses they were getting. After a short time Chris came back in and read out some of the words that had been said and some of the words did match up with what the guests had been asking, through the estes came the name Anthony, which we asked “ is your name Joe or Daniel, we asked “if you get on with the other spirits”, the response was sometimes, there was some random words that came out and did not add up to what was being asked, with time moving on, the team decided to call it a night.

Truly an amazing location with so many rooms explore, we have only touched a little bit of the warehouse, what will we discover next time we come to the warehouse.

The Warehouse 22/03/2024
Chris, Colin, Abbey

Base room
Chris did an amazing welcome talk. We then did the guest photos and group photos before going upstairs to do the white light.

Cat balls, k2
Chris conducted the white light protection. Just before the white light began there was a loud noise near Abbey and Colin and once Chris had finsished the white protection they both investigated however nothing was seen thta would constitute the noise that was made. Chris then went to do the lone vigil whilst Colin and Abbey stayed in the attic with the rest of the group.
Colin, Abbey and our special guest Big Mick called out to spirit. Bangs and taps were heard around the room. The group was then split across the 3 parts of the attic to see if we could get any more evidence. The part that we started in went flat so we moved across the attic into the furtherest part where Chris was. A lady sat in a chair which use to belong to Joe. Again there were noises in here and some guests reported temperature changes. The time was getting on and some guests felt they needed to have a break.

Cellar number 1
Big Mick, Abbey
Rem pod, ouji board, Rem bear, k2
We made our way down to the cellar and when we got there Big Mick and Abbey placed soem equipment around the room. Questions were asked and the bear flashed in response to the questions. At times though the bear flashed without directly responding to the questions. The k2 spiked several times and sometimes this was at the same time as the bear. It was time to get the ouji board out. Big Mick opened the ouji board. He began to ask questions however he was not getting much response so the ladies who were on the board asked questions and spirit began communicating. Spirit preferred to talk to one particular guest. We found out we were communicating with a little boy who passed when he was 12 years old in 1947 in the air raids. The guest whom he preferred to communicate with reminded him of his mam. The board had quite a bit of energy. The name Richard came through the board. One of the guests asked how many spirits were with us and spirit repeatedly said 23. This number was relevant to us as there were 23 people on the investigation. Present was a female spirit and she was dressed in a red dress. On the board she spelt out the word red she also gave us the intials of her name which were RT. The spirit was reluctant to communicate, it was felt as though she was holding back. She however was able to tell us she was murdered in the warehouse, she was hung in the attic. One of the guests asked if the person who murdered her was here with us to and the reply was yes. One of the guests asked if she would communicate with us more in the attic and she replied yes. It was time to have another break.

K2, Rem bear, ouji board, cat balls, spirit talker app
The equipment was placed around the room. The Rem bear flashed on 2 occasions but nothing else was coming through. Big Mick opened the ouji board. The guests attempted to communicate with the lady dressed in red however Richard came through again. The guests communicated with Richard, he did not like Big Mick communicating with him, he preferred one particular guest. Spirit also said something offensive to several guests whom were on the board. One of the guests reported that she could feel something behind her whilst she was on the board. Abbey took a photo and captured somehting being the guest. Was this Richard trying to put his impression on her? The energy on the board was very strong much strong than it was when we were down in the attic. Words came through on the spirit talker app. The guests wanted to communicate with the lady she did come through however she was reluctant to communicate, when direct questions were asked she was quick to answer yes but when it was to spell things out the planchette would ever so slightly move. We did not have long left Big Mick closed the board down and guests said goodbye to spirits.

K2, Rem bear, cat balls
The cat balls went off several times during our questioning. One of the guests was becoming affected, he said he was feeling cold and had a headache. Everyone came together in just one of the rooms and again the gentleman was been affected, he said he felt as though he was moving backwards and forwards when suddenly he lost his balance and became unsteady on his feet. Unfortunately it was now time to say good bye to the spirits of the warehouse as we had run out of time.

This location was impressive, we had bangs and knocks and a little bit of activity with the equipment but the ouji board was incredible we found out a little bit of information. This is only the second time we have been to this location and each time we have had some activity. I would definetly live to find out more about Richard and the lady dressed in red what is their story? Hopefully next time we will will find out more.